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wow congratulations!!! i'm sO happy to hear that! i did terribly my first year in college and eventually dropped out and i feel more ready for it now and i've been wanting to go back (finances allowing lol) so to hear that you didn't do well at first and went back and were able to succeed and with A's at that is really inspiring!! im so happy for you!! good luck with your future!!! also sorry if you've mentioned this before but what were you studying?

asldfjsd thank you so much!!! and i know exactly how you feel… i actually took a leave of absence with the plan of transferring out completely bc i felt so out of place at my uni.

it was one of the most difficult decisions in my life but in retrospect, i’m so so so glad i decided to take a year off. i really needed that gap year to reevaluate my life, figure things out, and just reflect on myself. i grew more than i ever would’ve if i had forced myself to stay in college just to graduate within that golden time frame of 4 years.

thank you again!!! i really hope i find a job soon LOL. hopefully i’ll get my resume and portfolio finalized soon so i can start applying everywhere and anywhere ahaha. and i graduated as a studio art major, but i am both an artist and designer ^-^

I’m not that much here these days and yet I gained couple of followers oh my ;;v;;;;;; I’m so happy aaaaaa (hello there new people!!! ;v;;;) and truly will need to prepare smth to celebrate bc it’s been so long since I’ve hit mine milestone fdilughdsg maybe I’ll make a poll to have people decide what should I draw ;v;;;;;; anyways, I will continue to just randomly reblog couple of posts for a week more bc we still have other room to renovate (my room is so so pretty I cri I love it so much) so pls take care guys!!! I hope y’all are doing great ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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Ok so I am so confused. I even searched a blog that talked about Chinese so I could ask this. So I've been having the mindset that Chinese does NOT have a phonetic alphabet. I've even read it everywhere. Then the other day my friend, who was born in China and is an exchange student here, said that there IS an alphabet/phonetic alphabet. I obviously didn't want to argue with him because he obviously knows everything about the language and I don't. But I am so confused on what he's talking about?

ahhhh okay i see your source of confusion. 

yes, chinese uses chinese characters, which are not alphabetic (although as you study more chinese, it becomes somewhat phonetically based bc basic characters are used to represent a general phonetic similarity in more complex characters, but thats not so important atm). HOWEVER, people have created ways to ROMANIZE Chinese characters, and the main standard for romanizing Mandarin Chinese is called Pinyin. There are other systems for Mandarin that you can read up about, like Bopomofo/Zhuyin, Yale, Wade-Giles, etc. However, this is only used in romanizing things in names, brands, book/report titles, database entry, dictionary lookup, learner resources, etc.

Because Chinese characters are logographic, there is no 100% obvious way to pronounce them, so you need some kind of system to set the pronunciation standard. So for Mandarin Chinese, you have Pinyin as the standard for representing the standard pronunciation of these logographic characters. And in Cantonese, they have their own romanization systems like Jyutping or Yale, which accurately represent the pronunciation of Chinese characters in Cantonese. 


  • Traditional Chinese characters: 英文是我的母語。
  • Simplified Chinese characters: 英文是我的母语。
  • Pinyin (Mandarin Chinese): yīng wén shì wǒ de mǔ yǔ

so basically your chinese friend is absolutely right about an “alphabetic or phonetic representation of Chinese” but he could’ve phrased it better LOL 

tl;dr - Chinese has many romanization systems (written in the Latin script) and other phonetic systems (like Bopomofo) to represent the non-alphabetic characters in its writing system

I hope that helped, and let me know if you have any further questions!

hey!! i decided to start a studyblr because i’ve never been the best with studying and i’ve mostly relied on memorizing things and i want to change that with university coming up next year. plus i admire how beautiful everyone’s notes look and i want to make mine look like that too lol. 

about me:

  • my name’s delaney (she/her) and i’m 16 years old
  • i’m a junior in high school (canada, class of 2018)
  • currently studying history, physics, pre-calc, english, french, and computer science
  • slytherin / aquarius / intj-a
  • i want to be a radiologist, entrepreneur, ceo, programmer, etc  basically i have too many things i want to do with my life lol
  • i have a cat named Hamilton and he’s the best 
  • i’m learning to speak italian and french
  • i play piano and guitar, and i love to read!!

blogs that inspire me:

@eintsein | @universtudy | @studyblr | @elkstudies | @emmastudies | @stillstudies | @lazeystudies | @aestudier | @bookmrk 

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could you help me please. i'm in nursing school and i've been doing well so far. the thing is that i am a lazy student and ever since i'm a kid i didn't need to study that much. now that i want to become a nurse, i always feel anxious about failing/not studying, bc as the weeks go by, everything is getting harder...

i got u bb i feel u! what u need is to develop discipline to study. get a planner or make a bullet journal, organize yourself: know when u have ur exams, classes, due assignments, etc etc so u can stay on top of everything and always know what u need to do next. make study schedules when u have lots of things to study and stick to them. try out different study methods + find the one[s] that suit you best. don’t treat studying as a chore! find a way to make it fun as much as u can. but also know that u may fail, and it’s okay as long as u can learn from your failures to realize what u need to change about your studying!

here are some links that i hope u’ll find helpful:

i hope i helped!!! good luck!! - sofi xx