bc his eyes

“don’t feed him off your plate,” yuuri chides victor who is halfway through giving makkachin the rest of his pancake piece by piece. “you know it’s not good for him.”

makka turns his head from victor to yuuri and looks at him with his best puppy eyes. it doesn’t work. it doesn’t work when victor joins him, either.

“i’m sorry sweetcheeks,” yuuri tells makka and completely ignores his silly fiance. “this isn’t for you. you have your own food.”

makka whines. he moves over to yuuri’s side of the table and rests his head on yuuri’s thigh, looking up in hopes that maybe somehow he’ll get something. or maybe yuuri drops a piece, that could work too.

it’s only five minutes later that victor catches yuuri sneaking a bite to makka under the table. yuuri sees him watching and he flushes a beautiful, embarrassed pink that only makes victor snicker.

“don’t say a word,” yuuri warns, caught red handed but still stubborn.

victor doesn’t open his mouth again. he only grins and leans over the table to kiss his darling fiance, because honestly – a man who can resist makka’s charms is not worth his time, and thankfully he’d chosen someone more than alright for them both.

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

okay but imagine this, james and teddy are in a secret relationship. they’re at the burrow for big family dinner and someone makes the “all potters marry redheads” joke. while everyone is busy laughing teddy morphs his hair to red and james chokes on his water


~ November 29, 2017 ~


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