bc i can guarantee tears if they do



If anyone recalls, I had some issues a couple months back with a super passive aggressive girl who perceived any sharing of grades as bragging, and tried to come up with a way to tear me down. So I’ve been cautiously still being ok being open with my grades. And it’s stressful bc there is a lot of hate out there, and I get a lot for doing well in school.

But this kid’s response made me feel really good. He’s supportive and secure enough not to take my success as a threat. I guarantee if I had told that girl she would’ve said “you can’t get over 100” or “why did he scale yours too you got an A he shouldn’t have” or some way to explain away my success. So I really appreciate this sort of reaction. And it’s something I don’t take for granted.

i suuuuuuuper wish people would stop misinterpreting gay people’s testimonies about realizing they’re gay as like this spiritual encounter which they are spiritually drawn to the label of gay and feel complete peace & unity with the label and acknowledge who they authentically are in the purest most raw form

bc like 1. not only does it not work like that (not for anyone i’ve ever known, anyway) but 2. it sets people on this path where they are seeking this same pure rainbow of magical identity clarity, and even making up more and more terms to make a label for themselves that fits with this level of label perfection

identifying with a label is not about finding a spiritual revelation or perfect clarity and i can virtually guarantee you that you will never find it bc human sexuality and romance are a complex, hugely varying, and multifaceted thing and trying to express the nuances of everything about your personal experiences with sexual and romantic attraction is literally impossible.

identifying with a label is 1. how do i want people to see me 2. how do i see myself.

and often times this revelation is deeply, profoundly emotional, but not because of the label itself speaking to your soul and bringing tears to your eyes or whatever, but because you are allowing yourself to acknowledge who you truly feel attracted to and how you truly feel the happiest expressing yourself. the label itself has meaning behind it, absolutely, and there’s power in claiming it for your own, yeah of course, but you can’t be chasing this divinely perfect label for yourself without just allowing yourself to simply break it down to 1. how do i want to be seen 2. how do i see myself.

basically in summary: there’s power in labels but it comes from the experiences attached to them, not the labels themselves, and if you’re just making up new ones to try and stimulate this profound emotional reaction you’re not going to be very successful.