『AniSUBS』【Hand-drawn】Karasuno First Years sing "Hello, How are You?"【Haikyuu!!】【English Subs】
Original Title : 【手描き】烏野一年でハ.ロ./.ハ.ワ.ユ【ハイキュー!!】 Original Source : =================== - A U T H O R ' S C O M M E N ...



Creator-san, thank you

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can you do some midoriko and gurei cousin headcanons? maybe even include their daddies? :D

This was too cute to pass up.

  • Gurei always keeps a stash of his own personal candy only for himself. However, Midoriko is the one exception. His baby cousin receives any candy she asks for.
  • He calls Midoriko his baby cousin even though she is far from a baby. It’s just stuck: every time he refers to her, she’s his baby cousin.
  • Midoriko often wishes her uncle and father wouldn’t bicker over tiny things so much, and she gets pretty upset whenever this happens. She refuses to talk to her father for hours, sometimes even the whole day. But after Gurei noticed this, he began to make funny commentaries about the argument, causing Midoriko to collapse into a fit of giggles.
  • Because he is so concerned about Midoriko all of the time, Gurei taught her how to wield a small dagger to defend herself if she ever found herself in a tricky situation.
  • One night, Gurei wanted to ask Midoriko for some medicine for a headache, and saw she was asleep. So he tried to sneak into her basket of medicinal herbs to get it himself rather than waking her up. Unfortunately, Midoriko was as awake as can be and thought some random thief was trying to rob her. Her knife was out before Gurei even knew she was awake. Needless to say, Gurei ended up on the ground with a rather big gash in his leg with a very concerned Midoriko apologizing over and over again as she stopped the blood flow and cleaned up the wound.
  • Midoriko drags Gurei along with her to hunt for more herbs to add to medicines, and Gurei hates this every time. He usually ends up tripping on some root or another and knocks everything out of Midoriko’s arms. Her wrath is something to be feared, and the poor ninja learned that the hard way.
  • Due to his sweet smell, Midoriko is always sniffing him out of nowhere.
  • Midoriko thinks the fact that Gurei eats too many sweets is going to bite him in the behind one day and jokes about him getting fat all of the time.
  • They play tag a lot, and Saizou can’t help but shake his head at Gurei acting like he is half his age. Suzukaze usually sits back and chuckles as he watches his daughter and nephew run around being youthful.
  • Suzukaze is the one who takes Midoriko and Gurei out to the market to buy food and other trinkets. Saizou gets increasingly concerned his son will like his uncle more than his own father.
  • Saizou usually teaches the kids life lessons and how to navigate a battlefield. Suzukaze gets worried when Midoriko talks nonstop about how much Uncle Saizou taught her that she won’t come to him for advice.