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So bc a few people have asked for the model AU to be turned into a series, I’ve decided to do it so without further ado, here is half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka August D

  • Visuals are up first to give you an idea of what model!Yoongi truly is
  • As I said in the other posts, his looks change a good bit
  • But his actually change a lot more than Jimin and Jin’s do
  • We have seen yoon with just about all the colors
  • He’s had red, orange, pink, green, blonde, black, gray, need I continue
  • But his openness to trying new colors and different styles, different looks makes him easy to work with
  • Bc he can literally be told they want his hair to be gray for a shoot the day of said shoot and he’d just be like ight 
  • He likes seeing the different colors, he likes seeing the ways they highlight or distract from certain features like soft colors make the sharper features stand out whereas others make him look softer
  • He’s had dark green hair, it was a really dark color but it was light enough that you could still tell it was green and it wasn’t like straight up green, it had a bit more a blue undertone
  • We’ve seen him with that light green, minty color so it’s kinda cool to see him with the flip side of it bc have you ever seen yoon with dark hair it is so fucking nice
  • Like just picture this for a second
  • Dark green hair, all black clothes with some black boots and like a black blazer type of jacket and that lil look in his eyes that he gets when he raps, just leaned up against a wall with a simple set bc Yoongi is like the art, the rest is just a frame
  • He’s had lilac hair, yoon’s proven that he can pull off lighter color, it just makes him look ethereal and angelic and just really soft and I love it
  • Like just the lilac hair, a gray sweater, maybe a shirt if it’s during the summer, stretched out on a couch with his arm behind his head tell me that doesn’t sound nice as fuck
  • He’s also had a blue color that was actually really cool bc it had like a bit of purple mixed in with it, it’s not too dark but it’s also not a light blue
  • There’s this one picture he takes while he has the blue hair, it’s from the side so you can see his profile and just the j aW the neck the lips the everything is just too nice, the amount of people calling him to hire him like doubles after it bc d amn kid
  • Speaking of kids, he was a bby model
  • Have you ever seen that one bby picture of Yoongi bc oh my g od he was a beautiful bby (who then grew into a beautiful man 10/10)
  • He goes in and out of modeling as he grows up, he mainly does photo shoots during the summer
  • He does go to school so it’s not like he can be a full time model yet plus he’s still a lil kid so he’s exploring all the different paths he can go on
  • Like does he wanna become a teacher, he has this really really nice teacher who always gives him an extra animal cracker and makes sure that she always gives him the animal he likes the most
  • But he quickly realizes he likes modeling and music those are his things he likes the most, they’re the things he could do for the rest of his life so he starts putting more focus into the whole modeling thing
  • He’s got such a nice face like if you just take a second to really look at it, he really is such a beautiful person like his nose, his eyes, his lips they’re all great and the JAW OH BOY
  • You two meet as lil bby children
  • You do a shoot together when you two are kids and kinda becoming this modeling duo as you grow older
  • Like you both do individual things all the time but people are always looking forward to that next photo shoot you’re gonna have together
  • Off set, you two are like best friends, you hang out just about everyday, you’re constantly sleeping over at the other’s apartment
  • He casually has a drawer in your dresser and you have one in his like it’s kinda platonic but at the same time it isn’t at all
  • Especially since doing all of those shoots together requires you to be pretty close and personal with each other and that stirs up some feelings bc there have been so many times you two have been so close to kissing that you could literally just lean forward just a bit and kiss him
  • And you’re really tempted to bc he’s a sarcastic sweetheart who would do anything for you bc you’re his best friend
  • You’ve both talked about it before like what would happen if you dated but you’ve always ended up getting sidetracked
  • This is someone you’ve been around your entire life, it’s someone who’s flown across the world for you bc you were sad or upset and he wasn’t okay with that at all and had to fix it immediately
  • This is someone who sends you flowers randomly like you show up to a shoot and there’s just a bouquet for you bc why not it’ll make you smile and it’s a cute lil way of saying good luck
  • You two somehow end up holding hands sometimes and you like to hug him a lil bit longer than you probably should if you want to keep it in that platonic zone and sometimes you wake up to be cuddled up to him
  • One night you two end up kissing, neither of you really knows who leaned in first so you both agree to just say you both did
  • The first photo shoot you two do as a couple is one of his favorites tbh bc it’s the start of the next chapter for you two

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Who is this Gibbs dude and why is everyone so thirsty for him

you must be new to my blog

well, Gibbs is an Marine veteran in charge of a team at NCIS

and we’re all thirsty 4 him bc he’s really cute and adorable but also an extreme badass and hot

look at that fucking smile aw

very cuddley Gibbs in a hoodie imagine curling up on a cold winter’s night in front of the fire drinking Bourbon and he’s wearing an adorable little USMC hoodie

G I B B S  I N  A  U N I F O R M

idk I really like this gif his hair looks nice and he has a great profile and aw very adorable

yeah idk man Gibbs is thirst material