bc he gets sassy

Voltron Dance Team AU

Ok so I love the Voltron characters as street dancers au but like. Imagine them on a HIGH SCHOOL DANCE TEAM

  • Matching duffel bags, leos, tights, shoes, scrunchies, everything 
  • Keith and Lance trying to do the most pirouettes/al secondes/leaps/whatever in a row until they’re both dizzy and sick 
    • Shiro beats them both at everything except al secondes bc the two of them will keep going and going through sheer willpower alone
  • Lance has rly good projection like his smile will BLIND you and his posture is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 
    • He loves jazz and funk bc he gets a chance to be Sassy™ yooo
  •  Keith is practically a gymnast he just casually does back handsprings during practice and everyone’s like ok we get it Sto p ??? But also don’t
    • He’s rly good at breakdancing but he likes lyrical/contemporary the best so he can properly express his angsty ass ;)
  • Shiro being the Inspirational Senior Captain™ that gets so many solos but no one ever minds and every other team captain has a crush on him
    • He’s good at literally everything but kick line is his specialty lol
  • Hunk making literally every stunt possible bc he just. Lifts ppl up like they can stand and pose on his hands no problem. And he’s crazy flexible??? Wtf 
    • His fave is pom routines bc it’s like he’s cheering for the entire audience :’) <3
  • Pidge is super dainty and everyone thinks she should do classical or something but she’s actually BOSS AT HIP HOP and also can jump like a fucking kangaroo
    • One time she almost quit the team bc Allura made them wear glittery false eyelashes
  • Allura as the strict but loving head coach who makes everyone learn ballet technique and occasionally shows off her skills and blows everyone’s minds. 
    • Once she sent back a $3700 shipment of state costumes bc there weren’t enough Swarovski crystals on the left sleeve
    • She did the same thing with a box of hair pieces… which Lance couldn’t even wear since his hair is too short???
  • Coran is technically assistant coach but really is more like the manager and team parent who makes sure there are always enough Capri suns and those lil cheeses in the red wax
  •  They fight with the basketball team over gym space and it gets real ugly REAL fast
    • there’s still a red stain on the wall next to the drinking fountain
  • They put too much effort into getting cheerleaders to join dance team instead.. especially Shay ;3
  • The team performing at assemblies and it’s p much the only reason anyone attends them bc they kick ass every time
  • Spending so many long hours stuck in a van together on the way to competitions at powerhouse schools bc Allura’s too competitive to just choose the ones nearby
  • Chilling in their dressing room waiting for the round to start, eating granola bars and fruit by the foot 
  • Helping each other with hair and makeup. Hairspray makes up 50% of the air they breathe and they never want to touch eyelash glue ever again 
  • Lance is not allowed near curling irons 
  • Ukulele jam sessions with other teams during lunch (this is an actual thing my dance team did) 
  •  Starting rivalries with teams that are Confused and didn’t even know dance team rivalries were a thing 
  • They do novelty routines to shit like Bob the Builder and TMNT (also things that have happened) 
  • Pidge is the only one who ever wins at drill down. 
    • Lance gets pulled out after like one command bc he turned left instead of right 
  • Keith is good except he always gets called out for stuff like moving his thumbs or marching on the wrong foot 
  • The sweeper boys/girls hand out flowers and Hunk ALWAYS gets one 
    • Sometimes with a phone number attached 
  • Shiro usually ends up with some sort of individual dancer award. It doesn’t matter if he literally did nothing significant other than look good the judges will Think Of Something
  • Team sleepovers are frequent because they already spend at least 10 hours per week together anyway lmao
  • Shiro plans on being an assistant coach once he graduates bc there is no way he is leaving his adopted children behind <3

Idk what else?? Feel free to add on and if someone draws/writes something based on this i will literally die thanks