bc i am now kinda super into it


Rin… I love you.”

Prompt:  A romantic holiday that involves confessions and fluff and romance! :)

Rushed to complete this at like 5 am for the RH exchange haha,, It’s a gift for  thenotsoreluctanthero

ok i’m not huge into discourse bc arguing takes the energy out of me and i’m lowkey just a kiddo and don’t want to get yelled at by people (specifically older people) but i guess i kinda have to say something bc of my url

so, i am super supportive of cuban!lance. it’s great! because inclusivity is hella important! and having representation is great! and i do understand the reasoning behind the argument against using mcclain as his last name, i get it!

but as of right now, no one knows what last name VLD is going to use for lance. so, until there is an official last name released, im going to keep my url as it is. it seems too much to change it just because of a little bit of arguing on tumblr. however, if you really feel that strongly about it and think that i have to change the url, please send me a (kind!) ask/message. the last thing i want to do is offend anyone, and i want to make this a fun happy time for everyone here! because that’s what i like doing!

no, i have not received hate of any sort yet, and i’d really like to keep it that way. thank you for listening? reading? and have a wonderful day!


I wanted to see if I still fit in my Aradia top (I DO YASS) and I kinda just went with it today =u= I’ve missed this cosplay so much! The yellow in my eyes and they grey skin are edited (no way am I wasting a bunch of paint for selfies) but the rest is on. I haven’t put these lenses on before either, super happy with them 0u0 More in a bit!