bc i didn't want to study

hey!! i decided to start a studyblr because i’ve never been the best with studying and i’ve mostly relied on memorizing things and i want to change that with university coming up next year. plus i admire how beautiful everyone’s notes look and i want to make mine look like that too lol. 

about me:

  • my name’s delaney (she/her) and i’m 16 years old
  • i’m a junior in high school (canada, class of 2018)
  • currently studying history, physics, pre-calc, english, french, and computer science
  • slytherin / aquarius / intj-a
  • i want to be a radiologist, entrepreneur, ceo, programmer, etc  basically i have too many things i want to do with my life lol
  • i have a cat named Hamilton and he’s the best 
  • i’m learning to speak italian and french
  • i play piano and guitar, and i love to read!!

blogs that inspire me:

@eintsein | @universtudy | @studyblr | @elkstudies | @emmastudies | @stillstudies | @lazeystudies | @aestudier | @bookmrk 

sick of it

“i can’t stand it anymore.” 

Warning: anti-maya


The six of us were in our usual spot at my mother’s cafe. We were supposed to be studying for our exams, but, of course, that was never going to happen. I sat beside my boyfriend as the group joked around about Maya humiliating herself in front of this senior that she ran into in the halls. 

“What’s the big deal? You always make a fool out of yourself anyway.” Lucas jokes and I was about to give him a scolding but before I could, Maya jumped up and took his collar into her hand and pulled him closer to threaten him.

It was a gesture that we were all very familiar with, as Maya has done it with all of us at one point. But it seems like Lucas was always the victim and every time she did it to Lucas it’s like Pandora’s box gets filled up with something else that makes it heavier and heavier to carry. But this time the box opens up inside of me and I feel every single negative feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. The feelings that I kept aside and swore to never revisit again.

“Let go of him, Maya.” I blurted out rather loudly, and everyone’s eyes widened at me. I almost forgot that I’ve never actually been physically angry before. Even I almost widened my eyes at myself, surprised that the words actually escaped from my mouth.

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if u r a girl who likes to eat a lot, that’s awesome
if u r a girl who studies her ass off to get good grades, good for you
if u r a girl who likes to mess around with guys, good on ya
if u r a girl who likes to cake her face in make up BC u look pretty, great
if u r a girl who never cries in public, that’s fine
if u r a girl who cries all the time, that’s ok too
if u r a girl a lot of tattoos and colored hair, that’s fine
if u r a girl and U have natural hair, that’s super gorgeous
if u r a girl and u like one direction, good for u
basically, if u r a girl, ur allowed to be a human being, and have different looks and interests and passions.

list of things i have accomplished today bc i feel the need to validate myself

-woke up, wore my new hat which was cool
-ate shit on ice and didn’t cry
-didn’t propel myself directly into a void when i very much wanted to
-finished a book
-studied vietnamese
-i drew a lot
-got to work on my sailor moon wig that i got like a year ago when i had money but didn’t have motivation to style up until now
-didn’t vomit during math
-continued teaching my bird big eagle

I want to know how izzy became the best pathologist of New York, how long did she study? Did she spend nights in the library when she was younger and fell asleep in a book about faeries and how there magic works, did she get frustrated when the library didn’t have enough books for her when she was trying to find how Alpha’s and betas work together? Did she go out and find other ways to see how downworlders and shadowhunters work? Did she do it because of how her mother was always disappointed in her? I NEED TO KNOW