bc holmes


Benedict: “I think Sherlock’s grown in the 4 seasons rather than regressed. I think there are moments when maybe he’s regressed but that’s often to play for a certain tactic to get a result and I think what he realises in regards to that logic, it’s that it’s better to be part of the world you are trying to understand and master through the craft of being a consulting detective than ostracise yourself and cut yourself away from it in the obsession for perfection … x

i feel like it’s important to realize how easy henrik and tarjei make their jobs to each other. i mean you could be the greatest actor ever on your own and still be crap interacting with other actors because something doesn’t click. but these two??? i mean, when isak touches, even is there to lean into the touch, and that’s because when tarjei makes a move, henrik is there to catch it (and vice versa). there’s a script, of course, but i feel like they truly become isakandeven when they are on camera, and the fact we as viewers can see that with just touches and looks is just incredible


[Script excerpt taken from a recitation by Steven Moffat during a rehearsal which may be seen here].