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i have too many feelings about michelle jones so here have headcanons and peter x michelle

this was obnoxiously long because i have no control so lots of stuff is under the cut and it became very fic-like at the end there, whoops. 

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  • so michelle moved with her family to new york when she started high school
  • and mj was actually pretty sad to leave her friends back in chicago because it had taken a long time to make those friends and she always feels awkward around new people
  • so she isn’t very happy about The Move
  • she comes from a loving family
  • like, she gets kissed every night before she goes to bed, her parents read her bedtime stories until she was ten, she used to wear matching outfits with her mother, family movie nights were every friday
  • her parents were really good to her for the most part and just loved and supported her
  • they’re also pretty smart and since mj has pretty much always been inspired by them so intelligence and the acquisition of knowledge is really important to her
  • hence reading and academic decathlon, but she’s also into math and science too because she’s very driven and doesn’t have that many friends in new york so what else is she gonna do?
  • and her parents are an interracial couple and they’ve encountered a lot of hate and mj was always so sad when she walked out with her mother and people would give them weird looks
  • so she’s tried to end hate whenever she can and fights to give a voice to those who are silenced
  • but now cue mj going to high school in new york
  • she joins academic decathlon ofc because who do you think she is she lives for this shit
  • and then! there is this little shithead on the team PETER PARKER
  • like who the fuck does this kid think he is
  • answering all these questions, acting like he’s sooo smart just because he happens to know a lot of facts and is really good at physics and speaks spanish really well and also happens to be really dorky and adorable and okay maybe he’s kind of attractive too and maybe mj starts throwing herself more into academic decathlon and possible CONSIDERS joining band but that’s ONLY BECAUSE PETER IS A SHITHEAD AND SHE NEEDS TO SHOW HIM HE ISN’T THE ONLY TALENTED ONE OKAY
  • anyway

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(if you’re wondering how Gay Pilot verse John and Sherlock are doing, they banged that night, got married six months later and have been happy together ever since; thinking about The Other John and Sherlock breaks their hearts)

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I've seen people saying malec was too rushed? What do you think? I don't know where I stand so I'd love your opinion! :)

i mean, you all know how cautious i was about assuming they had to get back together for the sake of it LMAO but i actually found they pulled it off and that’s largely bc it’s pretty clear their journey isn’t over. I find the idea of it being “too rushed” is the same mindset ppl had about 1x12 bc they seem unable to view these characters beyond a singular contained episode. 1x12, malec was “too rushed” bc ppl decided they were already in a steady loving relationship when literally all that happened was they chose to give the idea of a relationship a shot.

2x20 strikes me the same way: they’ve decided that their relationship is worth another shot and they’re ready to rekindle it. it doesn’t mean everything got fixed at once, just like their kiss in 1x12 didn’t mean they had nothing to talk about or nothing to learn about each other as we saw throughout s2.

magnus said relationships take effort for a reason. it’s not an accident that of all the iconic malec lines to choose from, the writers picked that one. there was no i love you this time, no we always find our way back to each other. if they had ended on i love you, i think i would have been less satisfied bc it suggests that love fixes everything, which isn’t true. but the script very specifically made a callback to the idea that they’re a work in progress and that they still need to put in effort with each other, which not only suggests the characters are aware of the growth they need, it also tells me s3 will contain plenty of important conversations and lessons for them to learn.

in which michelle jones grew up with dorks for parents and doesn’t want her friends to find out. 

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  • michelle absolutely adores her parents. do not get her wrong. they have always been there for her. when she scraped her knee after falling playing tag. when she broke her leg trying to jump from a swing that got too high. when her older brother told her that she was too lame to hang out with him and his friends at his eleventh birthday party. her lower lip trembled as she ran to her father and cried into his arms.
  • they’ve always had her back and have tried to give her the best life they could.
  • that is, except when the opportunity to embarrass her in front of literally anyone arises.
  • “oh, you’ve got to hear this story about michelle when she was seven. she was still wetting the bed, and…”
  • “michelle loves reading. it’s so funny though because she refused to pick up a book for the longest time. until we got her everyone poops!”
  • “she likes being called mj now. but once she said, ‘that’s me. mj jones!’ her father looked at her and laughed. ‘okay michelle jones jones.’ she blushed and ran away. she’s so precious!’
  • “michelle started wearing bras! she resisted at first, but then her best friend got a bra so she just had to do so.”
  • her parents love her. really, they do. it’s just that they think everyone wants to hear about all the stories of michelle growing up and fumbling about, trying to figure out how to be the woman she is today.
  • okay
  • so maybe she’s still fumbling a bit. but no one needs to know that! especially not her father’s boss! or her mother’s coworker! or the lady working at target!
  • they just overshare, and it just so happens they have a lot of information to share about michelle. which would be fine. but usually she’s there and has to endure that moment when the story ends and the person who’s just heard something completely and utterly embarrassing about her glances over, some with a slight red tinge of second hand embarrassment on their cheeks, and give her a once over before smiling briefly and going on with the conversation.
  • so michelle loves her parents. but she tries not to deal with them around other people if she can help it.
  • which is why she is absolutely mortified when they inform her that peter parker and ned leeds are going to be coming over for dinner because it’s about time they met the people she spends so much time with at school.

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#this is the moment magnus realizes that alec is in for the long run #he has just revealed the worst side of him to the person who he loves #probably expecting him to walk away #never to be seen again #but however, this beautiful wonderful love that magnus has found #will not let magnus go #because when you’re in love you take the difficult with the easy #the good days with the bad days #and you especially don’t push each other away

  • simon, groggy from a long streak of little to no sleep: what happened last night?
  • raphael: you hugged Everyone
  • the entire clan: *glare*
  • simon: *laughs nervously*
  • raphael, pulling him away: let's limit the hugging to just me from now on

@lokikhaleesi did someone say anastasia au?

“Ben, do you really think I’m royalty?”
“You know I do.”
“Then stop bossing me around!”