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people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy


this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?

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  • kenma graduates high school as vice captain of the volley team
  • he makes it into his top choice university
  • it’s not the one kuroo is at
  • kuroo helps kenma move into his dorm
  • it’s the first time kenma is alone in a new environment
  • they hug for a very long time
  • kuroo constantly checks his phone in case kenma sends SOS
  • kenma joins some clubs at kuroo’s insistence
  • most surprising to himself, kenma makes new friends
  • their schedules don’t match for meetups 
  • but that’s okay, they skype every night
  • until they don’t
  • weeks go by, and their messages trickle to a stop
  • kuroo sees kenma’s doing fine on social media
  • that’s good enough for him
  • they see each other for the first time in months when they both return home
  • kenma’s hair is longer, his smile easier to appear
  • “uni’s treating you well, i see”
  • “yeah. i made new friends.”
  • kuroo gives his best friend his best smile
  • he doesn’t say that it’s strange to not be needed anymore
  • he doesn’t say that he’d missed him a heck of a lot
  • he doesn’t need to
  • kenma says it for the both of them
  • they share stories deep into the night until they’re both crying
  • kuroo receives a message on his first day back to school
  • “kuro will always be my best friend”
Selfish Wishes

Ask: John Laurens x reader imagine where he has to break up with you bc he’s scared that he won’t make it back from the war and doesn’t wanna leave you widowed (sad with happy ending please I can’t take another heartbreak)

Word Count: 1007 Words

Trigger Warning: Just a lot of angst 

John Laurens x Reader

John’s lips gently ghosted against [ Name’s ] shoulderblade. He was helping her lace up her corset, and he knew, it was time to say goodbye. He was peppering the nape of her neck with kisses when he slid his arms around her waist. “I need to talk to you about something,” he mumbled as he kept his mouth against her neck. She gave a slight giggle. [ Name ] could feel the vibrations running down her spine.

“Anything,” she stated as she placed her delicate hands on top of his.

How he would miss these sweet moments. These were the memories he wished he could have written down and kept with him forever. The gentle kisses in the moonlight. How they watched the stars litter the sky. [ Name ] humming soft tunes and playing with his hair as he read letters from George Washington and Alexander. [ Name ] playing tag with him in the fields behind the house.

Those were the memories that he wished he could keep forever. But everything had to come to an end. Everything had to end somehow. He knew how death could tear apart families and people he loved. John would not allow that to be [ Name ]. A clean break. She could live on, and be a happy woman. Marry another man. Have children. John had thought long and hard about this.

If he died in the war then [ Name ] would be a widow. There was a higher chance of him dying than living. Which is why he made this decision. He wanted [ Name ] to have a better life. Better than being tied down and chained to him.

John took a deep breath, trying to remember the scent of her hair, the way her back curved slightly. “I don’t love you anymore,” he whispered quietly. There was silence as he let his hands drop. [ Name ] turned around her face full of hurt. She looked like a child, so delicate and fragile.

“Your lying,” she breathed out.

John paced his breathing, as he felt his chest fill with a myriad of emotions. “I’m not,” John could not bear leaving you alone. He could not shoulder his [ Name ] becoming a widow. “I don’t love you anymore,” he stated again, this time, his voice wavering.

[ Name ] fell to her knees. Shock registered on her face as she clutched herself. Her eyes widening. Nothing made sense. Where all those memories just stupid dreams? Where they a what if? Was John just playing with her emotions? Was she that stupid to fall in love with a man who was notorious for his slick tongue. Her whole body shook as she looked at him.

“Was I not good enough?” She begged to look for an answer as his heart shattered. He couldn’t reply. He was completely watching her. “I’m sorry, for whatever sins that I have committed against you,” she begged. Tears splashed to the ground. “Forgive me, please,” she whispered. “For whatever I have done, please grant me your forgiveness.”

[ Name ] was a selfless woman. She never put the blame on him. She was utterly kind and caring. That was why John fell in love with her. She wasn’t rich, nor was she poor. But her kindness was her sin. Stop,“ John begged. She had done nothing wrong. Her only wrongdoing was loving him.

"Why don’t you love me?” She questioned as she gave him a heartbreaking smile. Tears were still splattering down her face. She gave him a glassy rimmed, helpless smile.  Her eyes were full of hopelessness as he held her hands. She didn’t jerk away. [ Name ] let out a sob, “Why don’t you love me?” Her voice was hysteric as she sobbed.

“Please, you’ll make yourself look ill,” John whispered, his courage was breaking away. He thought he would have a clean break. He rather have [ Name ] slap him. Hit him. Yell at him. Tell him that he was a horrible person, but she had broken. Apologizing for things she didn’t even do.  "Please,“ He raised her hands as he kissed her knuckles.

[ Name ] looked at him with utter confusion, "You say you don’t love me, yet you treat me with such kindness. Why are you such a cruel man?” She asked sobbing into her hands. This time, she had ripped them away from John. “You say you don’t love me, yet when you talk you talk with such pain, John tell me what’s going on?”

“I cannot love you, I am to be going off to war soon,” John muttered.

“Can not or do not?”

“I cannot,” he repeated feeling his throat constrict. “I will not allow you to be a widow. I will not allow you to mourn me and not move on. You are destined for better things than for me [ Name ]. I will not let my death hold you down. I will not let—”

Her lips slammed against his. He pushed her off, gently grabbing her shoulders. “Don’t make this harder for me,” he urged his voice quiet as he looked deep into her eyes.

“Did you ever think to ask me on what I think? Were you that selfish to think that I didn’t think of this as well. I don’t want to be known as a widow, I don’t want to be chained down to a man who has to fight. But I love you, and God it would be easier if I didn’t. I’ve thought of you dying every single day since you told me that you were going off to fight. I imagined a letter coming to me and informing me that my love is dead. That you were dead. Do you know how much it has plagued my thoughts? You aren’t the only person who thought of this,” she whispered placing her hands against his cheeks.

“You are so selfish John,” he hung his head down. He was crying.

“I know,” he whispered. “God, I know.”


The Blacklist Rewatch: Berlin Conclusion
You can turn away and run from it. You can hide from it. And if you choose to do that, I’ll fly away. Or you can face it and confront it. Engage it. And maybe, maybe… you prevail and rise above it.


MY BBY SQUISH my lil love he's my ult I love him but he can’t fight why is he a guard

  • Part two here
  • You wanna talk about a guard who’s actually your best friend? Here ya go
  • When he meets you, he shocks everyone by basically just latching onto you with a huge grin and you just laugh and hug back bc how can you not
  • He breaks basically every rule in the book but somehow no one cares because he does it so innocently like he’s not supposed to really touch you unless he’s protecting you but he honestly always has some form of physical contact with you
  • A hand in yours, on your waist, an arm over your shoulders, anything and everything
  • It takes a minute to get used to but you love it
  • You’re a bit confused if he’s guarding you or if you’re guarding him bc the kid could walk into a wall if you’re not there to stop him
  • The amount of times you’ve had to save him from Yoongi’s wrath is almost laughable
  • Speaking of laughter, he’s forever making you laugh 
  • He’d do anything and everything to make you smile tbqh
  • Like aegyo? Check. Sing off tune on purpose? Check. Dance around like a fool? Try and stop him
  • He honestly just likes making people happy, especially his favorite person
  • And if you ever have a bad day or the stress of the castle is wearing down on you, his heart’s just gonna break into two
  • There will be times where he just gets serious and holds you and sings into your shoulder to help calm you down but other times he’s the exact opposite
  • He’ll sit there and push your cheeks up and just make weird faces at you until you smile
  • Making faces at you is one of his favorite things to do
  • You’ll be in a really important meeting and you two make eye contact and then it’s just heart lips
  • You also try to get him to teach you how to do the infamous heart lips and he does try his best but you can’t do it
  • He’s somehow friends with literally everyone
  • Like this one time you’d just met this lord from an entirely different country and Taehyung just greets him with a casual “oh hey hyung” and it’s like how do you know someone who’s spent their entire life in Japan???
  • It does come in handy though bc the castle needs new workers all the time and he always know someone who fits the job requirements
  • He’s the one who ends up finding the castle dog
  • You two are just walking through a garden and talking about the prank he and Jimin had pulled on Jin
  • He just kinda stops and leads you over to a smaller path to see a lil puppy who just immediately runs over to Taehyung bc puppy and baby magnet 
  • You ask around the village to see if he belongs to anyone but no one steps forward and most of the advisors and scholars don’t want the puppy around but like Taehyung is so set on keeping it
  • And literally no one can tell him no when it comes to that puppy so many people tried and he just ends up hugging her tighter
  • Eventually, with the help of you adding in that “he won’t stop whining about it until you let him keep her, might as well” they say okay
  • The way his entire face lights up is worth having to nearly bribe them into saying yes
  • That puppy ends up becoming your second best friend tbh but it’s obvious she loves Taehyung 
  • When you two walk around the village, she’s just trotting along beside you with her lil tail wagging
  • And he spoils her rotten and basically never puts her down but it’s adorable bc he’s always so happy with her
  • And they also start training her to be a guard dog so once she grows up a bit and Taehyung actually sets her down, she’ll be a second guard for you
  • You tease Taehyung one night about how she’ll be a more ferocious fighter than he is and it makes you realize you couldn’t picture him fighting at all
  • You tag along to his next practice in curiosity and turns out your cute lil Tae that can barely swat at a fly without feeling guilty is actually amazing
  • You’d never seen actually use his sword but he made it seem effortless, as if he’d been doing it all his life
  • He’s also a lot quicker than you’d thought he’d be and it kinda makes you look at him in a different light for a few seconds
  • It made you realize he was actually a trained knight and not just your best friend, that he was there to protect you
  • He actually really loves star gazing
  • He says he likes to stare at all of the stars and try to count them as he thinks about anything that was troubling him or just needs a moment  
  • You join him one night bc he was always there for you when you were having a rough day and you wanted to do the same for him
  • It takes a bit of coaxing but once you’re distracted with playing with the ring he always wears, he tells you it belonged to his father and that he gave it to him when he was assigned to you 
  • You just rub the back of his hand and let him ramble about his parents and the way breakfast always smelled amazing and made him eager to get out of bed
  • You get curious and ask why he left to be a knight since you could clearly see just how much he adored his family from the way he talked about them
  • “Well I just liked the idea of saving someone and I got to meet you so it didn’t turn out too bad”
  • You just roll your eyes playfully but you do turn serious again to ask him if he regretted his choice
  • His immediate answer is no and his tone is so sure that you can’t even question it
  • That night though, you send out a letter to his family and invite them to stay in one of the guest houses for a few weeks
  • He tears up when he sees them and spends a solid hour hugging them all and then he’s off touring them around his new home
  • You leave them be for the day and just lay low so he doesn’t have to be called away from them
  • They join you for dinner and you fall in love with his family almost as quickly as you had with him
  • Once they go to sleep for the night, he goes up to your room and just hugs you silently
  • And you’re kinda like ??? bc normally he’s laughing or at least smiling when he hugs you but he’s completely serious this time and serious tae is super rare so it’s just confusing
  • He just whispers out a lil “thank you” and you two stand there for a bit hugging
  • When he does eventually pull away, he kisses your forehead and just gives you this really soft smile
  • Basically Taehyung’s just a goofball who loves you v v much and would fight anyone who hurt you in any way
Gorgeous ( Laurens X Reader )

Soo, anon says: “a really angsty laurens X reader where he tries to break up with you bc he’s not sure if he’ll make it back from the war and doesn’t wanna hurt you I love angst bye thanks

This prompt somewhat looked like the last one, so I didn’t give it much thought and I’m sorry for it. It isn’t half as angsty as it should be, and I guess there’s nothing that special on it, but anyways. Here you go.


Word Count: 2.304

Warnings: none?

You looked at your reflection one more time as your mother squished more perfume on your neck, barely recognizing yourself. This was the first time you ever had to get ready to a ball – one your family was hosting –, so you weren’t used to any of it. The corsets seemed to be killing you, the make-up made you look like another person, the dress was too heavy and the hairstyle seemed so breakable, you were afraid of moving and ruining all of it. It was you in the mirror, just a different you. Of course, you’d have rathered staying in your chambers with your cousins, the Schuylers, who’d only be there for a couple of weeks during this winter; but the three sisters seemed almost as excited for that as you mother was. You had asked your father permission not to go, as you could still be considered too young, but he just shook his head and told you it was time for you to get a suitor.

And now, there you were, being asphyxiated to death by a set of corsets. You wanted to cry, that was it.

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Namjoon as your Boyfriend

A/N: Thank you anonymous for my first request ever! Love you lots and here’s your request! Hope you like it!

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•listening to his corny jokes all the time
•you laughing with him even though it’s not actually funny
•him stealing some of your clothing to make a new fashion statement
•you taking his outfit of the day pics for him
•him randomly spitting out random information that you didn’t know bc he’s a genius
•you accidentally breaking something
•him looking at you and shrugging his shoulders bc let’s be real he’s 10x worse
•him letting you listen to new verses/songs that no one has heard yet
•random rap battles between you two
•him constantly calling you “baby” with his deep voice oh god
•him not getting enough attention from you so he pulls you onto his lap and kisses you all over the face
•you ending up staying in his lap the rest of the night
•you two have deep, intellectual pillow talks 
•you eventually falling asleep in the crook of his neck
•him carrying you to bed and watching you sleep while stroking your hair until he falls asleep too

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i really like your blog! it's one of the best scenario blogs out there! can i request fluffy headcanons for sakamoto and toshi with really short s.o?

Thank you so much! I personally like writing for short s.o.s bc I’m a smol bean too.


- this boy is tall af like… 5′11″… geez (I realize he isn’t like super super tall but anyone over 5′4″ is super tall to me)

- he loves how adorably tiny you are.

- like how did I end up with this smol bean

- likes holding you up and spinning you around

- he basically completely surrounds you with his body when you cuddle

- likes to tease you about your height playfully


- is so gentle with you bc he’s scared of breaking you


- he unconsciously ends up putting all the important stuff on the top shelves bc he thinks it cute when you try to reach up to get them and fail

- lowkey likes giving you piggyback rides

- afraid of losing you in a crowd so he makes you hold his hand at all times

- loves when you stand on your tip toes to kiss him he gets so flustered when you surprise him with them tho rip toshi

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For college blurb night: "Gee, you’re just a beam of sunshine, aren’t ya?” Where Y/N is in college and Calum isn't in college bc music career but on one of his breaks, he decides to visit you instead and stay in your small university residence because he wants to "experience" the life of a college student and he's so overly excited about it!


You gape at Calum, staring at him incredulously as he smirks at you. After realising he was really there, you fling yourself into his arms, Calum’s laugh ringing down the corridor as you do.

“What are you doing here?” You ask excitedly, moving to connect your lips with his, kissing him repeatedly. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He chuckles, walking you back into your room gently, one hand reaching back to grab his bag. “Tour break. Wanted to surprise my girl.”

“Well I’m definitely surprised.” You smile, kissing him one last time before pulling back. He grins, eyes scanning around the room. “I’m sorry it’s a mess, we would have cleaned up if we knew you were-“

“No you wouldn’t.” He rolls his eyes, smirking as you shrug. “Take it this bed’s yours?”

“How did you know?”

“Six million cushions on it.” He jokes, kicking his bag beside it before dropping down. “Where’s you’re roommate?”

“Faye? She should be back soon. She had a lecture this afternoon.”

“Are they boring or interesting? Are any of your lecturers scary? Do you have to applaud when they finish speaking? Also, do you take a Starbucks with you or a bottle of water? Speaking of Starbucks, how often do you go? Do students really need that much coffee? Is there a party this weekend? Can we go? I-“

“Whoa Cal.” You laugh, cutting him off. “Why so many questions?”

“Just wanna know what college life is really about.” He shrugs. “You know, since I won’t get the chance.”

“Oh yes, poor Calum. Too busy being in a famous band on their second headline world tour to go to college.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah I do.” You nod, just as Faye bursts through the door. “Hey Faye, this is Cal.”

“Hey! Y/N’s told me all about you. You’re studying Chemical Engineering right? That’s so cool. How was your lecture? Do you need coffee? I can run out and get you-“

“Gee, you’re just a beam of sunshine, aren’t ya?” She laughs, reaching out to shake his hand. “Pleasure to meet you Calum. Y/N’s told me all about you too.”

“He’s over excited, I’m sorry.” You grin at her, Faye simply shrugging, falling onto her bed with a sigh.

“I’m not a child.” Calum mutters, both you and Faye smirking.

“Never said you were.” You point out, turning back to face him. “Now Romeo, were you serious about coffee? Because I could do with one.”

“Oh I see. That’s all I’m good for. Coffee.” He jokes, standing up and wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “Faye? I was serious, do you want anything?”

“Nah, I’m gonna catch up on sleep whilst you’re gone. You kids have fun now.”

“See Cal, that’s what college is all about. Irregular sleeping patterns.” You joke. “You’ve got it down already.”

“Very funny.”

college!5sos night with @tadpolehemmings and @cliffwoes 


favourite messes 

Imagine Richard not being able to sleep, bc he regrets breaking up with you.

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“Why did you do that? She was the one!”, he said as he hit his head.


And last but certainly not least is our beloved maknae, our cute lil bunny, Jeon Jungkook

  • He would be a big city kid that moves to a small town
  • He was born in Busan but his parents moved his family out to America when he was just three so he doesn’t remember anything from it
  • When he lived in the city, he was v v shy
  • His parents weren’t fans of the city they lived in either so when he was eight they moved to a smaller town with more a family vibe
  • At first kook was still pretty shy but then he met you
  • You were his first friend there and you introduced him to all of your friends and showed him your favorite places to go
  • You helped him break out of his shell bc around you he was a goofy lil kid but around others he was a bit more quiet
  • You two would often sit with his parents and listen to stories of Busan and how they’d met
  • They helped him teach you Korean
  • You would often come over to his house and just chill even if he wasn’t there bc it was basically your second home and his parents loved you
  • He promised you that one day he’d take you to Busan and kookie always keeps his promises
  • American!Jungkook is just a shy lil bean who takes a while to open up but eventually finds himself just giggling along with you and is just v v happy his family decided to move to the lil town