bc footwear

magnus-rushesin  asked:

Headcanon: merle doesn't ever wear shoes, especially outside in the woods n stuff. The other IPRE members give him shit for it all the time bc its dangerous but he dont care. He hates shoes and he hates socks and so he doesn't wear em. He also likes the feeling of grass n nature stuff on his feet too, so thats a plus

honestly this is my only consistent headcanon about merle’s general fashion

depending on how hippie and naturalist the enclave was he probably picked it up from habit when he was a kid and just, never grew out of it? and its been so long that his feet are pretty damn tough and can withstand a lot of shit.

like, one of my old neighbors was the same way, she never wore shoes unless going into stores n stuff and she would regularly walk across our alley which is a mess of sharp pebbles and concrete and especially would get hot during the summer and she’d just shrug it off like eh its fine.

combine this w the headcanon of merle very rarely if ever getting sick (probably bc he’s a god of an immune system after being exposed to so much shit) and he’s one tough cookie when it comes to living outside

merle can stand on hot beach sand without even flinching and everyone else is screaming