just some loser college kids who don’t have a clue what’s going on ♡♡♡

@grimhatesdeathflowers lmaoo bby looky it’s like they’re sitting there waiting for mar to be with them ;___;


Ooooh yeeeaaah, Randy Savage!

Fiiiiinally managed to get a few good pictures of him and his pretty colors, Randy is always too busy exploring his tank to care about photoshoots. I thought Jericho was the grumpiest looking betta of the bunch, I was wrong.

He got mad at me because I had moved his plants around, but some frozen bloodworms put me on the Macho Fish’s good side again.

”To know what it’s like
to love somebody
the way I love you
To know how it feels
to kill yourself
with bad habits
To know what you want,
know you’ll never
truly have it” 

// New York City - The Chainsmokers 

“did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda at lunch?” andrew raised an eyebrow. “he was lucky it was a soft drink.” andrew bursted out in laughter, his curls bouncing on his head as he dipped it down. the boy obviously was high, his red eyes showing that was evident.