bc i can guarantee tears if they do

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Im sorry if its not okay to send messages like this and tou can delete this if you want but im just on the verge of tears scrolling theough your blog. I miss him so much i shouldnt because he hurt me so so badly but i do. It hurt but being away from him hurts more skmetimes even jf i hate him for abusing me. I cant evem say he left me bc i left him and i. Feel like shit. It was all my fault all that time i never said no and when i tols him to stop i let him again bc i needed his attention. Fsfdg

I can guarantee you it wasnt your fault, no matter what you did or did not do. He took advantage of you and he was damn well aware of what he was doing.
Youre safe and you never deserved his hands on you. I know what its like to miss someone absolutely wretched and toxic, im still trying to get through that as well.
Its not your fault. It was never your fault.