Pietro could still be alive!

1.) There is a flesh building machine!
2.) Steve said “if you die WALK it off”
3.) He has a fast metabolism!
4.) Almost every one I’m the MCU comes right back like nick fury and Loki!

5.)Thor 6.) In the comics he said “not even bullets can touch me” 7.) They took him body with them!

Imagine that Lev talks to his mother in Russian all the time at home but lies to his school friends about knowing the language because he was worried that they might think he was uncool. However, he realised he shouldn’t be ashamed when he accidentally swore in Russian in front of Hinata and the made his eye go as wide a saucers. 

Obvious bbys #3
  • Haru:...
  • Rin:..Haru. If you want to say something, just do it.
  • Nagisa:You guys have such a dummy mood around you! We're at the pool! Let's go! *jumps in* Haru-chan! Mako-chan! Rin-chan! Hurry!
  • Makoto:Haru, Rin! Let's go! *jumps in*
  • Rin:..Ehh
  • Haru:Rin.
  • Rin:..Hmmm.What?
  • Haru:..Make rainbows agian, ok? *jumps in*
  • Rin:Make them??
  • Nagisa:Rin-chan! C'mon!
  • Rin:..Heh. Okay.. I'll make rainbows for you..
  • ~CD Drama