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sorry for a kind of serious ask, but how do you cope with having adhd in high school? i started my freshman year last september and it's been so stressful for me to deal with bc my adhd is making it hard for me to accomplish what my teachers set as "the requirement" (aka memorizing everything, being able to organize 15 pages worth of study guides) and i was wondering if there were any methods that have helped you deal with school??


  • Ask for help. I’m serious! My pride seriously took a hit the first time I asked for an extension or further clarification, but like. Suck it up. I realized, probably too late, that ADHD puts us on a different track as everyone else. Or, we’re running the same race, but we’ve got all these shitty obstacles in the way. It’s okay to ask for help. We’re not lazy; we just need an extra boost to keep up and stay up with everyone else.
  • I take lots of notes, and always by hand lol. I try to put away anything distracting, because otherwise I will be distracted. So no phones, no laptops, maybe even no music when I’m in class/doing homework at home.
    • People always tell me they love to listen to music while they do homework but imo it sucks?? Like the only subject I can do it in is math lmao. Science/English/etc requires so much upfront thinking?? Meanwhile with math you can kind of backseat drive if you know the material well enough lol
  • Don’t compare yourself against others because again, results are so skewed and shit is so fucked and it’ll just make you feel terrible for doing your best. Stay in thy lane and all that.
  • If you think you need meds, go to your doctor and ask if you can get some. If you can, great! But remember: They only work if you TAKE THEM. It’s easier than you may think to forget to take your meds, and then you’ll be suffering for the rest of the day lmao.
  • Double check with other people? Again, don’t compare your grades or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to go up to someone in your class and just start talking about the day’s lesson? Like it helps you make friends, it’s fun to gripe about a teacher, but you also make sure that you got everything down. Because again, the notes you take are the ones you’ll study from right before a class.
  • If you’re having trouble paying attention in class, maybe buy a fidget toy? They’re super cheap and keep your hands occupied. Most teachers post their notes for the day online, so read through those as well.

Going above and beyond for things honestly tires me out so fast lmao so your fifteen-page notes packets sound like hell. I’m pretty good at memorizing things just by reading them so I can’t really offer you any advice on that aspect… Maybe change up the monotony and turn things into silly rhymes or funny jokes?? Idk man. Ultimately I would just google or ask a professional? Lol.

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Can u hmu with that bad boy young k pls

hELL YEAH I CAN (✿ ✧ω✧)

Bad Boy!Young K

  • there’s a ton of rumors that go round n paint him in a bad light
  • not that he cares tho, really doesn’t pay attention to anything like that
  • everyone’s lowkey terrified of him, to the point no one dares to sit in the corner seat in the back of the class next to the window bc everyone and their mama knows that seat is brian’s
  • everyone’s like………you gotta be a special kind of stupid to fuck w/ kang younghyun………..
  • no one knows a whole lot about him, just that he’s silent, scary n really doesn’t like loud n obnoxious people
  • has that ~aura~ about him
  • one that screams ‘i’ve got nothing to lose so why not take a few risks’
  • owns a motorcycle n is all leather n danger when he’s seen outside of class
  • actively looks for thrills/excitement, pretty extremely reckless tbh
  • breaks into abandoned places n trespasses places he really shouldn’t just for fun
  • has far too many near death experiences for someone his age from his reckless adventuring
  • no understanding of the words ‘safety’ or ‘caution’
  • isn’t exactly a stranger to fights
  • don’t get me wrong he doesn’t go out of his way to start fights w/ people
  • but if he see’s someone harassing/bullying/being a general punk to someone who doesn’t deserve it
  • he may :) give them :))) a few :)))) words :)))))))
  • tries not to get into serious fights on school grounds but it can’t be helped if someone tries to get revenge on their buddy’s behalf
  • doesn’t fight all out tho
  • he’s not trying to get expelled
  • he can deal w/ all the detentions, even the delinquents there know not to mess w/ him
  • is actually smart as hell n a straight A student so it’s unlikely he’d actually get suspended
  • only his teachers know how intellectual he is bc everyone else is too busy slamming themselves into the wall to get outta his way when they see him coming down the hall
  • needless to say you’re scared outta your wits when you’re paired up w/ him for a project
  • you, who’s quiet, nerdy n very much in your own bubble
  • w/ brian, who’s the resident bad boy that’s all leather, danger n motorcycles
  • the type of guy who’s unafraid of breaking rules in order to get what he wants
  • definition of the type your daddy told you to keep away from
  • you decide in class that you’d work on your project at his parent’s house
  • seemed like a good idea at the time
  • seemed like a good idea until you realized in order to get to his place you’d need to ride on his motorcycle
  • didn’t hit you until you met up w/ him once class was over n he tossed a helmet at you n asked if you’d ever been on one before
  • you tried so hard to brave it out n seem composed
  • you thought you did a good job but the iron grip on brian said otherwise n he knew it
  • for your sake he didn’t go as fast as he usually does
  • you got used to it…….eventually………
  • but!!!!!! you ended up liking going on motorcycle rides w/ brian
  • you also get to know brian more n find that he’s a lot nicer n gentler than he lets on
  • in return brian gets you out of your quiet bubble n gets to know you, brings out your goofier side
  • like he takes you on thrill rides if you ask him to
  • would also let you come along to his trespassing adventures but keeps an eye on you n makes sure you’re safe
  • you get a penchant for thrill like he does
  • honestly even after your project’s done you spend time w/ him because he’s fun n knows where to find thrills
  • you look like the oddest pair bc he’s tall dark n broody glares whilst you totally have a Soft and Quiet™ aesthetic
  • brian develops an urge to protect you n look after you bc you’re so nice n cute n soft n endearing n the complete opposite of what he is????????
  • to him you’re a cinnamon roll too precious for this world n will do his best to make sure nothing ever makes you upset
  • not that he’d tell you that ofc he’s got an image to maintain lol

ok but?? chowder being a Party Boi in high school. he was always just so happy to be there and got everyone hyped. not so much anymore bc he’s gotta be serious about stuff (like hockey and his friend and his gf and his degree) but like. pong partners lardo & chowder??? unstoppable. undefeated. actually undefeated. they never lose games, chowder just loses interest and like high fives everyone and goes off to do something else.

Hockey little league AU

Every fandom has that one specific Kid AU, and this time it’s coming from yours truly. I’m talking little league Samwell so you better sit down and listen to all the shaenigans the Samwell Squad would get up to, because I’ve thought about this a whole lot, and @itsybittle forced me to share

  • Tiny Toddler Bitty following  annoyed Jack everywhere but Jack secretly loves it so much 
  • Jack ending up doing all these things for Bitty bc he’s more grown up, like tying his shoes and everything and just really being into taking care of Bitty 
  • Jack holding Bitty’s hand because otherwise he wanders
  • also Tiny Tomboy Lardo deciding that no, mum, she doesnt want to play but she has to be at every single practice of this team and also she is the new manager u wouldnt understand
  • Tomboy Lardo with long hair hating it so, so, so much , wearing dresses because her mum likes her girl - meeting shitty, the boy with the buzzcut, fleeing whenever his ma comes at him with scissors
  • Lardo getting shittys clothes and walking around like she wants because all the boys chip in and now she’s mostly wearing multiple sweaters in different sizes, like, all the time
  • Shitty one day stealing his dads electric razor, bc he has seen his dad do this, okay, Lardo, dont worry your hair will turn out fine!!!! 
  • Shitty being actually the first of the guys to ever have a crush on anyone and while love is icky, lardo is definetly not so everyone approves and they pick daisys together to get shitty to confess
  • JUST. TEAM NAP TIMES. Ransom and Holster sharing blankets. Senor Bunny never leaving Bitty’s side
  • THE TEAM MAKING GIANT BLANKET FORTS (jack, obviously is the prince in these.)
  • bby chowder stealing hearts left and right. while shitty is the first in love, he is the first one with a teeny fierce girlfriend at his side
  • johnson the metaphysical second grader 
  • Johnson obviously would freak everyone else out bc while he still was being goofy, he also got so serious sometimes
  • rad bob and the dad squad feat, Suzanne and the wine mums
  • Alicia and suzanne are obviously besties but suzanne is for reasons that are only mine not only completely smitten by jack, but by shitty as well
  • Also all the parents are appaled by their kids calling shitty “shitty” , kids that is NOT his name . 
  • Bitty dragging Senor Bunny by one ear, rubbing his sleepy eyes and holding Jack’s hand!!!! 
  • Bilingual baby jack confusing words and speaking a weird mix of both languages
  • him being called “mon petit chou”
  • jack calling senor bunny “monsieur lapin”
  • Bitty trying to imitate his pronouncing and pronouncing stuff like he does
  • ive included shared nap times but??? CUDDLE PILES???
  • also shity still walks around naked all the time but hes a kid and not ashamed, unlike his parents who are bitterly trying to loose that weird habit
  • the boys not getting gender roles and gender types at all, standing in for lardo with her ugly chopped off hair and her awesome attitude
  • also while theres no beer pong lardo still beats everyone at every single game ever
  • Birthday parties are therefore a total delight and not at all a war
  • Bitty baking his first pie in his easy bake oven. bitty always bringing pies to birthdays
  • jack and the team eating every last bit of the burned desserts bc they are kids, its bitty, and as long at it contains sugar they will , in fact, be happy
  • william poindexter, my lovely child inviting everyone on the shrimp boat hes been “working” on since ever
  • nursey, the most well liked kid on the playground bc, damn, hes so chill, so cool. so . damn. 
  • Ransom and holster - competitive rope skippers 
  • bby chowder worshipping lardy lards bc he tots sees her as his big sis
  • JUST
  • never

Me and Itsybittle actually have a ton more of these , because these are only the ones we came up with in, like, the first five messages we send to each other, but im gonna add those if people want more ^_^

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he really said why are they touching me? wow, just because he's an idol doesn't make him better than everyone else. he could've say please tell them to stop touching me.

are u fuckin serious??? first of all he asked the manager bc he was confused, he wasn’t saying it to the fans, in fact he kept telling them not to get hurt and to be careful & was overall very nice to them even though they were invading his personal space

and second - exactly, he’s an idol and that doesnt make him any different from other people -are you telling me that you’d find it okay if it was a random person being crowded like that? or if it was you? him being an idol doesn’t change the fact that he deserves some space and respect


cute Seungri laughing as he poses for the Angel Eyes photoshoot ◠ω◠

tbh give me Keith being unimpressed w lance’s jealousy, w his pettiness, w his aloof act. give me Keith that acknowledges and admits lance’s strengths, like his ability to work well under pressure, using his humor to make others more comfortable, always lowkey worrying abt everyone else. but also give me Keith that also acknowledges and accepts lance’s flaws like his serious lack of self-preservation or his all or nothing mentality when it comes to being the very best. give me Keith being thrown off by how soft lance can be, how Keith catches lance sneaking alien tech on board just bc he knows pidge would love to take it apart and figure it out, how Keith catches lance tiptoeing to sleep in hunk’s room sometimes because lance misses his best friend despite spending every waking hour with him, how even tho he doesn’t appear to show interest in hunk’s rants, he remembers some coding thing that hunk was talking about and brings it to him just because. give me a Keith that’s unsurprised with lance’s anger, but is blindsided when that anger is on his behalf bc someone tried to pick a fight w him. give me a Keith that becomes friends w lance, slowly. they build themselves up with each other, become soft where there were hard edges before. give me a Keith that kisses lance in a moment of impulse but doesn’t regret it at all. give me a Keith that loves lance so much it kinda hurts but in a good way. tbh give me that and I’ll b good

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☯ joshaya

☯ likes/dislikes headcanon. i’m so bad at these tho guys…anyway

  • Ok so Maya has walked in on josh humming along to so many Ariana Grande songs that it’s not even a surprise anymore
  • “Um, ok, she has the voice of an angel, though??” he’d defend. 
  • They like to lie down together with one earbud in each other’s ear and listen to her slower songs which are the freaking cutest thing bc he reaches out to intertwine their hands
  • And then Maya is looking up at him and her eyes are doing the twinkly thingy like he has the entire galaxy in his eyes ugh she’s in so deep man
  • too deep
  • They found a small coffee shop one day and now it’s the only place they get their coffee from omg yes they’re That™ couple
  • The workers already know their orders and they’re just that couple that always sits in the back, laughing, and drinking coffee that everyone else looks at in jealousy bc they’re being TOO damn CUTE, like get a room!
  • On the weekends, they make it their m i s s i o n to finish the many Netflix shows they’ve started! heroes, supernatural, sense8…ALL OF IT, there is no “Netflix and chill” nonsense they are dead serious,
  • they have already mapped out how many hours it’ll take them to finish a season by Monday. 
  • He’s never seen Maya so dedicated about math jfc
  • They’re dedicated and look like the laziest couple to ever exist tbh.
  • Josh can’t stand when Maya falls asleep before him bc she’s the cutest lil bean ever but she snores sO LOUD
  • He must fall asleep before her!!!
  • Maya also has a weird thing about josh texting other girls. She’s That™ girlfriend and she hates it but she can’t even help it ugh
  • Even when Josh assures her that it’s just a friend from college, she’s a sucker for his full attention, so the deal is that she’ll let him talk with whoever he wants but he has to give her sO much attention afterward
  • they share a mutual disliking of human pyramids
  • Josh gets the most Extra™ toppings on his pizza (like pineapples, anchovies, and beef all together ew ew why are the Matthews like this) and Maya just watches him eat it in pure h o r r o r ™
  • Josh has this secret joy for art, so Maya likes to teach him how to draw
  • it starts out terrible
  • he couldn’t even make a good stick figure
  • But soon his work gets better and he’s able to sketch freehand without Maya’s help and even though he’s not serious about it Maya loves how interested he is about art
  • this pairing is going to kill me guys s t o p

so yesterday i ran into one of my old classmates from highschool and he said “hey you’re looking pretty” and i make that are you kidding me face and he was like “no i’m being serious. you are beautiful”, and today someone else told me hey u don’t have to lose weight you look good like this. my mom also mentiones the fact that i want to get a breast reduction surgery bc i hate mine and everyone was like”girl don’t do it you look beautiful!!!”.  so here i am, struggling with my appearance once again.  so i look good? do i look okay? or am i as ugly as i see myself in the mirror everytime i shower?  wow… honestly hearing people compliment me get my self steem lower.