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Okay so I’m honestly a little pressed with the whole Ally/Ivy situation from this weeks episode of #AHSCult.


It was clear during their scenes together at start of the episode that Ally was willing to forgive Ivy for the happiness of THEIR son and don’t tell me she was faking it! Her feelings were real and that was apparent in the drinking of the kool -aid scene and the way she spoke to Ivy throughout the episode!

Also this whole fucking time it’s been about having her son and making sure he is safe and happy! Why the FUCK WOULD SHE KILL HIS MUM???? LIKE SHE WOULD NEVER PUT HIM THROUGH THAT OR RISK HIM LOSING BOTH HIS FUCKING MUMMIES.

Also this entire season Ivy has been written as the reactionist and as the one who does stupid, thoughtless shit while Ally has always been the kind hearted one who would never contemplate or consider doing something so malicious and evil to someone she “once” loved for 16 years. Despite her fears, which she overcame, she has always been level headed and logical & she was literally crying at the start of the episode because Ivy was responsible for the deaths of innocent people?? Like how the fuck she do a 180 & suddenly decide that she could kill her wife & not feel bad???

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I completely 100% believe that Ally was very angry and upset at Ivy for what she did! Like who the fuck wouldn’t be if their partner of 16 YEARS made them go crazy and took their son away from them!??? I would! But I would not fucking kill them! 👏🏼And 👏🏼neither 👏🏼would👏🏼 Ally.

Based on her character and everything we know about her Ally has the capacity to forgive which we saw at the start of the episode and if she was written the way she’s been written the whole season during that scene she would’ve fucking asked for a divorce and told Ivy that she doesn’t ever want to see her again unless it’s for Ozzy.

ALSO IT WAS FUCKING OBVIOUS HOW GUILTY SHE WAS FEEING ABOUT IT WHEN she and Kai moved Ivy’s body (which would be the “old” Ally appearing after we suddenly met the malicious, murderous Ally for a moment there) like I’m sorry it literally makes no sense to me and as much as I hated Ivy for what she did and how stupid her justification for it was, I never really wanted her dead! She could get the fuck outta Ally’s life but not die. BECAUSE LIKE I DON’T KNOW OZZY! Idk maybe I’m just pressed because I was hoping for a happy resolution; First of all because it would be nice to have a healthy lesbian relationship depicted on TV for once for literally everyone and because it’s nice to show that despite all odds and evils spouses come to in their relationships the power of love between their shared child is always, always, always stronger and this was literally constantly depicted and expressed by both Ally & Ivy throughout this season

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Okay I’m wrapping it up! Another point though, she and Ivy decided to run away & leave their lives! Like they were going to get Oz and leave and then Kai took him and I really don’t think Ally planned for that to happen, again from her genuine reaction to the entire situation SO how the fuck she get from that point of being willing to run away with the women who betrayed her but whom she STILL LOVED to poisoning her at dinner a couple of hours later, the fuck?

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In fucking summary, the entire scene and behaviour of Ally was so out of character & MAKES LITERALLY NO SENSE!

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FUCKING BONUS: Ally said “If we can escape I’m not leaving Oz’s mother behind.” HOW THE FUCK SHE GO FROM THAT TO MURDER??? Fucking hell, okay, okay I’m done

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i haven't seen stranger things yet, am i missing a good tv show? :O

yes u are missing a v good tv show. i’d like to say it’s a mix of the x files and twin peaks with a dash of aesthetic cinematography, a heap of super cool 80s references, and wholesome character development of a bunch of kids. 10/10 recommend 

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Could you and Faiza write headcanons on how Eskild and Even's encounter in the bathroom that Sunday went down and if Noora and Eskild talked about it and how Noora and Eskild met Even in episode 8 (did they wake up to his cooking?) and how they freaked out while "getting ready for yoga"? Pretty please? :D

you asked anon and @sanasevaks and i delivered. prepare for Mess and Feelings.

  • so oh my god … eskild bumping into even for the first time outside the bathroom. as faiza says, “he was faced with grace first thing that morning.”
  • Just imagine eskild being like, “oh hellooo there…”
  • And even just responding back with, “halla, i’m even.“
  • and then eskild must have asked, “even???”
  • and eskild’s internally all like, “oh he’s … GOOD LOOKING. but who IS he? who did he come home with last night?” … and he’s like it can’t be noora … not linn either so that leaves isak?? maybe??
  • do you think even said he was a friend of isak’s and eskild Knew, or do you think he went to noora all like… “who’s that hottie in our bathroom? he yours?”
  • and noora’s like, “firstly… who? second, i’m still with william, eskild, of course not!”
  • i feel like he would of been pretty excited when talking to noora. “seems isak’s got a … friend over… a boy.” but i also think he’d feel a bit like ‘im proud look how far he’s come to bring someone over’ and i imagine him and noora exchanging this meaningful look bc they both Know that isak has been hiding and just Not Ready.
  • bc noora’s equally had her suspicions too, for the longest time, but she knew it wasn’t her place to pry.
  • and when isak acts all awkward and shuts the door in their faces they look at each other again with a small sigh of, “it’s ok, he’s not ready. give him time.”
  • and eskild would be like… “i have to say somethinggg tho.” and noora’s like, “eskild, leave it, if he wanted to talk he would.”
  • and then as we see a few days later he brings isak the air freshener and they have their Talk.
  • but oh my god listen, eskild’s face as isak starts talking… i felt exactly the same way. he’s looking at this boy, we’re looking at him. and we see him struggling for words, he wants to say them but it’s like his body is forcing him to shut up but he pushes them out with all his might, “even and i have a thing.”
  • and eskild is serious.
  • he doesn’t overreact or act like this is the most exciting thing ever. he knows how difficult those simple words were for isak to ever say, but he does say, “isak, isak, that’s great.” bc he needs to say something and he feels isak’s stuggles so keenly bc he Knows, bc he Understands where isak’s coming from, even if isak’s opinions turn out to be pretty ignorant.
  • eskild was super super respectful and he literally gave isak as much time as he needed. he lets isak speak and then validates his feelings and then isak does that little uncomfortable smile but you just know inside his heart is racing.
  • and eskild is such an important person for isak to have in his life?? He’s a little bit older, proud and unashamed of being gay, can be serious and really supportive when the people around him need someone, and just another gay person for isak to relate to and be able to talk to and ask advice from???
  • ok so now noora and eskild meeting even again in ep 8!
  • but this time it’s so obvious that even’s stayed the night with isak. eskild knew even was over before he saw him in the kitchen bc he came home and their clothes were everywhere.
  • but there’s something VERY different about even today than last time..even’s SO MUCH MORE  animated this time when last time he was so chill and somber.
  • bc eskild knew that if he implied ANYTHING in front of isak before he was ready, that isak would RUN A MILE, and so i think even very clearly was the one who began the convo with noora and eskild in ep 8.
  • bc i think even was … just, far too happy with everything? and eskild and noora, despite knowing what to say, wouldn’t just wanna assume anything until it got confirmed?
  • and even would just say hi whilst roaming and finding ingredients in the kitchen and cooking.
  • eskild probably walked into the kitchen first like half awake bc he was still in his robe, whilst noora was all fully dressed.
  • what a strange experience tho, especially after eskild saw all the pain isak went through in regards to even, imagine what was going through his head??
  • eskild would have been dubious at first, like … is even gonna hurt isak or is he still with his girlfriend of four years???
  • but at the end of the day i think he figured “well. it’s their business.” bc he never seemed pushy. like ever.
  • so noora most likely had to drag eskild away from eavesdropping on isak and even’s conversation but they most definitely eavesdropped at least until the part where even starts talking about sonja.
  • when even tells isak he’s ‘never felt like this before’ and isak’s like ‘neither have i’ and then noora must have been like “ok nope this is private, we’re intruding, eskild - no - you’re coming! we’re going!” bc that’s when it started getting a bit too … deep tbh, and she’s whispering harshly and eskild’s like, “aw just, one more second noora pls they’re so cute.”.
  • but yeah, i think them hearing that confirmation, well, especially eskild hearing it, must have made him feel a little more confident that even isn’t here to purposefully hurt isak??
  • and when noora and eskild left for ‘yoga’, they probably just went out to eat breakfast or something, if even hadn’t already fed them.
  • imagine them talking about it, having a chance to debrief.
  • noora isn’t one to talk about this to the girl squad, she most likely didn’t even talk to eva about it bc she had eskild who already knew, and also it wasn’t anyone else’s business. 
  • and fast forward a little to the christmas party- when eskild calls even over to help with the mistletoe and how, by now, he’s starting to realize just how kindhearted and imperfect even actually is
  • that even’s just such a pure soul who’s so up for making people happy and that he just has this thing about him where he’s such a natural charmer.
  • and sometimes eskild looks over at isak and HE’S SO HAPPY for isak to have found someone like even, bc he Deserves to be happy and unashamed and Loved. 

since i saw the krew’s wanted posters i was wondering how any of them had mugshots yet for hours (literally “are these from the FUTURE somehow or ?????”) before i remembered that all of them have already had criminal records since like book 1 anyway and it’s badass and adorable at the same time and im an idiot


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