Behold our savior, the greatest thing since sliced bread, the GoroMako child. I was in the mood to draw their kid.

The thing is…I have no clue what gender they are going to be yet. Which is why u all only get baby photos. I am leaning towards the kid being a girl, but the idea of them having a son is also appealing. Idk. What I do know is that they have inherited their mother’s good looks.

Oh, this is also the first drawing I inked. I want you to all know that I was sweating the entire time and I have no clue how u guys ink ur art on a daily basis. It’s a lot of stress, I respect u guys for it.

I do like the hair part effect it gives off tho.

Pls put something in ur tags guys I like comments. Don’t be shy, I don’t bite.
This artwork belongs to me under the users of thatpsychofangirl, Alicethederp, and LionclawofColdBloods. No one has permission to use or alter this image. If you wish to share it, please give me the credit.

Majima and Makoto belong to Sega, but the GoroMako bby belongs to me.