bc i am sick

anyways there’s this little boy who keeps hitting my little brother and i know he is hitting other children too so i’m gonna bring it up again to the teacher who has probably done nothing about it and if i hear one more instance of my baby coming home complaining about being hurt, i am gonna escalate it and bring hell :)

important things to note:

bc some idiots out there think it’s ok to misread a chinese name and apply american laws to a chinese person while writing birthday fics or whatever

1. “guang hong” is the first name (yes the whole fucking thing, we don’t do middle names in china, dear american people who always seem to be confused), “ji” is the last name

side note: we don’t call people by their surnames in china as much as americans do

2. yes, guang hong will be turning 18 the coming jan 7 and wow big surprise 18 is also the age of majority in china, so despite it being the same as the age of majority in the states please do some research instead of blatantly applying american laws to a chinese person, it’s not really that hard to google


sunshine boy in oversized clothes, comfort level 100%

Little Melbourne Things
  • frantically topping up your myki so you get to your train on time
  • the disgusting toilets at flinders st
  • the macca’s on swanston street
  • the giant pocket watch clock at melbourne central
  • all the coffee is great
  • having to walk a million kilometers to get to a vline platform
  • “it looks like it’s gunna be hot today i’ll wear cooler clothes…well fuck it’s raining now”
  • the ptv mates
  • wondering wtf occupies 90% of the flinders st building because it all looks abandoned af
  • theres always somethin goin on at fed square
  • taking a tram instead of walking for 10 minutes because youre just too lazy
  • dont even think about taking the train between 4 and 6, you will SUFFER
  • the tram noise
  • flying half way across the tram because it’s suddenly stopped
  • the really weird mix of old and modern architecture ??
  • the giant chess board out the front of the state library
  • HSPs…!!!!
  • the dread in your heart when you hear your myki get declined
  • getting horribly lost like mate you better know where you’re going bc i am sick of walking

got tagged like a week (or more probably) ago by @alistairs to post selfies soooo here. I literally only make myself not look like a troll when there’s the promise of someone buying me food in a public place so today is really the only day a photo of me could be taken bc that doesn’t happen often

I tag @anglaziegler and @kesskay

harvestlight  asked:

You are not a cruel and unforgivable person!!! There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel validated!!!! You are a kind and thoughtful person!!!!

;o; Thank you so much friend, it means a lot to me to hear that;;; It’s a bit hard for me to accept that right now because I feel like I’m an awful person but, hearing someone affirm that I’m not makes me feel a bit better ;v;



-I’m back at school and I’m already drowning
-I have felt more strange and anxious than I have for awhile and it worries me but I’m trying so hard to not let that take over
-I start my internship today so I forced myself to eat breakfast bc I have felt so nauseous and sick with anxiety
-BUT I am so thankful for the boy, he’s an actual saving grace, I’m not sure how I deserve him but he’s patient and always there
-I love love love my housemates and friends and I’m so excited to be back with them
-I have been running a little bit and I also want to do more strength workouts because I want to feel stronger!!
-I had this amazing almond milk yogurt and coconut cream in my coffee so that’s a positive