Happy Birthday, my forever fifteen face!

I had wonderful dreams with you, you know? It’s crazy but it true! … Well, I actually have a lot to say but I can’t put all of it in words. I love you… I love you so much. I LOVE YOU! Everything you do makes me smile. Your name makes me smile already… I love you, and it’s so good to see how happy you are right now!

See you suffering is the same as kill me with a knife. I wish you everything that is good, and that you keep being this perfect and flawless boy that I know. I love you, Henry Lau. I really do, and I hope to tell you that one day.

#HappyUriMochiDay ♥

‘’ look, i’ve got nothing to say to you.’’ garrett told the interviewer holding a microphone. ‘’ if you don’t mind, i want to go home without complications.’’ he closed the door of his workspace and headed towards his motorcycle. garrett was trying to untie his tie, but in the rush of this morning, it seemed impossible to do so. he turned to the next person he saw. ‘’ if it’s not much trouble, do you think you can untie my tie? i can’t seem to do it right?’’