Consider: Gai having that sort of hair that grows out really long really fast and it’s really distracting for Kakashi


Ok so I think the person who made the Gary’s Mod map the boys were playing on (Wildcat’s channel- Barrell Room Explosion, Fourzer0seven RAGE & Nogla Phone Call) ships H2ovanoss.


Because when Wildcat went into the bedroom closet we saw this:

And this on the other side:

Any of you wanna fess up?

Wildcat: hey Mini I wrote you a song

Mini, blushing: oh? let me hear it

Wildcat: ok here we go

Wildcat: *clears throat, brings out guitar*

Wildcat: I love you,



Wildcat: I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you,






Mini: that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard, Wildcat. thank you so much

What if you are on your favorite youtubers page and comment and like a few post. Nothing weird at all. Sure you find the youtuber attractive and you think they have a great personality.

But what if, they saw your pic and thought, “Hey, they are pretty cute.” And decided to follow you. Cause let’s face it most people, men and women alike do this. So why would it be weird for a youtuber too?

After a while they begin to have a small crush on you. Similar to how you would on a youtuber. It’s nothing major or stalkish. Just a normal small feeling you would get. They decide, “hey, this person likes my content. Theyre cute and They think I’m funny. So why don’t I text them and get to know them?”. In a non creepy way.

However, they are too shy. Plus they don’t want to come off as some big shot who think they are all that. So they keep contemplating whether or not to text you. And they keep​ cringing at every message they begin to write and just erase it all. Never writing the text.

Never texting you or getting ahold of you to start a Convo. So you never know the truth.

So don’t worry. The youtuber you like, they like you back but they are to shy to respond.

Half inspired by this post. A normal day in the life of Ohm, Cartoonz and Smitty.

“You’d think that in a world where magic can help with anything and I have so much knowledge, I would know how to fix my goddamn eyesight.“ 

A groan leaves Ohm’s lips as he slumps at his desk. He’s been spending the better part of the morning looking over papers or his laptop, only getting up once to grab breakfast and a mug of coffee. Perhaps it’s time that he gets up, stretches his legs for a bit and sees what the others are up to.

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I got a lil bored and decided “Hey, I haven’t seen Delirious’ new mic video he did in 2013 in like a year or two, let’s rewatch it.”

So I went to watch it again.

It wasn’t a very pleasant idea. Within the first two seconds I had thrown my headphones off and shuddered to another dimension.