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People need to stop acting like just because someone had a boyfriend they could not be a lesbian. Yes, they could be bi, but they still could be a lesbian. Lesbian isn’t equal only dating girls, lesbian is equal women who only feel sexual and romantic attraction to others women. I know lesbians who dated men, they are not less lesbian for that, they’re only lesbians who dated men.

“Captain America represents America, he wouldn’t reject government, don’t make him a figure for your social issues”

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omg u should totally continue the NHL AU for nurseydex!! i really really enjoyed the parts that u wrote! could u write about when nursery gets hit by that one guy & almost gets concussed? thanks!! love u

(all stories in this universe are tagged nhlau)

Dex is at home on a rare day off when it happens. He’s watching the Leafs and the Sens, texting Nursey dumb shit like, “just watched u trip over the blue line i’m divorcing u,” and “beauty of an assist, babe,” that he’ll read after the game. Nursey does the same for him when he catches Dex’s games, though his are always packed with god-awful innuendos that really shouldn’t make Dex as hot as they do. Whatever, he’s a hockey player that’s married to a hockey player, he’s allowed to be turned on by slap shots.

He’s thinking about maybe ordering a pizza or something when Nursey breaks away, streaking up the side of the ice and carrying it into the zone. He’s got Neil near him, but there’s no way he’ll catch up. Nursey sauces the puck across to Gardiner, but Dex isn’t watching the puck, because Neil is still moving in on Nursey, looking like he has no intention to stop. Nursey doesn’t see him, and Dex’s breath catches in his throat as Neil lays Nursey out, late and high.

“Fuck,” he curses, “Fuck, Nursey, get up. Get up, baby. Please get up.”

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sara dated isak who is dating even but also had a crush on jonas who dated eva who hooked up with p-chris who hooked up with ingrid who used to be best friends with eva whose current best friend is noora who dumped william who hooked up with sara

so s4 main is sara #confirmed

how frequently does eva talks to chris? only when she needs to ask him something or? did they ever talked about how he kept his word to her and didn’t told anyone about them? how does this hooking up at parties works exactly? who goes after who? what do they talk about? how often does eva checks his instagram? do they have feelings for each other or this is pure physical? is this friends with benefits? why is he still around? is eva different to him than other girls he hooks up at the parties? i need answers.

  • interviewer: would u say a few words about mr. stan? say a few words chris. please. god. a few please just a f-
  • chris evans: well since u asked , i think he is great. i mean wow he's just such a cool guy. like would i suck him off? i mean. who wouldn't u kno what i mean? i mean im not gay but like. you know what i mean? he's a great guy. like god he's just so cool. i mean i love him so much you know ? like i'd love to suck him off. like as friends because he's so awesome. he's just such a nice person. he's the sweetest guy in the world. like i wish u guys could meet him. i guess i'd marry him haha i mean i don't know...you know what i mean? he's just so cool. i love seb. anyway