So I’ve never been good at introducing myself, it’s always the most awkward shit in the world and people just kinda stare, it’s uncomfortable for everyone. You’ve now been warned! My name is Andy and if anyone that is out and about and you comes across a small yorkie, can you please return him to me. My back door was left open while I was attempting to unpack and in his blindful curiosity he decided to wonder a bit too far from the house and now I can’t find him. So, if you find him.. Please call me, text me, drop him off, have me pick him up I don’t care, just protect the little creature and remember that he’s blind.

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You are gross if you believe that people has the right to ship an abusive/pedophile/incest couple even if it's fictional. What about the people who actually feel bad because they experienced it all?

I’m gonna ship shidge and you ain’t stopping me.

Even before all this age discourse shit, my Pidge has been older and just really really short (like myself). And I’ll continue to hc what I want, write what I want, edit what I want and consume the content I want.

Literally any ship can be the fluffliest shit to walk the Earth with good dynamism portrayal from who ever made such content and it could be the most shittiest shit to walk the Earth too depending on the content made. I believe in proper portrayal and interpretation. I believe that changing circumstances (making AUs and headcanons) can stop characters and ships dubbed by tumblr as problematic™ or can make them into such. It happens a ton in fiction. Fiction has been a thing that is not policed throughout the ages. If you are so mad about problematic™ things in fiction, why not go police stuff they teach at schools first? Oh right. Yeah, it’s not cuz of it is  problematic™ but because you just don’t like the ship and/or afraid of the tumblr witch hunts so you’d rather join them.

Literally someone interpreting a ship this way does not make it as a whole a  problematic™ thing. Maybe that certain content, yeah. But not the the ship as a whole and not the shippers as a whole. We’re not some boss organization whose words of one is the word of all. Just as I am replying to this, this can only ever really speak for me. Someone who ships shidge relates to this or is apathetic? It doesn’t matter. It is mere coincidence.

People have triggers. We all do whether we admit to them or not. Pointing out triggers has been one of the good points of tumblr. If any of my followers have triggers and stuff and they’d tell me to tag those, I would do it 100% all the way so they can block it or whatever with xkit or tumblr savior.

Like, shipping something is not forcing someone into it. You control what you see in the internet. You like my content? Follow me. You don’t like my content? Unfollow me. Block me even if you dislike it that much. You like some of my content and dislike some others? I tag most of my stuff and if I don’t tag for some things, I don’t mind tagging it if ya tell me to. Tagging is pretty important in content.

But telling people to stop shipping things for others is ???. Have you ever stopped to reconsider that this person is using it as a coping mechanism?  Have you ever thought that their circumstances are different from yours and the way they saw this character/ship is not just some pigeonhole term (problematic™) you devised to not feel bad because you don’t like a ship and need an excuse to hate and to invalidate it? Have you stopped and reconsidered that the person you called gross, goblin is suffering from their own issues and finds solace in this thing? I doubt so cuz you just sent hate via anon and used victims to try and guilt trip me.

“Fucking contradictory shit…”

He’s just groaning, head in his hands for a moment before picking up his phone again, Googling for answers. How did he fix this? He’d already made things worse and worse with his emotions, and it felt like however many times he said he loved Adam nothing came of it.

How long were his own feelings going to fuck shit up? Ilan groaned and looked over his phone again,

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