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omg thANK YOU Q-Q ……. i always feel like ppl who followed me for the llsif are now like, yo where is the llsif GIVE THE LLSIF NOWWW IM HONGRY

and im like cRIE S BUT I WANNA DRAW KLANCE RN .….. //////SHIELD S MYSELF///////

anyway so omg im glad you are digging it tho LOL q-q !!!!

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*Emiko spies au*

this is gonna be bad bc i dont know anything about anything but

-so their mission? is to assassinate levana, theyre hired by the earthen union

-and from basically as soon as they meet there’s a lot of romantic tension between them

-like they have so much in common you know

-so they’re on luna for weeks with the rest of the earthen guests, pretending to be enjoying the party. pretending to be a couple

-they probably pretend to be a couple a few times to avoid getting caught by guards- a door will opens and émilie improvs and start kissing iko to act like they’re not doing anything suspicious and then its a full blown fake dating au

-really they are being suspicious though, they’re mapping out their plan or reporting back or something

-they end up shooting her from an opening in an air duct

-levana dies, they date, everything is good



its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


make me choose: @mc-gyu asked hoshi or soonyoung
credit: [x, x]

You nerfed the wrong neighborhood
  • You nerfed the wrong neighborhood
  • MyApogee
  • Overwatch

I did this today instead of drawing. I’m sure it’s been done for D.Va before, but I haven’t heard one myself and really wanted to make it so… 

(original back music stuff here

So I haven’t been on here for very long and I know I don’t have a lot of followers, but I’ve seen so many accounts that I love and I really want more people to know about them and share my appreciation for them :)
(FYI this is in no particular order, I’m just v sloppy)

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if you have a friend, family member, or S/O with bpd please read this

if you don’t plan on talking to them once a day every single day, don’t let the habit start.

if you don’t plan on hanging out with them a certain amount of times a week, don’t let the habit start.

if you don’t plan on saying goodnight to them every night or good morning to them every morning, don’t let the habit start.

because if you go from talking to someone every day to suddenly talking to them every other day or not talking to them as much per day than you used to, we’re going to notice.

we’re going to notice the change in routine and it’s going to fucking kill us.

we’re going to think you hate us because “why would they stop doing this thing they always did with us if they DONT hate us??”

dont get people with bpd into a routine and then suddenly break it. dont do that to us. dont fucking do that to us.

Owari no Shipping Week: Day 1: Holding hands / Cuddles / Hugs

concept: yuu is “””injured””” and desperately needs carried because he cant possibly walk. mika 100% knows whats up but plays along bc he doesnt mind At All

um// this doesnt really fit the prompt much sorry but… i mean carrying could count as holding AND a hug right??? the others ive done do actually fit the prompts lmao just not so much this one unless you squint

although i have drawn mikayuu cuddles in the past!! which is.. part of the reason it was hard to follow the prompt properly, it kept being too similar to that one rip

thank you so much for your support this year! im very moved for all the support 

i know im pretty quiet and don’t say much here on tumblr (most of the time bc i really dont know what to say..ahah) but really, thank you .

this year i felt i had a lot of anxiety..overthinking over my art which caused me to not post a lot of my drawings  (or finish them-) and i have been hard on myself to improve T_t …. so im not.. proud of my improvement this year (but i had fun while drawing LOL) but i hope i do better in 2017..(and overthink less…)

here is my 2015 summary of art

so i finally got off my arse to do a follower forever! ive probably forgotten some people bc sideblogs and such but know that i love you all! 

some really important people:
@unchillnursey - my dude, my pal u know how much i love u and u have actually saved my life for real,, its so crazy that we met bc of check please,, like can u even believe it

@omgheckplease - babe ur so lovely and sweet and silly and gorgeous ily 💖 (and ur blogs of course) 

@pandowl - pal you are very very kind and helpful and its nice to know that you are in my corner you know?

@legendarydragondefender - we only started talking recently (my bad) but its really easy to talk to you and very good :))

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  • me: *purposefully avoids one of my rituals/obsessions bc I don't feel like doing it*
  • OCD: no
  • Me: *mentally whines and throws mini tantrum* but wHY
  • OCD: bc you gotta, you dont make the rules, i do
  • Me: but it takes so much time i'd really like to not just this once
  • OCD: aha, cute, you think you actually have a choice
  • Me: but-
  • OCD: no buts, if you dont that bad thing you've been thinking about lately will most definitely happen
  • Me, as i reluctantly begin to do the ritual/compulsion: uGH

buffysummere  asked:

*warning this is a trash ask* what's your favourite spuffy moment from the comics?

ok…… this is gonna be a Top 3 because i literally cannot pick One Moment

one     [s9] that time something very dramatic happens buffy’s life and she feels all alone bc willow is gone and spike is the person she goes to and she’s like “i was hoping you could help me” and he’s like “anything for you, luv” THIS SCENE LITERALLY MADE ME CRY and im sorry this is so vague lmao i dont want to spoil too much stuff for anyone skfgjfk

two     [s10] when they’re finally Together and they have to do a mind-meld-dream-thing to find out what’s manipulating spike’s dreams, and buffy cries tears of joy bc spike loves her, genuinely (this whole issue, tho)

three     [s10] when spike tries to break up with her because he’s a coward and afraid of future pain and buffy’s literally like “y’know what? no.” and then drags a stunned spike out with her to go beat some people up, all the while thinking about what to do. when she tells him that “you and me is something i don’t want to lose without a fight” and then spike - having spent the past 2 damn seasons coming to terms with the fact that he’d idealized buffy as something no real person could be - apologizes for this and then AGREES THAT HE ALSO WANTS TO KEEP TRYING and they kiss

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does anyone else get really annoyed when people say 'ladies and gentlemen' in concerts and stuff? whenever i hear it its not much dysphoria but great another reminder that i dont exist to the world and the gender binary exists even when i just want to orchestra and watch orchestra in peace. idk i just needed to tell someone bc its happened a few times and im not sure what they could replace it with so i dont want to ask people to not say it without giving an alternative sorry this is so long

Yeah, that is a common way that nonbinary people are erased. It sucks.

I have seen more and more use of the phase “guys, gals, and nonbinary pals” lately though. And while I don’t think it will replace “ladies and gentlement” completely (because it is far less formal) I think it is a good option that people should know about.