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A Shelagh & Trixie friendship in 1963 pls pls pls with a cherry on top

Don’t ask me why I randomly thought about this at 2am and decided to make a post about it because I seriously don’t know (like why am I not asleep? I have class in the morning) but ANYWAY -  if you’re bored, read this and hear me out..

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Behind The Story – Pt. 4

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show. Just a typical day in set shooting Supernatural S10 while being pregnant.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.1k+

Warnings: Fluff and Smut (Sort Of)


A/N: This is my first time writing some sort of smut and I have to admit I’m nervous yet anxious to see y’all feedback on it. Is a new thing for me. Hope you guys like this part, it was fun to write. Feedback is always very much appreciated it. ♥

Beta: @lovin-ackles (thanks bby girl)

Behind The Story Masterlist


“You guys know the drill. ACTION!” Bob shouted.

“Kitty Kat?” Jensen shouted, out of frame.

“Library!” You shouted back, fake reading the book between your hands.

“Where’s Sam?” Jensen’s boot steps indicated to you he strolled into the Bunker’s library set, his voice deeper than usual as he portrayed his character.

You looked up into his eyes and closed the prop book you were supposed to be reading. The camera is about ten feet away from you guys, making this shot a profile and mid body length one.

You shrugged, “He went to next town watch a movie or something… Said he won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“That means we have the bunker all for ourselves…?” Jensen puckered up his pink lips, followed by his Dean smirk as he reached you.

You stood up slowly, Jensen clenched his jaw while he watched you move, his eyes on your loose buttoned up white shirt and went down to your long lengs. Smirking, you licked your lower lip, leaning against the wooden table. “Are you suggesting something, Winchester?”

Jensen stepped forward, “Oh. I have a thing or two to suggest.”

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