This. Everyone knows this feeling. When someone you love says something hurtful without realizing it. You can’t help but feel betrayed in that moment. You keep calm and collected while they’re there. Yet as soon as they’re gone, your walls start breaking down. Your breathing picks up and anger fills your veins. Rage fills you and all that you want to do is scream and cry.

the seventh year

Thorin finds Bilbo cast ashore, and never gets an explanation for where he came from. He doesn’t mind all that much – they all have their secrets on this island, and none of them try to think too much about the past. But then, seven years to the day since Bilbo appeared, he disappears, without warning or explanation.

Bagginshield, selkie au. For the Hobbit Big Bang ‘17! Art by the incredible @mithrilbikini and the amazing @teaxdragon

uggggnnfffffff dat thigh tat tho bb like how dare you

tools used: pentel brush pen black, micron liner 03, copic multiliner, signo white gel pen, copic sketch in colors W7 W2 W5 & R20, photoshop to clean some fuk ups, & strathmore bristol paper

memberoftheangelgarrison  asked:

not sure you still do these 'send me a ship and I'll tell you___' memes but it you do how about ohmtoonz? If not no worries, have a nice day :)

Aaaa… One of my favorite ships of all.

send me a ship and I’ll tell you…        

who is more likely to hurt the other? Cartoonz is, but it’s usually very very quickly made up for.

who is emotionally stronger? It depends. Somedays, Ohm can keep it together pretty well, and other’s, Cartoonz is like a brick wall.

who is physically stronger? Luke, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS FUCKING BODY, HOT DAMN. There’s also a fic out there where Ohm has a muscle kink and I am 100% down with that, omg

who is more likely to break a bone? Luke brings Delirious over sometimes, and they get to wrestling. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand and ends with Ohm having a heart attack.

who knows best what to say to upset the other? Luke can insult like a motherfucker but he freezes up when it comes to Ohm, because he’s just so perfect. Ohm, on the other hand, has an entire book of critiques just waiting for him to use for whenever Luke pisses him off.

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? Luke would, acting like a kicked puppy the whole time.

who treats who’s wounds more often? Ohm does.

who is in constant need of comfort? Ohm does, with Luke cooking sweets for him in an effort to comfort him.

who gets more jealous? Ohm does, always clinging to Luke with an obvious glare on his face if a girl gets to handsy with Luke’s muscles.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? Ohm does, when a fight gets a little too heated.

who will propose? Ohm does, with Delirious helping him to make it Just. Right.

who has the most difficult parents? Ohm does, but he absolutely loves Cartoonzs parents and they love him.

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? Neither of them are too big on hand holding in public.

who hogs the blankets? Ohm does, with Buddy and the cats. Luke takes pictures and threatens to post them on his Instagram if he hogs the blankets during the winter one more time. (Ohm hogs the blankets. The Pictures are never posted)

who gets more sad? Ohm does, sometimes he feels a little left out. Cartoonz assures him that it’s never on purpose with their friends.

who is better at cheering the other up? Cartoonz is, he fell in love with making Ohm giggle. He’s practically an expert now.

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? Ohm does.

who is more streetwise? Cartoonz is, but Ohm is not far behind. They’re street smart because of two totally different reasons.

who is more wise? Ohm is, and also claims its because of his age. Cartoonz always points out that they are around the same age, god dammit.

who’s the shyest? Ohm is, especially when out in public with Cartoonz.  

who boasts about the other more? If Delirious hears about Ohm in bed one more fucking time, he is disowning Cartoonz and moving away.

who sits on who’s lap? Ohm is shorter and as much as he hates it, he always finds himself being pulled into Cartoonz lap with a quick kiss to the cheek. He never has the heart to leave.