But let me tell you this, you were the best madman, the most genius villain that I have ever known, and no-one will ever convince me that you were not clever.


yo ive gotten a couple hundred new followers since i last introduced myself so hi here are some pictures of me in a car while **flawless was playing – my name is nik – i turn 20 next month oh god fuvk – i attend new college of florida for sociology & gender studies – im queer & gq – im poly & have a primary partner – aquarius – from west palm beach – might be a goddess, might be a witch, definitively a kitten

i like selfies, having my feet & hands kissed, tequila, communism, postmodern queer theory, latex, celebrating women & femmes, lipstick, subtlety, oceans, moons, vomiting, book burning, gags, etc etc etc just say hi if i u want u are important and gorgeous and knowing u would be cool

this blog is mostly about me learning to live in my body and sometimes complaining about things im trying to text post more?? welcome

Wow, I’m so slow.

It only just occurred to me why Carol and Daryl will both be so determined to find Beth.

I mean, of course they both care about her since she’s a member of their “family” (even though they’re the only members of said family who are actively looking for her) but it goes deeper than that. They have to save her.

After Sophia, Mika, and Lizzie, Carol can’t lose another child. She can’t let another child die an awful, tragic death on her watch.

And Daryl can’t lose another child either. He’s clearly still haunted by the fact that he failed to save Sophia, considering his reaction whenever she’s mentioned.

If they can save Beth, it’s their chance for redemption, for absolution. It’s yet another parallel in their stories and something they’ll both understand about each other once Carol tells Daryl about Mika and Lizzie.

So considering the spoilers, I’m very concerned about how much the hunt for Beth is going to weigh on them if it goes as we expect it to go.