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Something you non-norwegian speakers probably don’t know is that a little bit before Isak looks at the cross, the singer sings a line about He who died a painful death for our sins (the translation is “for us he suffered the pain of death”) and that also seems to help spark Isak into realizing how much Even’s text sounded like a goodbye and after a few seconds how the crosses and the candles reminded him of romeo+juliet and then the flashbacks to every time Even mentioned/referenced death and the line in the wikipedia article about deep depression

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do you ever think of Ronan slowly rebuilding the Cabeswater while Adam is away at the college? Ronan taking his yearning and longing for Adam and transforming it into something beautiful, intricate and alive instead of drowning his sorrows and loneliness in booze and violence.

do you ever think of Adam coming back home for the summer and Ronan taking his hand, pulling him towards BMW and driving them out there? And the closer they get to the ley line, the more wide Adam’s eyes get. He starts feeling the energy running under his skin again; it’s very weak, but it’s there. He closes his eyes and revels in how familiar it is. It’s like coming home he never had before.


felt like Bat-Villain doodles so I did. not meant to be any version in particular just kind of a mash up tho you can probably guess which versions I like best from this heh

scarecrow’s grown on me, not that I ever really disliked him I just wasn’t as familiar and I still haven’t seen batman begins tbh until recently

I’ve always liked Eddie tho, I mean how can u not


Meanwhile, Annie’s been getting the hang of the flower shop business and practices some of her new sales techniques on Shena. 

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i think my biggest gripe about malec is that, in my opinion, it’s receiving the ‘he was a boy, she was a girl’ treatment. obviously, neither of them are girls, but what i’m trying to say here is that i don’t feel like we’re given sufficient reason to care about their relationship. i would blame it on complacency, i guess, because everyone knows that malec has such a huge fanbase and it’s pretty much common knowledge that they’re endgame. i know they’re going to go through some rough patches to (attempt to) keep us all on our toes, but honestly, why should i care about their relationship problems when i don’t care about their relationship at all? because what reason do i have to care about their relationship?

let’s see… magnus and alec meet, there’s instant physical attraction (understandable, i mean, just look at them) and this is all good and fine. and then what? magnus helps the gang out on several occasions, and suddenly magnus and alec have a thing? what? also, alec canonically has feelings for jace (i’m never going to buy that whole ‘he confused brotherly love for romantic love’ bullshit), and feelings like that aren’t going to disappear just because one attractive man shows interest in alec. i also hate how entitled magnus comes off in regards to alec tbh. alec is a closeted gay man who has unrequited feelings for his best friend –– magnus is well aware of this, and any decent person would have given alec space to sort out his feelings before making any moves on him.

also the season two malec promo was just Yikes™  in my opinion. first off, i highly doubt alec got over basically being in love with his best friend for the last decade that easily. but okay, let’s assume alec’s feelings for jace are no longer romantic. even so, their parabatai bond makes their love for each other beyond brotherly as well. i think it’s ridiculous that magnus seems to be forcing alec to choose between him and jace, and it’s even more ridiculous how he thinks that alec might possibly choose him when faced with that ultimatum. even if alec no longer loves jace romantically, he’s known jace for half his life, been his best friend for just as long, and on top of that, is jace’s parabatai. in contrast, magnus is a guy he finds attractive and has kissed all of one time.

magnus’ angry “after everything i did for you” line is so, so, so ugly as well. it’s just downright manipulative. all the times magnus has helped them, it’s either bc they asked (and magnus had the choice to refuse), or bc magnus offered. alec has never forced magnus to do any of those things, so to hold that against alec now in order to guilt trip him is just an awful thing to do.

edit: i’ve just been told that it’s actually alec who drops that ugly line? if that’s actually the case then just ignore that paragraph, sorry magnus. it’s still a grossly manipulative thing to say though, and still awful even if it’s alec who said it. i’d rather just that line not be in there at all, period.

idk where i’m going with this tbh, i was just really annoyed by what i saw in the malec promo. i’ll admit, i’m not entirely comfortable with the age gap between magnus and alec; i wouldn’t call magnus a pedophile, bc alec is an adult, i’m honestly just bothered by the power dynamics. especially since magnus is wholly comfortable with himself, and alec is not. alec is scared and confused and instead of being patient and understanding, magnus just comes off as selfish and entitled. i would be way less bothered by the age gap if magnus had been less pushy and more accommodating towards alec tbh. i’m not really against the idea of malec –– back when i first read tmi i was a malec shipper, but it was easier to be less critical of malec bc they were purely side characters back then. with the tv show though, malec is very much a huge focus (i have issue with this too, but that’s a rant for another time), if not front and center, so it’s just that much harder for me to ignore all the issues that i let slip before.

concept: magnus having interest in alec but not acting on it, and instead being a supportive friend. when alec is about to get married, he seriously contemplates kissing jace at the altar, but then magnus walks in and alec thinks magnus is my friend, magnus will understand, and kisses magnus to make a point, to show that he is proud of who he is. magnus thinks for one crazy moment that alec might return his feelings, but is hurt to learn that it isn’t the case. (he hides his hurt from alec of course, but it’s a different matter when he’s alone.) eventually, alec comes to terms with the fact that jace will never return his feelings, and magnus is there for him through this entire process as a friend, because he respects alec. then, alec happily flies solo for a while, before slowly realising that now that he’s not blinded by his feelings for jace, all the friendly activities that he and magnus used to do together – going out for friendly brunch dates, letting magnus introduce him to mundane culture, just spending time with each other – suddenly feel heavier with something more than friendship. again, alec is the one to kiss magnus, and he confesses that he thinks he might like him. magnus is surprised, then he kisses alec, murmurs i’ve always liked you against his lips. alec thinks he’s an idiot for not having realised sooner, and apologises – because he knows what it’s like to have feelings for someone who doesn’t know – but magnus just kisses him again because it’s okay, everything worked out in the end.

now that’s the kind of malec i’d happily ship.