αηġεℓs: winged celestial beings created by God to serve as His attendants, messengers, and soldiers; terrible, beautiful, and perfect beings with no choice, only obedience except in cases of M̪̬̗̖͉ͣͤͩ̆̚Ȁ̲̱̣̹L̞̣ͯ̌̈͋F̰̱̩̪̅͊͒̆ͦU͙̽̈́̌N͍̉́ͣC̭̜͍Ṭ̊ͬĪ̀͛̇O̜̹N͕̩̣̟̤̯̓͒ͬ

Ty (Tiberius) Blackthorn

“Ty is special. He translates the world differently from how the rest of us do. Not everyone can speak his language, but you do. […] He’s going to be something amazing”

© cassandraclare


Can you not    ☀    Lindsay Mendez 

“I’ve never been a thin girl. I grew up being, I don’t want to say a plus-size girl, but a girl of curves and substance. But you know, as time has gone on, I’ve developed a more healthy lifestyle, and now I feel like I’m in a normal body type. I don’t know if they consider a size 6 or 8 normal, but to me it’s normal. I love my body. I love representing people who aren’t stick figures, because people aren’t.”