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Hi, I just wanted to start off by saying I LOVE your stories. I think I've been regularly checking your blog for new updates for at least a year now! Unfortunately, I got in a car accident the other day (guy turned left in front of me and no way I could brake in time), but on the bright side, everyone is completely fine. I'm still a little shaken though so I was wondering if you could do a modern AU with Saizo's reaction to finding out Corrin has been in a car accident and him consoling her?

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It was a regular day in the office (go figure). Saizo, Head Supervisor of the Sumeragi Corp., was supervising as always. He didn’t waste any time in his work, head down and doing his best to succeed and make sure those under his supervision did as well. 

Considering he was excellent at said supervision, pretty much everyone in the office fell under it. It certainly kept him busy; his phone always off when he was in the office, he never so much as glanced at it, even after getting married. 

It enticed employees to circle rumors around. He was so cold-blooded he didn’t even have time to text his wife? Did he even get married because he loved her? Or was is some sort of arrange thing between him and a stranger?

Saizo never paid any attention to the rumors. They were foolish, and knew nothing about his personal life. To be honest, nobody did. He wanted to keep it that way. He didn’t realize that was all about to come to a screeching halt, of course.

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Fire Emblem Fates vs. Siblings Cutscenes Ranked from Least to Most Extra

vs. Xander (Birthright)

  • his cutscene isn’t even that extra it’s just sad
  • he’s putting on a tough face but it’s obvious he doesn’t truly want to fight you
  • most people don’t rly want to fight xander at this point either
  • doesn’t even verbally threaten you or anything (ignore sword)
  • so the purple wave shit and the ceiling crumbling a lil is p wack but in the context of a big boss fight? pretty tame

vs. Takumi (Conquest)

  • the shaky camera angles? wild
  • the omnious pitter-patter of Hoshidan soldiers? wild
  • making said Hoshidan soldiers back away so he can slowly inch towards you? wild
  • however, we, the player, expected this
  • if anything this is one of the most controlled scenes we have w takumi in conquest bc he does not call us “nohrian scum” even once

vs. Leo (Birthright)

  • the amount of fucking edge in this video? the audacity of your goth wizard brother? breathtaking
  • it’s a cemetery which is, right off the bat, edgy as hell
  • weird purple vape shit surrounding the graves
  • you don’t even hear his footsteps or the horse this is the scene when you truly realize how much power leo has garnered from the goth gods
  • the pony????? has horns??????
  • orb
  • “the sentence…………………………………….IS DEATH”
  • but using the same reasoning as takumi’s fight cutscene
  • we expected this

vs. Hinoka (Conquest)

  • ok so i feel like most people would argue hinoka isn’t that extra
  • but also consider this: the fucking helicopter
  • so hinoka rides in w her pegasus and that’s fine that’s expected except there are a million sakura petals just fluttering in the wind for some reason
  • JUMPS off her pegasus mid air just floats for awhile and then uses her spear?????? as a helicopter????? i????????
  • gets back on the pegasus ????? ???? ???? somehow ??? ??
  • hinoka’s english va adds a very. surreal aspect to this scene for me and i’m not sure why

vs. Camilla (Birthright)

  • this is the last thing you see right before you die
  • her footsteps???? her boots??????? her booty??????? big anime tiddy?????????
  • when i first watched this scene i was torn between a mixture of thirst and dread
  • why
  • “ah! i see you missed your big sister ;)” “you’re sooooo cute”
  • if you watch this you’re automatically going to hell i’m sorry
  • for some reason this scene never fails to make my depression skyrocket

vs. Ryoma (Conquest)

  • somehow ryoma just sitting solemnly while waiting for you is 100x worse than xander sadly turning around
  • in the general the raijinto is wild as hell but i feel like this cutscene just takes you to the next plane of existence
  • “you………. have done well so far………………. BUT THAT WAS JUST PRACTICE”
  • ok so like is ryoma sad that he has to fight you??? probably
  • but he’s so fucking ready and i feel like nintendo is just. trying very hard to convince us, the players, that ryoma doesn’t want to hurt us but it’s also kind of hard to believe when he gets this into it
  • he’s got his arms out just begging you to try it and you think he’s done but nope
  • ryoma goes on and starts to pose while the room just sets on fire which i feel is the highlight of this scene
  • as a big boss cutscene it’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s. definitely up there

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your voltron headcanons give me life, seriously. if it's not a problem, could i ask if you have any with platonic allura/lance?? :)

absolutely my guy

  • “so allura, if you absolutely had to choose, and don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings here, who’s your favorite pala-” “it’s hunk”
    • lance can’t even be mad bc. same.
  • one fateful day, the Great Ear Debate finally happens. round ears are insulted. food is thrown. feelings are hurt
  • “princess, can i just say that you look awfully alluring today??” “lance
  • allura keeps tabs on lance using the mice to make sure he doesn’t lock himself in a cyropod again
  • lance learns altean swears secondhand from allura
  • *allura voice* “it is, as you humans say, lit? did i say that right? lance?? why are you laughing”
  • they’re both card carrying members of the Would Die For Coran club
  • lance is so jealous of how pretty allura is
    • like. her hair. her eyelashes. her skin. do you think allura has ever worn a face mask in her life?? no
    • lance’s skincare routine is now driven by allura-fueled spite
    • one time lance asks her what type of conditioner she uses and she deadass looks at him and is like “what’s conditioner?” and he screams
  • “hey, lance, what are you doing tonight?” “more like who am i doing tonight lol” “……..” “………….no one. i’m free. what’s up?”

You must trust this person, and do whatever that must be done to live!

  • Me: *blinks*
  • Park Woojin: comes down with a painful virus, performs with said virus, gETs hOSPITALIZED for said VirUS, might leave sHOW BECAUSE OF SAID VIRUS
  • Lee Insoo: spills some SCALDING tea on MNET, is called by MNET SWAT team on livestream bc of spilt tea, fate undetermined
  • Kim Yongguk: trends on NAVER?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
  • Takada Kenta, Kang Daniel: look like an entirely different human beings fresh out the oven in released fancams bc they looked HOT AND READY
  • Baejin, Winkboy: unofficially officially confirm winkdeep in fancams
  • MNET: gives growing teenage boys 6 hrs of sleep in 3 days
  • Me: what the fuck

demon or angel?? just playing around with some designs! it’s not something i do much, so i tried a cuter style for it. some thoughts on them under the cut!

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