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“Oh, Sammy…(Y/N)…hope we’re not interrupting something too terribly important.”

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ok the noorhelm scene was gross and i almost couldn’t look, but noora looked so happy and so beautiful(i am ignoring the wilhell talk)!!! also i loved that she then asked sana and how it’s going with yousef. anddd sana added him on facebook again hmmm… also she was so cute when she finally sent that message.


So uh, basically, all of these happened on one day, im fine, im ok, im fine

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fmk southern motherfuckin democratic republicans

Fuck: Jefferson bc dayum son
Marry: Madison bc he is kinda cute and also he’s gonna die soon and i’ll inherit a shiton of money #foundingdaddy
Kill: Burr

muses i’d like to write with ( pls recommend blogs if u know gr8 people who write these particular muses thank u xx ) 

  • carol aird ( carol ) 
  • jame gumb ( the silence of the lambs ) 
  • sister mary eunice ( ahs : asylum ) 
  • jessica rabbit ( who framed roger rabbit ) 
  • betelgeuse  ( beetlejuice ) 
  • sweeney todd ( sweeney todd ) 
  • velma kelly ( chicago ) 
  • angelique bouchard ( dark shadows ) 
  • cheryl blossom ( riverdale ) 
  • elle driver ( kill bill )
  • misty day ( ahs: coven ) 
  • mia wallace ( pulp fiction ) 
  • selina kyle ( batman ) 
  • regina mills ( ouat ) 
  • siobhan sadler ( orphan black ) 
  • beatrix kiddo ( kill bill ) 
  • nick dunne ( gone girl ) 

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"Good morning, hope you don't mind me borrowing your shirt.."

The Morning After Sentence Starters (Accepting)

A cocky smirk had formed on Chloe’s face upon waking up, her eyes cracking open to land directly on the other girl, who was dressed in just one of her larger plaid shirts, with it hanging down to her thighs.

“Oh, by all means… I could go for you borrowing my shirts more often…” She almost growled, her hand moving up to behind her head, in order to not overly strain her neck by looking around.

It took a moment for her to speak again, after fully taking in the other girl’s appearance, with a soft half-smirk-half-smile lingering on her lips. “I could really get used to waking up to this, Maximus…”

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Okay but here's a real question, what would the Revolutionaries wear to prom? Maybe Laf could, you know, be in a dress or something? Just a thought. (Tbh I just really want to Lafayette in a dress because they are my precious child and they deserve pretty things.)

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This comic was a bitch to draw but honestly it was so worth it bc DAYUM LAFAYETTE

I am so behind on the free pride month stories in Lovestruck and that’s why i’m only now posting stuff from the very first one they released this month. I KNOW. I’m kicking myself too. Bc dayum it was so gay and so good. I thought they’d be stand-alone stories but they’re all connected. I’ve only read part 1 bc my phone died and i’m waiting for it to charge but hopefully i’ll have read all the ones that are out by the end of the night. The night is still young!