Tagging Game

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Let’s play a tagging game!

Rule 1- Post the rules. 
Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to your post. 
Rule 4- Let them know you’ve tagged them!

1. How are you?

I’m fine , thanks ^^

2. How did you know about tumblr?

One of my bff’s told me about it

3. First kpop music video?

Taegoon - Call me (Yes my younger sister made me watch it hahaha )

4. First kpop group?

Super Junior

5. How did you find my blog? (lol XD)

I always enter to blogs who click like on my edits

6. Any siblings?

dllkdf I love my sister Anali

7. Favorite books? Novels?

La Princesa que creía en cuentos de hadas

8. Non kpop fandoms?

Well……..I’m a huge fan of Hilary Duff hahaha

9. Favorite Movies?

High School Musical

10. Where are you from ? ^^


11. Are you a girl or boy?

Girl ^^

And now my questions:

1- ¿What do you like about my tumblr?

2- ¿What do you thing my personality is like?

3- ¿Are you hungry right now?

4- ¿ What kind of music do you like to listen when you’re sad?

5- ¿What do you like about tumblr?

6- ¿What’s your biggest fear?

7- ¿Is it Anything you want to express now?

8- ¿Are you happy with your life?

9- ¿What are you doing?

10- ¿Can you please smile^^?

11- ¿What do you prefer day or night?


TAGGED BY pervingonshinee!

1. Where are you from?

Im from the Nightosphere~!

2. How old are you?

1,623 years old. Im a vampire, Marceline’s long lost cousin~

3. Can you speak any other language than your first? 

Im learning Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin! But Im better at korean, so NICHALYEYA~! xD

4. Top five favourite bands?


5. Who’s your bias? and why?

I CAN’T HAVE A FREAKING BIAS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL SO UNNNNNNNF~! Zico or Key, because the seem to stand out the most to me and they dont mind being themselves.. so…

6. Can you play an instrument?

I play 5: Alto Saxophone, Guitar, Drums, Piano, and Violin! 

7. What have you done today? 

I wrote some songs, ate food, visited some family, just reg. stuff

8. Do you have a special talent, maybe in a certain subject? or can you do anything unusual? (like roll your tongue for example haha) I can write an album within a hour  (about 11 songs), I can breathe through my eyelids, I can roll my tongue,  I can play 5 instruments, I can sing, dance, rap, and beatbox, and I can compose my own music too~!

9. who’s your otp?

KRIIIIIISSSUS HELP  Umm, Taoris, Jongkey, Krisyeol, Jongho, and Daragon

10. What’s the most played song on your iTunes? 

Y.O.U by SHINee and Paradise by T-MAX x3

(~) My Question!

1- Do you know a toilet that can sing?

2-How long have you listened to Kpop and/ or Jrock?

3- Do you know someone who has a really weird birthmark?

4- Can you write in a different language

5- What is your favorite song? it can be any genre!

6-Are you a Vegan?

7- Have you ever kissed anyone?

8- Do you want a tattoo soon?

9- Are these questions lame? xD

10- Have you ever met a celebrity?