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the reason birds can fly

Summary: Henry wonders, absently, in between flipping through the pages of his giant history book and teasing Killian, if there would ever be a point where he’d actually have to explain all this to someone. The only other people he knows really well who are his age are Grace Jefferson and Violet, and both of them can totally understand the concept of “my aunt who is actually my step-grandmother is the local librarian and she has decided to employ half the cast of Peter Pan out of the goodness of her heart”.

Two months later, on the eve of his graduating the eleventh grade, Emma says, “So, have you thought about college?” and Henry thinks, crap.

can yall believe …. i FINISHED an ouat fic ….. for REAL …. anyways this has been a wip for literally the past sixth months, no exaggeration. it was originally inspired by @alchemistc‘s delightful fic “The Worst”, which is where roughly the first mini-scene and the name “amelia” is drawn from. after that, though, this mammoth beast grew into its own mess, and i’ve been working and re-working it for so long that sometimes i forget that it’s not, like, actually canon. speaking of – this is definitely not in line with whatever the heck is going on in canon right now. for example, robins are alive where they are otherwise canonically dead, bc who needs that kind of negativity in their life, u get me? so please – take this with a grain of whimsy. it’s definitely not aligning with canon, and just me having fun with my own son henry daniel mills and his giant mess of a fairy tale family. big BIG thanks to @this-too-too-sullied-flesh and @parlegee for giving me super helpful feedback and actually proofreading this monstrosity. title’s from ya boy jm barrie bc im definitely That Kind Of Person. enjoy, folks!

He gets Cool Kid Status within, like, the first ten minutes of being on campus, which is a thing that has pretty much never happened to him before in his life. So when it does happen, halfway between clutching his map and student ID, peppering his RA with questions and moving boxes of books into the cramped dorm – well, it’s weird, okay?

It’s also definitely because his mom looks like one of those tough badasses from straight out of an action movie, it’s just the way she stands, pretty much, and also both of his step-dads have tattoos.

God, he’s gonna kill all of them.

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Eyes On Me

Hiii could you do a Lynn gunn smut where she’s teasing you in public or something? Thanx

Lynn has been away on tour for a few months and comes home to Y/N, Lynn takes Y/N to dinner only to tease her all night. Lynn is the dominant

Combined these two bc they were similiarish. Been getting so many requests which is definitely awesome but I’ll probably continue to combine some of the more alike ones to make sure I can keep up, enjoy!

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You settled in for the night, sinking into your living room couch as you scanned through Netflix. You were supposed to be picking Lynn up from the airport but she had a last minute meeting, meaning she wasn’t going to be home until midnight. You had tried not to sound too disappointed on the phone, but she’d been away for months. And you missed her so hard. It seemed amplified when she was finally back within your reach, yet still nowhere near you. You jumped when you heard a car door slam out on the street, you were always decidedly more terrified of everything when Lynn wasn’t around. You took a peek out of the window, the car taking off around the corner. It was still early evening, the sun slowly disappearing. Before you could sit down again you heard someone fiddling with the front door, your stomach dropping as you grabbed the television remote as a weapon. You waited until the door popped open, taking a step back as you prepared to take a swing. 

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