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omg I feel so bad for him? First he over hypes this video, then both him and Phil go silent for a week, then his live show from that week was a bit off, and then we end up geting an isg as the long waited dinof video? What is going on, leela? And I don't think how everyone on tumblr is expressing their disappointment at such great detail with this video and calling him a snake is not going help his state of mind much either...

okay i rly need people to understand that the video he said was important and a long time coming and etc etc is NOT THIS VIDEO!!! it’s one he said he started filming and then stopped bc he couldn’t finish it!! then he made this isg to distract himself. if people want to critique isg for what it is, fine, but i’m actually upset at how many people thought this video was the one he’s been speaking about since february without doing their research and then literally TWEETING AND COMMENTING to dan about all their theories that were never reasonable in the first place (no offense … i’m sorry to anyone who rly thought it would be about kinks or coming out but like in what world does dan seem ready to discuss those things on his main channel?) i have my own whole host of issues w the way dan approaches dinof content and lord fuckin knows i’m no fan of internet support group but it seems unfair to spam him about the lofty expectations around this video when 1. the intriguing comments he made were never about this video and 2. he’s clearly said he’s not doing well!!! over and over!! that seems like it should be taken more seriously bc he’s rarely been this kind of open with telling us that

ahhhh i’m sorry this seems a bit angrier than i usually am and i can’t believe i’m out here literally defending dan howell this vehemently but he really doesn’t deserve to be personally attacked for making this vid :(

if exo were tumblr bloggers

kyungsoo: black and white blog primarly, reblogs ur humor shitposts with no tags, never actually says anything unless theres drama in which case writes a 10 page thesis on why everyone is wrong

baekhyun: threatens to delete 5 times a day, actually deleted once but no one noticed s they pretend like it never happened, sends anon hate to themselves, reblogs anime

chanyeol: has a tumblr only to send soundcloud link to popular bloggers

sehun: exclusively posts selfies, gets like 5k asks a day and never answers a single one of em, occasionally makes text posts shading their mutuals but when confronted acts like its abt someone else, made a psa post dragging chanyeol and his soundcloud

kai: popular blogger that has chanyeol blocked for spam, only reblogs photos of dogs, posts old kushandwizdom quotes, listens to kendrick lamar

suho: used to run a rv fansite, got kicked out bc kept posting bad jokes that followers complained about

lay: that one blogger that everyone wants 2 befriend but is intimidated by, talks all the time about how there’s more to life than tumblr, disappears for like months on end and still comes back to a huge following

chen: buzzfeed masterposts and original Memes™, uses his tumblr to further his blossoming youtube career, once had a feud with sehun bc sehun called him dry

minseok: that one 30 yr old mutual who gets on between dropping their kids off at soccer practice and picking up groceries for dinner, liveblogs first childbirth and paying taxes, probably blogs about super who

STOP HATING ON JAEHYUN (important pls read!!)

ok so lately I’ve been seeing a lot of hate towards jaehyun mainly talking about how he’s useless and that it doesn’t even make sense for him to be in this unit when there’s jeffrey and ik everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but it’s becoming too much, i think u guys forget that just bc they’re in Korea it doesn’t mean they cant access things we post over here// jae speaks English and im sure if he saw all these comments about u guys hating on him telling him to go back to NCT U and stop stealing jeffrey’s lines bc nobody wants to hear his busted ass vocals (an actual comment i saw during today’s v app not a reflection of my own personal opinion), he’d be like T T and that’s honestly heartbreaking to me// also, yea jeffrey’s okay at singing and stuff but he’s honestly so problematic. like u guys act like just bc he’s hot he can get away w trying to convince LSM to let NCT 127 perform baby don’t like it at trump’s inauguration ++ he’s the reason y we thought we were gonna get full promotions for the short lived much appreciated “black on black™” but instead got the appropriative (nonetheless hard bopping) limitless// it was even his request that they fuck jaehyun up w “the itsy bitsy spider cut”// instead of hating on jae and making negative rant videos abt how his lego lookin headass is stealing the spotlight from other members (a 100% authentic comment i saw underneath their 2018 MAMA performance video) that he could potentially come across in his suggestions box when he’s just trying to watch some cute lee taeyong moments,,,instead of ALL THAT, can we spam their comments w eggplant emojis to let yoonoh know we love him? can we love all the members equally despite how much they may or may not resemble George Clooney (y would i lie abt this being a real quote) bc im done w him being like T T every time they do a broadcast :(


edit/update: okay so I’ve received a concerning amount of messages and mentions from people not understanding this is a joke, so if you didn’t gather that this was not real from literally almost every single word up there then voila here’s a  disclaimer (to anyone that reached out to me this isn’t me belittling or shading you just don’t want others to be concerned)

i was playing symmetra on the second checkpoint of hanamura and i was on the top floor setting up some sentries bc this genji kept sneaking behind us n down the stairs. so im doing that and then all of a sudden i hear someone spamming the hello command n turn around and genji’s just waving at me from behind the doorway to avoid getting killed by my turrets. so i wave back. 

this continues for a solid ten seconds before out of nowhere our team’s hanzo comes up the stairs, shoots him straight in the fucking face, uses the ‘thanks’ command, and leaves. and its been like an hour and i cant stop thinking about that kind of Brutality, 

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Also can you IMAGINE the first time Alec would mention Magnus after 1.04 bc "he kept flirting with me" and Aline and Raj help him analyze every line spoken (IMAGINE 1.06 DATE NIGHT RIP) so the next time Magnus comes into the institute Raj spams the chat bc "ALEC HES HERE god he's hot WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU"

i’m crying in multiple clubs RAJ SPAMMING ALE C LFSDKKJDS HE WOULD (also alec telling them about magnus asking him out in 1.05)

alec: fellow gays,

aline: u called

raj: hello

alec: ok so lets say hypothetically i jsut spent the night at magnus’ place

raj: gay



aline: i YELLED

alec: i helped him heal luke garroway and then i was cleaning the couch and he was like “i have magic for that u know?”

raj: yoooo

alec: so im like “i think you’ve exerted urself enough today”

raj: BOY


alec: and then we ha d drinks but catch this:

aline: 👀

raj: 👀 👀 👀 👀

aline: boy


raj: ale c lfkjskddkf






raj: IK NOW

alec: SHUT U P

aline: I LOVE LOV E

alec: also hE CALLED ME PRETTY BOY????

and so that’s how that goes

raj: alec

raj: ale c

raj: alexand er gideon lightwood

raj: magnsu babe

raj: is in the isntitute asking if u wanna come out and play

aline: mmmmmm

alec: im training

raj: thats what i thought hes on his way 

aline: takE YOUR SHIRT OFF


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oikawa just coming home one day with his bf yamaguchi, who's hella nervous bc what if the parents dont like him? what if they dont accept the whole "here's my boyfriend! also surprise im gay" thing? oikawa's low key nervous too, but they basically walk in, say hi, and chicken out, retreating in oikrs bedroom for comforting cuddles bc this shit is scary af, okay? then oikawa's dad pops his head in like "yea we're fine with the gay just dont fuck in here okay grandma's gonna be here tmr" -spam

I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve had sex and it’s LITERALLY killing me. Even more so bc my vibrator broke (after like 3 uses wtf) so I turned in my rebate and I’ve been waiting for like 3+ fucking weeks for the replacement to get here just to check my email yesterday & see that they never saw my proof of purchase email (until now) bc it went to their spam folder 🙄😤🙄 also my bf is no help in this situation bc 1) he never thinks of sex 2) he has so many god damn circumstances that are needed for him to even get in the mood 3) he always says “tomorrow” {but it never happens} WILL “TOMORROW” EVER FUCKING COME? WILL I EVER FUCKING CUM? 😂🙃 I know it’s not all about sex but I just want to be fucked 😭😭😭

Otayuri ship ask meme

I didn’t do everything on the list bc im lazy but here you go guys (・∀・)

1. Who hogs the duvet: Yuri. He pulls the duvet all over himself in his sleep but Otabek doesn’t mind because it gives him an excuse to tug Yuri even closer.

2. Who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Otabek?????? He texts Yuri every two hours or so even if he actually has nothing to say when they are apart in between practice sessions and Yuri will be like stop spamming me but inside it warms his heart to know how much Otabek cares about him.

3. Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: I would say both?? They know each other very well and definitely knows by heart what the other likes the most.

4. Who gets up first in the morning: Otabek lmao Yuri to me is the type who wont get up for at least a few hours after being woken and whines when Otabek asks him to wake up again and again. In the end Otabek had to dive into the sheets and find Yuri who is wrapped in the blankets and tickles him until he willingly gets up bye

5. Who cries at movies: Yuri. He tears up in every cheesiest movie possible and denies it

6. Who gives unprompted massages: otabek omg. Whenever Yuri complains about being drained from training Otabek automatically shifts over to his side and massages his shoulders

7. Who fuses over the other when they are sick: bOTH

8. Who gets jealous easiest: Y U R I he gets ticks off by the TINIEST thing when it comes to other people interacting with Beka. I bet like even when a middle aged lady interviewed Otabek after his program and she spent ten seconds more or so to compliment him on his talent, Yuri will rush over and tell her ‘this boy is MINE’

9. Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: i bet they both listen to really old death metal which just doesn’t do it when they are in the car with other people

10. Who takes the longest to get ready: yuri lmfao he needs to get his aesthetics full on armor while Otabek just wears the same black stuff everyday (like me)

11. Who is the most tidy and organized: otabek. He even has a pocket journal and everything to note down fligh times and appointments, and it amazes Yuri

12. Who gets most excited about the holidays: both because they can only see each other during those times (sucks having a long distance relationship)

13. Otabek is the little spoon and Yuri is the big spoon B Y E

14. Who gets most competitive when playing games/sports: yuri. As i said before he is the type to get way overheated when playing video games

15. Who suggests that they buy a pet: ‘we need more cats,’ says yuri.

16. What couple traditions they have: the thumbs up thing mmmmmmmmmm

17. How they spend time together as a couple: they are best friends while being a couple so the way the get along is at the same time very fun and affectionate (i am dead bye)

18. Who made the first move: Otabek did bc this is canon but Yuri made the last

19. Who brings flowers home: OTABEK he is the lowkey sappiest boyfriend ever and Yuri loves it

20. Who is the best cook: i like to imagine that they are both pretty bad at cooking but they always spend time to learn how to cook together, even when the results turn out to be a disaster.

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“ You’ll never see it coming! “

P5 OST Starters


“S-Sakura-san please stop hacking the Phansite!”

He’s practically begging at this point. He doesnt care if she gets his name wrong anymore if she would just stop leaving weird things on the site. There’s always some silly message or a photo or just… some kind of meme. He gets that she’s having fun messing with him but it takes him forever to undo whatever coding changes she does! He’s only an amateur!

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oMG YES THANK YOU also i stayed up past 11pm writing this you’re welcome

Clint sits in the middle of the front lawn, watching curiously as men move back and forth between the once empty house and the big truck parked in front of it. He hopes, perhaps absurdly, that the new owners will have children his age, someone besides Barney for him to spend time with, but he sees no one but the movers. He’s about to give up and go back inside when the front door to the empty house opens and a small girl with vibrant red hair comes tumbling out. She stops still when she sees him and then approaches slowly, almost shyly.

“What’s your name?”

Clint blinks once, transfixed by the way that the late afternoon sun shines off of her hair. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen anything so red in his life. “Sorry,” he says, realizing he completely missed her question. “What?”

“What’s your name?” she repeats. “I’m Natasha.”

“I’m Clint.”

The girl, Natasha, nods, sitting down next to him, running her fingers through the freshly cut grass. “I live here now,” she says unnecessarily.

“Where did you live before?” he asks her, because he feels like it’s an important question.

Natasha just shrugs. “Somewhere else.”

He’s about to ask her about ‘somewhere else’ but his mother’s voice from behind him cuts him off before he can give voice to his question. “Clinton! Dinner!”

Natasha’s eyes flick over his shoulder and then back to him. “It was nice to meet you.” And then she’s gone, hurrying back through her own front door as quickly as she came.


“School is stupid,” Natasha decides one night when they’re lying side by side in his backyard, staring up at the stars.

“You think so?” Clint asks her.

“I know so.”


“Because they don’t teach us about the things that matter.”
“Are they still fighting?” he asks quietly, covering her hand with his own.

“Yeah,” she breathes. “That’s why I’m out here.”

“You know,” he says, squeezing her hand, “You can always come stay over. Whenever you want.”

“Can I?”

“Yeah. Come on.” He leads her through his backdoor and they tiptoe up the steps, collapsing on his bedroom floor in hushed giggles as soon as the door falls shut behind them.

“Clint?” Natasha whispers later when it’s dark, in the brief seconds before sleep, the small distance between them in bed feeling all of a sudden like an ocean.

“Yeah?” he whispers back.



“Clint! Wait up!” He turns to see Natasha rushing towards him, hair flying and backpack bouncing up and down on her shoulders. She’s panting slightly as she slows to a walk beside him, hurt evident on her face. “Why did you leave?”

He shrugs, not quite sure why he’s so upset with her. “I dunno.”

“We always walk together. Did you forget or something?” She sounds like she doesn’t even believe her own words.

“I guess I just figured you were too busy with your new friends,” Clint spits, venom lacing his voice.

Natasha stops still in the middle of the sidewalk, shock written across her face. “Clint, I…you…you know that’s not true!” she stammers, eyes pleading with him. “Don’t you?”

“I miss being your friend, Natasha.”

“You’re my best friend, Clint. That’ll never change.” She holds out her hand like an offering. “Promise?”

He can’t help but feel like he doesn’t belong in her world. People like Natasha were made for the spotlight; track star, straight-A student, constantly sought-after by the popular crowds in school. People like him were made for the periphery. But for some reason, she’s chosen him, so he lays his hand on top of hers and says, “Promise.”


“Be honest,” she orders over the pizza that they’re sharing on his bedroom floor. “What’s high school like?”

“Scared?” he teases.

Natasha glares at him defensively. “Maybe I am.”

“You don’t have to worry,” he says, softer. “I’ll be there. And I’ll be a sophomore, which basically makes me an expert.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I’ll give you a tour and help you find all your classes, and if some guy tries to make a move on you I’ll go all protective-older-brother on him.”

“You think someone will-?”

“Relax,” he cuts her off, squeezing her shoulder. “You’ll be fine.”

Natasha lets out a deep breath and Clint can feel her body relax under his hand. “It’s late. I should go.”

“See you tomorrow morning?”

Her lips quirk up in a small half-smile. “Wouldn’t miss it.”


He’s always imagined Natasha as a heartbreaker, never thought it would be the other way around, and so when a boy breaks her heart during the second week of her junior year, he rushes over to her house, a pint of ice cream in hand.

“How did you get in?” she asks, looking up at him with a tear-streaked face that makes something in his chest stir with anger.

“Your mom,” he replies, sitting down on the end of her bed and offering the ice cream.

She laughs weakly, a stray tear tracking its way down her cheek, and he reaches up to brush it away almost subconsciously. “Did you bring two spoons?”

It’s Clint’s turn to laugh. “You better believe I wasn’t going to make you eat this whole thing on your own. What are friends for?”


“I asked Bobbi to prom,” Clint says casually.

“Great. That’s great.” Natasha doesn’t want to think about his senior prom because then she has to think about him going away to college and leaving her to finish her last year of high school alone. Well, not alone. She has other people, but none of them are Clint.

“Nat, are you okay?” Clint’s worry shines through his face as he looks at her.

“I’m fine,” she mumbles distractedly, and he knows she’s not but he lets it go.

When the big night comes, Natasha spends it in her room watching movies on her laptop, wanting to cry without a justifiable reason. It’s well past midnight when she hears a knock on her window and looks down to see Clint standing outside, still dressed in his tux, a box of pizza in his hands.

“What are you doing here?” she hisses, opening the back door and beckoning him inside.

He shrugs. “I realized that there was somewhere else I’d rather be.”

Natasha leads him upstairs, feeling suddenly self-conscious in her sweatpants and tank top combo, but Clint doesn’t seem to mind. He sets the pizza on the floor before pulling her into a hug, his arms strong around her waist. Something about it feels off to Natasha, different somehow, but she puts it out of her mind as she presses her face into his shoulder.

“I’m gonna miss you, Nat,” he murmurs into her hair. “More than anyone.”

And then suddenly, his lips are on hers and Natasha’s not quite sure how but he’s kissing her and she’s kissing him back and she’s kissed her fair share of people before but it’s never felt like this.

“Clint,” she whispers as he pulls back and begins to unbutton his jacket. “What are you doing?”

“Well I’m not going to sleep in my tuxedo,” he says, as if it should be obvious.

Natasha laughs weakly. “Don’t you think we’re a little old for sleepovers?”

“Nah.” He pulls her towards him, kissing her again softly. “We can be kids for one more night.”

once again accepting prompts from this list

I imagine Harry would be the type of boyfriend that would try to call you every night and Skype you and when you don’t answer he’d send you snapchats of his sad face and he’d spam your imessage with random emoji faces until you replied. I bet he’d always come home with a present, like a cuddly toy or a keyring or something cute like that just bc sentiment. And I bet while you lie in bed with him he’d make you face him despite how bad your breath may smell and his legs would always be entwined with yours and he’d always make sure your foreheads would be touching. I bet he’d always want to make a surprise out of everything and he’d wrap his cute little headbands around your eyes and then pull it off to reveal he’s made dinner or something cute

And I bet he does all this stuff but only one girl will ever get to experience all of them

And I hope when she experiences them she cherishes the moments and truly loves him

And when she holds his hand she better hold it tight bc she’s holding millions of girls lives

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pls tell me all about ur dog i love dogs so much

ok ok ok sit back and listen to the story of smithers

we got him when he was 6 weeks old and he was so so tiny omg he was literally so tinse like we couldnt find a collar to fit him until he was like a few months old lmao 

he was such a jerk he was always sneaking out and running away bc he was so tiny he was able to fit through every single gap and he loved digging

he HATES water like HATES hates hates water and he has to sleep inside in winter because he gets cold easy omg its so sad seeing him outside shivering 

we try put jumpers on him and he will wear them for a little bit but within an hour or so you can guarantee he’s ripped it off 

he used to chew on everything omg

he was the craziest dog until a few years ago and now hes just really chill

hes literally so chill and he wouldnt bite anyone unless you were being really mean 2 him or if he was really angry at like a cat omg he hates cats so much

when he gets angry he gets like a mohawk of hair from the top of his head all the way to his tail lmao it’s so funny seeing him get it because he stands so stiff

hes basically a ball of muscle on legs like hes so beefy lmao hes literally so tough 

hes so friendly and hes SO SOFT his fur is sooooo effing soft so he’s the best thing to snuggle up to and since his hair is so short you never ever have a problem of getting hair in your mouth or face. hes so sinch to look after

hes really weird with food like he hates all standard dog food pretty much and like dog treats he fuckin hates unless its something meaty like you know how theres sort of powdery standard dog food texture dog treats?? he hates them so much

going back to him being chill you can literally do whatever you want to him whenever you want like some of my friends dogs get aggressive when they eat or drink or if theyre grooming themselves or anything but smithers is just happy with whatever you do to him

his fav word is walkies and if you say that he sits up and his ears go up and he gets so excited and does that thing where his head tilts fo the side and then sprints to the front door and starts flipping out and screaming omg he loves walks so much

he loves people but if theres like more than 15 people he kinda just wants to be inside/away from it all idk why bc he used to love lots of people

he was really easy to train like he learnt how to sit and drop within probably 10 minutes and since then he’s still remembered and i regret not teaching him more tricks 

if we leave the gates and doors open sometimes he cbf’s to run away but other times he does but he doesnt go far like a lot of the time he’ll just be laying and sitting on a patch of grass chilling or he’ll come home (he’ll always come home like we can pretty much let him out and know he will come home like there’s been many times where he’s somehow gotten out at night and we wake up int he morning to him asleep on the front door mat its so cute) but he’s not road savvy so there’s always the risk of him gettin hit by a car which is spooky

i always sniff him idk why i love the smell of him idk if thats weird it probably is but whatever hATERS

i love his skin i love pinching his face skin and neck skin lmao 

he loves going for drives 

he sleeps in my bed most nights lmao dad hates him being inside but i sneak him in if he’s not already inside which he normally is nowadays

he gets along pretty well with other dogs he kinda just acts like a passive dad getting climbed on by his annoying children lmao either that or he goes haywire and effs shit up and tackles em and spams em

he knows which room is mine so when i hear him running up the stairs i can pretty much guarantee to hear him scratch at my door within like 10 seconds bc he come sup to the door to like sniff if im there and then he’ll do like a single scratch and wait if i respond then if i dont he’ll do another single one and etc until i open it or until he gets bored and cbf’s

hes like my fav thing in the world n i wouldnt change a thing about him except he’s starting to go blind :(((( so id change that also he’s 10 almost so thats FUCKed up i hope he lives until hes like 70

idk what else to say ive like forgotten what ive said and this is so long and u probably havent read all this omg


GUYS my friend on IG, and some other topp dogg IG accounts are actually making multiple accounts to boycott koreaboo about taeyang and i’M ACTUALLY SCREAMING mY FRIEND ACTUALLY MADE 6 ACCOUNTS AND GOT BLOCKED ON ALL OF THEM, AND EVEN MADE ONE W JEN’S NAME IN IT AND EVEN IF SHE DIDN’T COMMENT ANYTHING ABOUT HIM, THEY STILL BLOCKED HER ANYWAY LMAOOOOOO anyways, my point is, even tho we are a small fandom, we’re not one to fuck around w/ when it comes to the group bc we love our boys more than anything and if we have enough ppl helping them spam koreaboo then maybe that website will get the point

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hello! i've been loving your jikook spam, pls keep going! but i have to talk abt this, bcs i dont see ppl talk abt this moment like.. a lot. yknow during 2015 MAMA where they're throwing surprise for Jin, & they hid in bathroom waiting for him to come back? yep that moment, u can see how awkward jm is when tae looked back at him, and that awkward smile he gave to hobi, & hobi's smile/smirk???? idk this moment is very precious to me, what do u think abt this?

yaaas lets talk about it! this video @ 5:55ish right? they seem to be talking to each other quietly while our baby bun nibbles on the cake that’s not even his own. they are sitting so close together omg. tae turns to them and jungkook’s like ‘what?’ lol. their awkward smiles are killing me seriously. like jimin looks as if he got caught red-handed and he just smiles awkwardly at hobi while hobi’s covering his smile. jimin looks as if hes going to move away from jungkook but jungkook leans back into him. they are so cute. 

but can we pls also talk about another possible moment in this video. @ around the 1:50 mark, you know how jimin recites his poem and you can hear hobi laughing. and then MPD goes down on his knees to kiss jimin’s hand. and then you hear jungkook going “ahh” in the background. jeonlous maybe? im trash

ron weasley yo

i really love ron weasley okay, but there seems to be more hate than usual recently??? and that makes me sad so fill my inbox with ron love yeah?

>headcanons (+headcanon post requests? idk)
>just smth you love abt him?? (*cough* everything *cough*)
>fave book/movie moments
>rants. yes pls come and just rant about the awful treatment ron gets if you feel like it
>alternatively, you could just squeal abt how much you love him and i will reciprocate with even more squealing 
>anything concerning ron tbh. A N Y T H I N G
>you could also send fanfic requests? but i won’t promise anything bc i’m a lazy piece of shit so :)