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NCT U Reaction | To you yelling at them out of stress

Ten: Bby gets highkey hurt. Steps way back and gives you space. Tries to laugh it off at how much it hurt to have u yelling at him but like its kind of obvious.

Taeyong: Eyes get really wide, acts like he doesn’t take it to heart and buries his hurt with worrying over but will probably muse over it for too long and it makes him sick adkjakdl pls dont yell at this squish ;;

Jaehyun: Shuts down. RBF saves his hide as he just stares at you, biting the inside of his lip to not yell at you back. “…literally all I asked was if you ate the rest of the peanut butter.”

Doyoung: Either freezes or yells back at you, depending on his mood. “…y’know i think u need some time to chill. I’m taking u out to the spa and afterwards we’re getting dinner, so stop stressing over whatever it is and take a deep breath, ‘kay?” 

Mark: A mix of Ten and Taeyong. Tries not to show how much you just hurt him and brush it off but secretly agonizes over it for weeks.

Taeil: “…all I said was hello” Gets kind of weirded out but also lowkey hurt that you yelled at him like wow okay i guess u need space? ;; help him he’s lost


And now it is time for our lovely leader, my lowkey spirit animal, an amazing human bean who is so fucking cute like he’s a tol green bean but he’s also so precious like his laugh is so cute and his smile is like a ray of sunshine I love it so much, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Visuals are first as always bc gotta paint that picture
  • Ight my favorite hair on joon to this very day is the purple hair he had for 2.5 seconds and it was like a mix of the purple and white.gray (in some pics it looks white and in others it look gray
  • That was such a good look and I need so many more pictures of it I need videos I need a mv with it I need an entire comeback for that hair bc it is still my favorite and that’s saying something bc joon has had some nice ass looks like 10/10
  • Like blonde!joon that is some good shi T and the pink look and the black and the silver and just all the things are so nice
  • Side note wet hair joon fuck me u p and his collarbones would be doing the thing just take a minute to think about that shoulders for days
  • His tail would be s o pretty
  • It would be blue but it’s a bunch of different shades of blue so it’s not just one solid color, it’s dark blue then light blue then a medium blue and they just all mix together and it’s such a pretty pattern
  • He’s also got some hints of white and silver throughout it and when he swims during the day, sometimes those lil scales of silver will catch the light just right and it’s so pretty to see
  • Similar to Yoongi, Namjoon can turn his tail into legs on command but can’t go without water for too long so he’s forever got a cup or a bottle sometimes a gigantic ass jug of water with him
  • Bc he is part fish and a lot of fish need water, including mermaids it’s just that bc they’re also half human, they can go longer without water
  • Okay so this one day, a human either tosses the ring or ends up accidentally dropping one of their rings into the water and joon finds it and is just really curious 
  • Bc mermaids don’t really do rings bc webbed fingers so he’s got no clue what it is it’s just a simple silver ring but there’s an engraving on it so maybe it has a deeper meaning
  • He puts the ring onto a necklace and carries it around for a couple of days but it keeps bothering him that there’s writing on it and he doesn’t know what it means
  • He had never really been able to understand the human written language but he was slowly starting to pick up on it by listening to the humans read their books to him and point out what each word was. One of his human friends, Jin, would spend hours and hours sitting on one of the large rocks and just read book after book to Namjoon
  • One day, Jin decides to bring you along
  • You’re not sure what to expect bc all Jin will tell you is that Namjoon isn’t human but he won’t tell you what that means exactly
  • You’re more fascinated than shocked by the fact that when you get there, you see a boy with a long tail swimming around the rock Jin is waiting at
  • You do have to admit that he’s actually reall Y fucking handsome so you’re thanking Jin in your head bc literally everyone knows it’s a set up to get you two to meet and maybe date
  • Namjoon is really flirty but in a cute way like it’s all friendly hey stop me if you don’t feel the same way type of shit but both of you are feeling that I wanna get to know you better thing and you really love seeing joon swim around so gracefully
  • But then he turns his tail into legs and it’s like seeing a bby giraffe try to walk for the first time bc it’s just all long legs and stumbling around and he has no idea how to work the new limbs at all bc he’s never really used them much
  • He’s gone onto the beach with them a few times but he normally just sits in the sand and tries to make friends with the humans but that’s about it
  • Both of you are giggling too much to even notice that Jin’s left the books on the rock and walked off to the ice cream shop with Jungkook to give you two a minute alone
  • You help get Namjoon used to his new legs but you can tell he won’t be as graceful on land as he is in water and that’s actually really fucking cute bc he’s like a lil bby taking their first steps except he’s a tall man with broad shoulders and a cute lil tummy that looks like it’d be a great pillow or even just a good spot to give kisses to bc it would make him giggle and giggly!joon now THAT is some good shit 
  • As he’s walking around the beach, trying to get used to the new way of moving around, you notice your ring around his neck and just get really happy bc you’d thought you’d lost it a few days ago
  • “Se E I told Tae it’d be important!!! What does the writing mean??” 
  • The two of you start talking about everything and anything, you tell him about the ring and its meaning, he tells you how he found it, you tell about the human world and he tells you about his world deep in the ocean and how he’s trying his best to learn the human written language bc he can speak it fluently it’s just the writing thing
  • “I’m pretty sure that Jin’s not coming back so why don’t you and I read the books together instead??”
  • “I would love that so very much”

Hawkstout said:  Ooo. Uhh fully dressed Jason smooching naked Dick on the cheek? (is that sexy enough idk) Thanks so much if you decide to do it :)

And I hope it will be sexy enought for you, thanks for prompting bby <3

Jason stepped silently inside the safehouse. Not his safehouse, actually, but that was the goal of it all. Fortunately, Dick seemed in his bathroom, probably taking a shower. While singing totally out of tune. The young man snorted, and placed the little box on the kitchen counter. He was about to go out as silently when Dick get out from his bathroom.

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I have an unhealthy obsession with Manon. She’s just this fluffy thing concealed by years and years and years of blind obedience and she is so clueless to it but my bby is learning. Step by step. My favorite book character of all time hands down. I’d buy a separate book just about her.

And need I mention Manon x Elide scenes? Whenever their scenes came up my heart imploded. P.S Manon sleeps naked. And Elide was in her room. And Manon was so cute by giving her hay. HAY to sleep in. Manon saw her…she remembered her…and Elide taught her about hope. They need some romance. It’s all I ever want. My wish.

when my grandmother saw my grandfather for the first time after 30 years, she invited him over, made him clean and organize her closet, and then kicked him out

we should all aspire to be like my grandmother

it’s a beautiful grey day, went to the new pretty little coffee shop and saw the cutest barista girl (long-haired, short, said “this is going to sound crazy but i think i might’ve made it a bit too chocolatey” when she brought me my drink), got real into my book finally, bought two packs of strawberries for four bucks, looked cute walking home carrying those strawberries with my backpack on, and i haven’t thought about him obsessively today.