Dear Callie,
Hi :) I hope they’re treating you right in there. I know it can be scary and want you to know that I am constantly thinking about you and feel like your guardian angel at times.
I’ve never said this to anyone before because no one has ever treated me as well as you have. You make me feel okay to be myself. 
I love you, Callie
Anthony Joseph

Okay so is no one gonna talk about Callie slamming her palm down on that table?

I’ve seen some posts (1) about that moment and it says how powerful it was… And it was…

But all I saw was how broken Callie was. All I saw was how she reached her limit (seems to be a theme these last few eps) and called out for a stop to it. And I see that in Meredith and Amy this ep too but what really gets me about this moment is that silence falls and Callie doesn’t yell.

Mer yells. Amy yells. They yell into silence and into sound. And Callie never yells. She is a character for whom yelling is totally expected and in that moment she sounds small. She sounds broken and sad. She gets quieter rather than louder.

And that breaks my fucking heart.