bc LOL

min yoongi probably.....
  • Seokjin:yoongi i heard you finally finished your mixtape?
  • Yoongi:yeah hyung but now i'm trying to figure out the best time to release it
  • Seokjin:what about august? because you're august d haha
  • Yoongi:hyung please that's stupid
  • *later, at night*
  • Yoongi lying wide awake in bed:that's genius

anonymous asked:

Did you see that Luke was wear one of Jacks shirts for his new clothing brand in the Pokemon Go thing!! Idk why but it made my heart melt!! Why does everything he do make my heart melt??

Can you believe Arz ruined that for Celeste and Jack…… she literally outed their t-shirt line just to shut down a hate tweet….. like there’s no way that was a coincidence… sorry i just had to get that off my chest. Anyway yes my bub is so cute 

Like honestly when and why did all this discourse start

Like not even a year ago I made a post on a different blog about how asexuality should be taught in schools so ace kids don’t feel broken, etc. and it was met with only positive comments, reblogs, etc.
not even a year ago it was basically considered common knowledge that the ‘a’ in lgbtqa+ was for aces and aros, and while allies are greatly appreciated, the a isn’t for them

and now this. out of nowhere.


Theme - Fireheart; [preview] [code] [magnusthemes]

Revamp of One Dream. Sleek and flexible header theme that I used on my personal blog for a while.


  • 1 column 500px or 540px posts, do not ask me how to change the size
  • Pagination or infinite scrolling with optional manual load
  • Optional show captions
  • Optional show tags and option to have tags show on click
  • Optional fading/(semi-)monochrome images
  • Optional built-in music player
  • Optional search box
  • Optional updates widget
  • Optional spaces for online users/hit counters
  • Optional dropdown panel with 3 extra information spaces
  • Optional extra navigation widget with 6 custom links
  • Optional hover tumblr controls
  • 3 custom links, 9 if you have the extra navigation widget


  • The header resizes to 800px width, it can be any height.
  • The optional sidebar image resizes to 170px width.
  • The optional header icon resizes to 60px by 60px.
  • For the music player, to have multiple URLs, separate them with a | (shift + backslash).
  • To change colours of music player, enter hex colour codes without the # into the appropriate text boxes.
  • Please do not use the graphics in the preview for your own blogs.
  • PixelUnion photosets tutorial, soundcloud script, hover tumblr controls and video resizing credits go to shythemes.
  • Do not edit the credit. Do not remove the credit. Do not touch the credit at all.

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