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By Organization for Transformative Works

pairing: alex/maggie (alex-centric)
chapter: 1/1
word count: 2,000+
summary: Dying is almost calming. Sure, her chest is burning and she feels like her throat is going to collapse in on itself. But, it’s almost serene. It’s silence. It’s nothing.

(or, a short-ish thing based on Alex in the tank in 2x19)


“Child of Calamity and Light, born to bring salvation to the world.”

Elmer C. Albatross + epithets 

I learned like a year ago that fluffernutters are supposedly just a new england thing and that’s been hecking with me ever since then so pls reblog with where ur from and if u know what a fluffernutter is this is for science

And Also Another Thing re: glorification of unnecessary grit and injury…. literally every athlete in every dangerous sport across the planet gets it in their head at some point that their sport is uniquely dangerous and that they have to show toughness bc their whole identity as an athlete in their sports community is built around being Uniquely Tough and Special Because Of It. literally every single one of us has gone out there with a concussion or a crushed bone or whatever the fuck and told ourselves that it’s fine because we are an especially tough human being and we’re not breakable like normal people are. and like, look, at that point, when we see this in every sport that we look at - maybe the goddamn truth of it is that there’s a whole fuckton of us perpetuating the same stupid culture of doing risky shit for no good reason because our coaches grew up like this and their coaches grew up like this and we want to act like we don’t know better so we can follow the stories from the glory days and feel special for it, and maybe building up who you are as a person around how much you’re willing to endanger your body isn’t special or unique at all, it’s just straight up dumb, and maybe we gotta take our collective heads out of our collective butts and look around once in a while before another kid dies bc we thought basic safety precautions were a sign of giving it all up

im thinkin about zombie aus and like. What if jeremy and michael were working together to survive the apocalypse and video games actually prepared them really well. theyre thriving until a horde comes and ambushes their shelter. They survived up until this point by being resourceful and smart but neither of them are especially athletic so like. they make it out but michael gets bitten. so he tells jeremy to shoot him even though the turning process takes a few days just so they dont have to go through it. and now jeremy is alone. and just for that extra bit of Angst™ it ends like The Mist where it turns out help was Right There and the cure is widespread the next day. and michael would have made it.

I’ve been scrolling through my tags and it’s making me really nostalgic… Remember that time where we were all participating in BC’s? ;-;

this is incredibly petty and im not going to act like white potheads are like oppressed at all but whenever people act like not doing drugs makes them quirky and outcast its just like…. *me sucking weed smoke out of a monster can so i can like go to work* im totally doing this to oppress nerds *chugs mouthwash* i love being cool and popular 


@delicatelyfantasticninja tagged me to do this lockscreen and home screen thing with a picture of my face, and while I did do it, I have changed my screen since then. (also wow look at the twinkle in my eye in that picture, almost like I’ve got a lust for life)

im gonna tag….. @shinycrystalgem @interstellarnyc @tuckthisshitimout @deedeedoozle @laylabobayla and anyone else really!