bc he looks gorgeous on these pics ; ;

fuckboyseguin met Arctic Monkeys yesterday (nov 5, 2014) at the airport when they were leaving Bogota, Colombia. Here’s her story:

I just got home from my flight. Everything happened so fast, he’s so hot and nice and gorgeous and he touched my shoulder and fuck. I met all of them but only took a pic with Alex and Matt. It was in the vip lounge, I was about to leave when I saw him and was like no FUCKING WAY and was like fuck it and went towards the table where they were and said hi asked for a picture and HIS VOICE HJESUS IS SEXXX I LOOK AWFUL IN THE PICTURE BC I COULDN’T STOP SHAKING I WAS DYING and then I saw them again afterwards nd holy fuck I can’t believe. You see him in pictures and you think he’s hot, when his face is in front of you he’s god idk he smells like HEAVEN. He was so nice. Like the fact that he said yes and then Matt and him stood up, I was on cloud 9.

mine and @richonning​‘s Norman & Tom photo op! this one happened so fast. Norman grabbed onto my shoulder before I was actually turned around and situated between them (you can see his hand is like all up in my hair if you look closely. he got some of Ashley’s too lmao). so I ended up having to twist myself around and then quickly get my arm behind Ash’s back. long story short, I was literally squatting down a bit in this picture (I’m actually taller than Tom) and slightly disheveled all because of Norman’s arm and hand, lmao. He felt amazing though, his shirt was so soft. And Tom is gorgeous.

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U should post your top 5 fav shirtless calum pics!

ok i know u said 5 but i got carried away (calum’s body is beautiful can u really blame me)

1st of we have the obvious one, the one that dragged me in

External image

then we got this which is also hella obvious (just look at that perf golden skin fuck)

External image

look at that dip in his collar bones i am so turned on (also again, beautifully golden skin!!!!!!)

this one is an oldie but a goodie!!!! look at his soft lil tummy i wanna kiss it so bad

External image

shirtless cuddling a puppy?!???!???!!! hell yes that’s one of my faves

External image

and this wow just look at that smolder i am melting

External image

and that was only the pics, now let’s move on to some gorgeous gifs!!!!

again, the obvious choice (this makes me weak everytime ok i literally cannot deal with how good he looks)

External image

i want to kiss him everywhere pLS

and finally some back appreciation too bc hot damn does that man have a nice back ok just !!!!!!!!!

yup those are definitely some of my faves but literally all shirtless moments are my faves bc his body is art and i just wanna cherish it like it deserves

((i hope this post even works bc i’m on mobile and also no pics or gifs are mine so lemme know if they’re yours bc i just found em on google tbh))


“You know when, sometimes you meet someone so beautiful, and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later, they’re as dull as a brick? Then there’s other people, and you meet them and you think, ‘Not bad; they’re okay.’ And then you get to know them, and their face sort of becomes them, like their personality is written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful. Rory’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.”


Hey boos;)! Okay, so since people are curious, I’m going to quickly sum up what happened to me during KCON NY 2016 in order! Get ready because holy lort this was a wild, yet the most amazing thing that has happened in my life so far. If you want to know more let me know! Ight I'ma start now;) :

Day 1:

-Saw Vernon, Jeonghan, and Seungkwan in the lobby

-Had Ailee by my side without realizing it until the last minute while waiting for the elevator

-After Ailee went on the elevator, took the next one and it stopped a few floors down… Elevators open….ALL OF SEVENTEEN WERE STANDING THERE. Us staring and them, them staring at us. Yeah I was shaking omg. And DK went “hi!” And I was like “h h HII” *voice cracks as I’m hitting the close button bc I’m shaking so much from their beauty*

-After we got to the lobby, we waited and saw them (Seventeen) come out. I kid you not when I say Mingyu was eyeing tf out of me? I have pics/video and dudes. I #Rip-ed bc dear lord he’s my bias. Like seriously he did a DOUBLE TAKE. I KEEP LOOKING AT THE FOOTAGE I HAD. I DIE. So they all come out and wow. Just wow. All so fkcifkckkng gorgeous.. like true TRUE ANGELSSS.

-Then Hi Touch with Seventeen, dear lort. I’ll go into that if you want me to because so much happened #dead.. My friend and I were also noticed a lot since we were upfront and center as tall girls. I felt so blessed and loved they’re such sweethearts I cry foreVER

-Then seeing Seventeen in Concert, my friend and I got some HELLA GOOD FANSERVICE. We were p1 and right at the barricade in the center so it’s so hard to miss us since we’re, once again, so damn tall (I’m 5'10, my friend is 6'1) and ofc, once again.. Sooo much footage (still gotta watermark my stuff it’s taking a while haha and I have work every day so rip)

-Also, BTOB’s Hyunsik kept smirking my way (have video) I was not okay he is my BTOB bias can he stay in his lane pls bc child pls i died 3.6 times that day settle down i beg of u

-After the concert, saw Ailee aGAIN chillin outside the hotel. She lit was just standing there without a care in the world. So, I took a lowkey vid of that, too (all my vids and pics are lowkey so they didn’t/barely notice)

-Then my other friend who was with me, we were trying to look for water on each floor bc the water downstairs were $6 like sh!t gurl y is it so exp to hydrate myself YYY, but the vending machines were $2.50… But every floor we checked it was broken and on our journey… We saw Seungkwan come out of his room and we kinda just stared at each other LOL and I was like oshitola I hope he doesn’t think we’re following him because we’re not about that life. But he’s so cute LOL even when he looked at me he had his meme face like “oooo” 😗

-We also believe (while on our water vending machine adventure) that Crush ordered room service and when we passed by we thought we heard him, BUT IT COULDVE BEEN SOMEONE ELSE I’M NOT SURE TBH.

**We just so happened to keep running into Kidols, and sure we caught a few vids/pics bc dear Jesus it was them forreal, but it was harmless and we weren’t chasing them, we just randomly walked into each other. We did it from a distance :3 so dw we weren’t trying to follow idols because we respect space.**

Day 2:

-Not AS much happened on day 2 like on day 1, but still everything was lit, BUT… My other friend and I.. Ran into V and Jungkook.. I was like ofckofck CALM RELAXXXX CALMMMM. This was after the concert.. I couldn’t believe how they were just chillen in broad sight like sONS. But goddamn what a view :’) they were beautiful.. Then they went inside and I was like noooooooooooo come back here :’)

BUT YEAH SO..This was my whole experience at KCON NY. (SORRY FOR ANY TYPOS I WROTE THIS SO QUICKLY) I was so blessed guys. Like really absolutely lucky and it’s something I’ll never forget. My life is realLYyYyY good, and I appreciate being able to see my fave artist up close and personal. It was really amazing. I still can’t believe it.. I’m still absorbing it all OTL.

ANYWAYS THOUGHHH If you guys want to here full on, in-depth details of the things that happened, please ask anything! Questions or comments! Or if you wanna see pics/vids of the concert/my fancams, all are accepted and I will upload them;) And if you actually read all of this. You da real mvp and I love you :***


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If you could travel back in time and show 2009!Dan one picture of 2015!Phil which picture would it be?

real talk probably this pic:

bc it’s like my fave pic of phil in 2015 and i mean holy shit he looks so  gOOd and his  sMILE is looking gORGEOUS and his fringe is on point and reD  JACKET idk just good shit u feel?? love it love it love it