bc i can never decide what looks better

I’ve mentioned this before but not in a proper post so consider:

  • Rincewind spending time with witches and learning about the way they deal with magic, taking a shine to the looser, simpler structure over the excessive rigor + complexity of wizardry
  • Rincewind learning about headology and being all “oh sort of like that time with the ghosts that didn’t exist” and being told yes, even though the two aren’t particularly analogous, so that they can see themselves in a new light
  • Rincewind deciding “ehhh what the hell my beard never looked particularly good anyway” and impulsively shaving it off, deciding “strictly speaking a robe's more or less already a dress so what’s the harm in trying something new, given that I rarely get the chance to do so without risking my life”
  • Rincewind excitedly discussing herbs and flowers and medicines and taking detailed notes on what they hear in return, in particular w/ Magrat bc they’re both much better at dealing with plants than anything resembling “proper” magic
  • Rincewind getting a brand new hat + decorating it with stars, of course, but also with pressed flowers

idk where exactly I’m going with this but short version: trans girl rincewind, that’s all I'm saying