Happy Birthday, my forever fifteen face!

I had wonderful dreams with you, you know? It’s crazy but it true! … Well, I actually have a lot to say but I can’t put all of it in words. I love you… I love you so much. I LOVE YOU! Everything you do makes me smile. Your name makes me smile already… I love you, and it’s so good to see how happy you are right now!

See you suffering is the same as kill me with a knife. I wish you everything that is good, and that you keep being this perfect and flawless boy that I know. I love you, Henry Lau. I really do, and I hope to tell you that one day.

#HappyUriMochiDay ♥


TEYDADDY @Realtaeyang
“Just covered Chris Brown-Don’t judge me. This song defines many meanings to me”.



I was asked to do a #psa so I decide to do one about using a selfie stick and not paying attention. S/o to @asia_bby1 for doing a great job acting #SelfieStick #PutDownTheStick #TheMoreYouKnow #longboard