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Temple of Aphaea

Agia Marina, Attica, Greece

~500 BC

80 m. length/width

The Temple of is located within a sanctuary complex dedicated to the goddess Aphaia on the Greek island of Aigina.

Aphaia (Greek Ἀφαία) was a Greek goddess who was worshipped exclusively at this sanctuary. The extant temple of c. 500 BC was built over the remains of an earlier temple of c. 570 BC, which was destroyed by fire c. 510 BC. The elements of this destroyed temple were buried in the infill for the larger, flat terrace of the later temple, and are thus well preserved.


participating in RFVF17 & femslash february at the same time its called multitasking get with it!

actually i’m really looking forward to Kaladin’s return to Hearthstone in Oathbringer. purely for the fact that Roshone sent a thirteen year old to war to get revenge on one family, and his (probably pretty scrawny) fifteen year old brother followed him, and Roshone probably never thought seriously about that again until the letter arrived telling Lirin and Hesina that Tien had died and Kaladin wasn’t going to return.

and Kaladin’s going back to Hearthstone after a few years of training in the army (building muscle & mass that he wouldn’t have been building as a surgeon’s apprentice and getting some serious weapon training in is what I’m saying) and years of hard labor as a slave (at which point kaladin’s ripped but also probably quite malnourished so not a good kind of ripped) and about a year of actually getting proper amounts of nutrients & calories with similar (though less extremely strenuous) amounts of activity (kaladin’s a good amount of ripped and has probably been building more muscle mass bc he’s eating better and more) and maybe a year and a half of practicing Windrunning and learning to deal with his mental stress and depression in a better way.

if Roshone is still alive (very unsatisfying if he isn’t but we’ll see) he might not even recognize the man that returns (light blue eyes! likely a very different build! expected never to see him again!)

but when he realizes that this man–taller now (I assume he wasn’t done growing at fifteen years old), bigger, pretty frickin ripped, confident in himself and his abilities, in a blue Kholin uniform with the rank of a captain, with glowing blue eyes and a living Shardbladewas the fifteen year old kid whose brother he’d sent to die… 

at the very least he’s going to piss himself thinking that Kaladin’s back to kill him and I for one will enjoy that immensely


‘ you know the not-talking thing is kinda creepy, right? ‘
‘ aw, crap. ‘
‘ let’s see what’s happening in sports. that’s right - no more sports. congress revoked the right to group assembly. ‘
‘ he, what, dropped a dime on me? ‘
‘ in fact, why don’t you give me one good reason why i shouldn’t gank you right here and now? ‘
‘ croatoan virus, right? that’s their endgame? ‘
‘ it’s efficient, it’s incurable, and it’s scary as hell. ‘
‘ whoa, you’re just going to leave me here? ‘
‘ i got a camp of twitchy trauma survivors out there with an apocalypse hanging over their head. ‘
‘ you stay on lock down. ‘
‘ dick. ‘
‘ we’re pretty good on canned goods for now, but we’re down on next to nothing on perishables and hygiene supplies. ‘
‘ people are not gonna be happy about this. ‘
‘ aren’t you supposed to be out on a mission right now? ‘
‘ you spent the night in jane’s cabin last night, didn’t you? ‘
‘ i thought we had a connection. ‘
‘ why not get washed up for the orgy? ‘
‘ i thought you’d gotten over trying to label me. ‘
‘ oh yeah, it’s friggin’ fascinating. ‘
‘ what are you, stoned? ‘
‘ when you need to know something, you will know it. ‘
‘ you just shot a guy in cold blood! ‘
‘ i didn’t see the point in troubling a good man with bad news. ‘
‘ you don’t get to make the decisions, i do. ‘
‘ when i say stay in, you stay in. ‘
‘ what was the mission, anyway? ‘
‘ tonight, i’m gonna kill the devil. ‘
‘ you wanna shut up? ‘
‘ so, a demon tells you where satan’s gonna be and you just believe it? ‘
’ oh good, it’s right in the middle of a hotzone. ‘
‘ you sayin’ my plan is reckless? ‘
‘ okay, if you don’t like reckless, i could use insouciant, maybe. ‘
‘ we’re loaded and on the road at midnight. ‘
‘ relax, you’ll be fine. ‘
‘ you’re coming because i want you to see something. ‘
‘ lucifer is wearing him to prom. ‘
‘ half the planet’s better than no planet, which is what we have now! ‘
‘ if i could do it all over again, i’d say yes in a heartbeat. ‘
‘ you hoard toilet paper. hoard it like it’s made of gold. ‘
‘ i’m happy that the stick is out of your ass. ‘
‘ i’m not an angel anymore. ‘
‘ i’m practically human. ‘
‘ why the hell not bury myself in women and decadence, right? ‘
‘ you’re lying to these people and to me. ‘
‘ i know your lying expressions. ‘
‘ i don’t seem to be the only member of your posse with some questions, so maybe i’ll just take my doubts over to them. ‘
‘ this place should be white hot with croats. where are they? ‘
‘ you mean you’re gonna send your friends into a meat grinder? ‘
‘ something is broken in you. ‘
‘ go ahead. kill me. ‘
‘ kill you? don’t you think that would be a little redundant? ‘
‘ oh good god. you’re not gonna tell me a bedtime story, are you? ‘
‘ then he asked all of us to bow down before you - to love you more than him. ‘
‘ these human beings are flawed, murderous. ‘
‘ does the punishment fit the crime? ‘
‘ i know what you are. the same brand of cockroach i’ve been squashing my whole life. ‘
‘ the only difference between them and you is the size of your ego. ‘
‘ i get what the other angels see in you. ‘
‘ whatever you do, you will always end up here. ‘
‘ i win. so, i win. ‘

Pepperony Week | Day 4 (Quote)

This is kind of a companion piece for what I posted for Day 2 (HERE) โ€“ meaning everything originally came from the same old long fic and was then edited to stand alone well enough. There may be some extra layering going on if you read Day 2 before this one, but if not, it should be fine, hopefully. Pepperโ€™s POV, about 1.3k words of IM1/IM2 ranting ft. a lot of purple prose and cheesy metaphors because I am in fact very weak!

More Pepperony Week stuff here!

โ€œSheโ€™d be wildly conflicted, which would only make her moreโ€ฆ crazy about me.โ€ โ€“ Tony Starkย 

She sobbed the whole way to Edwards Air Base the day Tony was due to land in the United States.

She stood there on the runway, looking at the sky, for almost an hour. Happy told her to wait in the car, he knew how much she hated to needlessly stand under the sun, but she was there anyway. Not for the first time in the last three months, she felt the whole of the California skies weighing on her shoulders, grounding her as she waited. Waited. Just waited when all she wanted and knew how to do was search, even when she didnโ€™t know what she was searching for, but especially when she did.

(โ€œAre you looking for something?โ€ Tony had asked the very first day she came to look for him at home, almost a decade ago. โ€œYou, actually,โ€ sheโ€™d answered. He had scoffed. โ€œYouโ€™re not looking for me.โ€)

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Some more random pics of ultra archive. Kirishima was supposed to be quite the Yankee, wanting to become a hero for the girl he liked. Drastic changes for Iida who was supposed to be a 27 year old pro-hero. (Already seen the sketch a long time ago but my nemory might have jumbled since I thought it was Aizawa-sensei? Lol)


few more draws i’ve done recently, feat more funfoxes

sorry i’ve snubbed faztech recently, you can probably guess from these i took a break from it to work on a new au thats animatronic-focused instead of guard-focused