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So if you're up for a fanfic request, I was thinking that I'd like to see something for BSD with Atsushi talking to/asking Dazai about Akutagawa; alternatively, something involving Akutagawa and Oda, in whatever interactions or just introspection that could come out of that. No rush if you decide to do one of them, but just a thought. :)

Thank you thank you thank you!

Here you are: A Home For Stray Dogs

Hope you like <3


And lemme tell you, it took far too long for Dean to understand what the HELL Cas meant, hah.

“…you want to be a… zombie?” Dean thought his incredulous tone was to be excused because a) since when did Cas even LIKE zombies, last time they’d accidentally switched to The Walking Dead the fledgling had gone bonewhite and had adamantly refused to sleep with the lights off afterwards, and b) Dean had been a 100% prepared for something cute and cuddly. In no slight consternation he looked at the angel. True, he was getting bigger, wasn’t he? Growing up? But still… 

“No,” Cas interrupted his musings, “a zombee!” Dean opened and closed his mouth a few times. “…yeah? A zombie, you said.” That earned him a scrunched-up glare. Uh-oh. “A zomBEE, Dean!” the fledgling insisted stubbornly, and honestly Dean was so frikkin’ lost here.

They probably would have been doing the back-and-forth thing in increasingly frustrated tones for forever if Gabriel hadn’t let out the loudest, put-upon groan ever around his latest (sneakily acquired) lollipop from where he was draped catlike over the back of the couch. “Oh my GOD, he wants to be a dead bee, hooray, now can I watch the tv in peace?” 

Ah. “…Okay, thank you for the clarification, and mind your tone, you little smartarse.” The way Gabriel smirked at him left no doubt that the archangel had caught the amusement sneaking its way through what Dean had meant as a stern tone. Oh well.

“And you, what are you going to be?” Gabriel’s golden wings flicked open and closed swiftly when he turned his head to grin gleefully at Dean. “I’m putting on stilts and going as Sam, hah.” 

That made two times in an hour his fledglings had rendered Dean speechless. A new record.

Cocking his head in contemplation, Dean turned the idea over in his mind. …it did have the potential to be absolutely hilarious. The look on Sam’s face, it would probably be a ten out of ten on the scale of Sam’s Best Bitchfaces, it was going to be awesome.

Beaming down at a grinning Gabriel, Dean held up his hand for a much-deserved high-five. “Awesome, dude, he’s going to love that!” 

(And Sam did. Unapologetically. Even when Gabe wobbled by on stilts shouting ‘so get this!’ for the sixth time in that hour alone.)

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