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Anonymous: I just want some angsty lams and some John brushing Alex’s hair comfortingly pretty please? I don’t care what kind of angst at all, but I really want hair brushing and you write lams so well. Please and thank you! You are awesome! Love ya! ❤ 

You got it, bby! ;) I hope you and the rest of the kiddos enjoy this fic! Thank you to my wonderful friend Binna @ciceroniantrash for angsting with me as I wrote this! (Also, pssst @chickensauras! This is the fic I’d started last night! ^.^) <333

“Alexaaaander?” John singsonged as he walked into their dorm room. He looked over at Alex’s bed and smiled at the lump huddled up under the covers.

John walked over to Alex and gently tapped him where he thought his shoulder was. “Hey, babe, I’m back. Wanna get sushi?”

The lump did not move. John tapped Alex again. Still no response.

“Alex?” he said slowly, as if not wanting to startle his boyfriend.


“I’m pulling the blanket back now,” John said. He took the cover in his hands and cautiously pulled it back.

Alex was curled up in a tiny ball under it, eyes open, staring at the wall, though John could tell Alex couldn’t really see anything.

“Oh, babe,” John said softly.

As he studied his boyfriend more and more, he realized that Alex was in a fresh shirt, but still had his pajama bottoms on, likely meaning he’d tried to get dressed and go to class before crawling back in bed. John’s heart sunk at the thought. Alex’s class started at 9:30. It was past 12:30 now. He absolutely hated the thought of his boyfriend being alone and in pain for that long.

He climbed up onto the bed with Alex and moved the boy’s head into his lap. He ran his fingers through Alexander’s dark locks, hoping the gentle touch would slowly bring him back from wherever he’d gone.

Alexander slowly tilted his head up toward John and blinked his eyes a few times. John smiled down at him, trying his best to hide the worry he knew was written all across his freckled face.

“Hey,” John said softly. “You okay?”

Alex stared at him for a moment longer before shaking his head no. John felt his heart leap into his throat.

Alex is never this forward. He tried to see the positive side, that at least Alex was being honest with him, but he had a feeling it was more like Alex is tired of hiding how he really feels from him.

“That’s okay,” John said soothingly. “That’s completely fine. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Alex stared up at him, expression unchanging, as if the words were taking longer than usual to make sense to him. John recalled Alex explaining how it felt sometimes, a few months ago, around three am during finals week, when he’d been awake for two days straight and drank more coffee than should be legal.

“It’s like… like a huge cloud,” he’d said, spreading his arms as far as they’d go. “And, and it just descends upon me and stuffs itself into my head, which I know is big, but it’s not that big.” He winked at John. “And it makes it hard to think, because imagine having a cloud in your head, John. Imagine.”

“Um, yeah…” John had said, not wanting to reveal how uncertain, how confused, he was in the moment.

“I can use another metaphor. I can make literally a million, probably.”

“That’s okay, babe, the cloud is good,” John assured him. “So it’s hard to think?”

“Oh, yeah, hella. Thankfully it doesn’t get too extreme very often, but when it does…” Alex raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend.

“What happens?” John asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer, but knowing he needed to because what if if happened again and Alex needed him.

“When it gets really bad, which has happened…” Alex paused and looked up at the ceiling as if it held the answer he was searching for. “It’s happened twice. Once when my mother died, but I guess I had to snap out of it pretty quick because I got put into the system and all that.”

John wanted to tell Alex that depression wasn’t something he could just snap out of, but he also didn’t want to interrupt Alexander. He filed it away to bring up later, maybe after Alex got some sleep and drank a normal (for him) amount of coffee.

“And the second time was during our senior year of high school.”

John felt his heart drop. Senior year. They’d been best friends for two years by that point. Why hadn’t he known?

“It was… remember when I was out sick for a week? With the flu?”

John thought for a moment, then recalled Lafayette lugging home Alex’s books and assignments, asking John and Herc and Eliza for homework from classes they had with Alex.

“Yeah,” John said slowly, not sure he liked the direction this was going in.

“Well, it, uh, wasn’t the flu.”

John felt like someone had slapped him. He’d failed at being there for Alex. He’d completely and utterly failed.

Alex must have been able to sense how John was feeling because he quickly tried to reassure him. “John, babe, oh my god. Please don’t feel bad? Even Laf didn’t fully know what was going on. I wouldn’t let him near me for very long, and with all the tissues strewn across the bed, well, he thought it was the flu, too, until a few weeks later I told him.”

“I… I just feel horrible that I didn’t notice.”

“But I hid it. On purpose,” Alex stressed. “I was, well, kinda ashamed? I don’t know, I just didn’t want you to think that I was weak or weird.”

“I would never,” John said quickly.

“I know, but I was… it was an irrational fear,” Alex said. “And obviously I got over it.”

John had to smile at that. Yes, John thought. Clearly he has.

But now John was sitting with Alex on his dorm bed, trying to keep himself from panicking because his boyfriend is not okay, very not okay, and he doesn’t know what to do.

He tried to recall what Alex said about the cloud, about what helped, but it’d been like he himself didn’t really know what would be helpful, since it had happened so few times.

Think, think, John commanded himself. What helps Alex normally?

John quickly went through the list of things that typically comforted his boyfriend when he was depressed. There was peppermint tea, funny YouTube videos, and fuzzy blankets. Seeing as Alex was pretty unresponsive at the moment, John doubted that he could get him to drink tea, and felt that Alex wouldn’t be able to watch a video, but the blankets were doable.

“Babe, I’ll be right back,” he said, hoping Alex heard him. He gently shifted his boyfriend off of his lap and walked across the small room to his bed, where there were two folded blankets, then he opened up Alex’s closet, where they kept an especially fuzzy blanket that Martha had sent to him earlier that year when he had a bad cold.

John tossed the blankets on the bed and then grabbed his two pillows and stuffed turtle and threw them into the pile. He set about making a cozy, comfy nest of pillows, shifting Alex into the center with blankets draped around him.

John was about to climb onto the bed when he noticed Alex’s hair brush was near the foot of his bed, teetering, about to tumble to the floor. He must have meant to brush his hair, John thought.

Hair! John thought excitedly. He loves to have his hair played with.

He grabbed the brush and climbed back onto the bed, positioning himself behind Alex, who had kind of slumped over in John’s absence.

“Hey, babe,” John said softly as he sat his boyfriend back up, the unseeing look still in his eyes.

The cloud descends upon me. Alex’s voice echoed in John’s mind.

“I’m gonna brush your hair now. Does that sound good?” He didn’t expect Alex to reply, so when he didn’t, he wasn’t shocked.

He simply took Alex’s curls, which he hadn’t even bothered to put into his signature ponytail, and first ran a gentle hand through them. Then he began to brush his boyfriend’s hair, starting at the bottom, recalling his sister, Mary Eleanor, instructing him to do so when he’d used to help her brush her hair before school.

He paid each section of Alex’s hair special attention, humming a French song he knew Alex loved as he did so. Slowly, he felt Alex sitting up more on his own. He felt his head resist the tug of the brush when John accidentally hit a snarl.

John tried not to get too excited or too hopeful, but he couldn’t help the miniscule smile that found its way onto his face.

He simply kept brushing Alex’s hair, the only sounds in the room his humming and the brush smoothing out Alex’s black locks.

When he finished, Alex’s hair was a bit frizzy, but incredibly soft. John recalled Alex telling him once that he loved to have his hair braided, especially in two braids. He may have been slightly drunk at the time, but John knew Alex just opened up more when he was drunk; he never lied.

John pulled his own hair out of the bun he’d haphazardly thrown it into that morning before class and grabbed his boyfriend’s wrist, where he knew another hair tie would be waiting. He gently pulled it off, then braided Alex’s hair.

When he was done, he ran his hand over both of Alex’s braids. “So pretty,” John whispered.

He wrapped his arms around Alex from behind, pulling him close. He nearly gasped when Alex’s hands reached up and wiggled their way into his own.

“Thank you,” Alex hoarsely whispered.

“Anything for you,” John said, trying his best not to let the tears of relief that had gathered in his eyes fall.

Alex settled back against him, his head on John’s shoulders. He shut his eyes, and John tugged the blankets up over them more, then leaned back into the nest of pillows.

He kissed Alex on the crown of his head. “Anything for you,” he whispered. “Anything.”

first date with jAEmIN!!!

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ayy Moon anon ;))) sorry im doing this pretty late but yeH also im including ur request in this so don’t worry!!!! thanks for requesting bb xoxo - admin amy

  • aight so y’all are already together after the sleepover you had last week
  • and then outta the blue on a friday night jaemin texts you like
  • ‘wassup bby lemme take u for a ride ;))) JK JK do you wanna go out tomorrow?? to the pizza place near the park’

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so i’m salty cause second life played me with sorting alpha planes bullshit (YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE EASIER THEN THE SIMS 4 T^T) , but at least I have a backup item for kawaii project, for my first hair with planes and full alpha i’m pretty proud though ^-^. I’‘ll probably try sorting the planes again to see if I can try to make it work or something after I wake up tomorrow. Maybe do that thing where i place a solid mesh underneath the alpha mesh even tho it ups the polycount ;u;.

but i might just drop it for I can make my KP deadline with another item, and pick it back up after my event deadlines are over. I want to make this bby work so badly tho. someone get me some HALLPPPP. lmao jk. i’ll figure something out.

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(lowercase) i have this dumb headcanon that otabek loves coffee and yuri really doesnt but he goes along on coffee dates anyways bc theyre cute and hes a sap (he can always get a hot chocolate shhhh)

bro im totally with u on that, I’m pretty sure that that earlier in their friendship they used to meet at coffee shops all the time. otabek would order his usual iced americano and yuri (poor bby didn’t know shit abt coffee & jus wanted to look cool™) would get the same thing and literally choke trying to finish it. it was super obvious that yuri hated it, but otabek didn’t want to embarrass him and we all know how our lil russian is with confrontation. so otabek just made a habit of ordering first and have a hot chocolate or frappe waiting for yuri when he arrived.

cause darlin’ i’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream


- you carry all kinds of crap you don’t have to, dean. it gets clearer when you’re dead.
- well, in that case, you should be able to see that i am 90% crap. i get rid of that, what then?

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Hey i saw your jungkook tags (my sweet son, i love him too) and u mentioned namjoon talking about begin (its my fave song of that album) can u link him talking about it or just tell me when he talked about it?

yes of course bby💘❣️ so i think it’s been mentioned a few times, like on radio stations or other shows like the yang nam show, but im… pretty sure the first time anyone ever mentioned it was when joon did a v live called “WINGS Behind Story” :b🌱

👻 👻 

here is the link! joon starts talking about solo songs + begin around 9:50! but its a really good look into how much effort bangtan pours into their music :b 🌹❤️

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You could make it up to me by giving me a prompt to write off of ;) (to be serious, though, it's really no problem. Just wanted to limit confusion/make sure I didn't get credit for something I didn't do. All good here!) -J

thnx u bby <3 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。

Young! Hanzo going on a mission to assassinate the royal family of a foreign country only to fall in love with one of the princesses and pretty much kidnaps her even tho she cant speak English or Japanese~ Bonus brownie points if shes hella stubborn and violent I love the type of woman that could kick my ass Sorry if that was weirdly specific  I just love me some good shit that i know u can provide 

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today @ the doctors i had to drive up to the door for mum cos it had all flooded and she obvs can’t get her foot wet, so the doctor sees me and comes out and she goes “blossom w/the pretty hair- YOU CUT YOUR HAIR WHY WOULD YOU”

i’ll tell u why, it was for the 15 minute showers bby~~~~

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parsons ur ivy is so good i'm going to punch myself in the throat !!

CARGINOGEN. sjdhjs no bby don’t punch yourself in the throat :”) u have a very pretty one. /holds u and braids orchid blossoms into your hair ♡ listen you’ve been with brooke since … the dawn of time. i can’t remember a time you weren’t here. you are a pillar of this community : your support, graciousness, and of course, kindness is known by many, myself included. also — i can’t wait for you to meet sofia bush. :”) make sure u take lots of pictures and try not to die when you’re in the same room! i will be very sad if that happens. 

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What's your favorite Panic! Album cover? -Josie

Ooooo.. po is really pretty but it’s also kind of boring in the sense that theres too much to look at so i just ignore it all.. fever is snappy but meh? Idk i think either vices because of the scenery and the aesthetic of it (and Dal as an easter egg) or TWTL because it’s really simple and i love the colored smoke and what the album cover SYMBOLIZES ya know?

Josie u dope bby ❤️

We Still Have Later- Fred Weasley imagine

Requests: Hey Bby, I ♡ You. For my imagine I will let you pick the boy, either… Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy Or one of the Weasley Twins :) And make it both hot and cute, pretty please♡♡


Hiiiii could i have some heated fred/george weasley? I love your blog soooo much and im so glad u r feeling better!

*According to eenie meenie miny moe, Fred is our subject!*


“Freddy, can we get out of here? It’s boring.” You groaned, resting your chin on Fred’s shoulder from behind. Fred’s hand stopped moving across the page and laid his quill next to the parchment.

“I’ve got to order supplies for our shop, Y/N.” He replied softly.

“But George is out. We’re alone. I’m bored.” You hinted, trailing your hands up his arms as light as a feather and finally rested them on his shoulders, squeezing your nails into his skin temptingly. Fred’s head followed them to his shoulders.

“Y/N.” He warned, though his voice was weaker than you figured he wanted it to be. You smirked to yourself and used your thumbs to draw circles on the back of his neck slowly. Fred breathed out loudly and coughed, leaning back over his desk. You frowned, then you got an idea. Maneuvering in front of the desk, you used one arm to slide all the contents on the tabletop to topple to the floor with a flutter of sheets and clinks of extra quills. Fred gasped slightly, glaring at you.

“Fred Weasley, I won’t take no for an answer.” You threatened, smiling flirtatiously. Fred’s eyes softened and he shook his head curtly.

“You’re too adorable for your own good.” He pouted. Keeping your eyes trained on the ginger, you sat on the desk in front of his and crossed one leg over the other, swaying your foot to a non-existent beat. Fred’s eyes ran up and down your legs and you could tell his mind was leaving his work.

“Is adorable all you’ve got?” You teased, lowering your voice to a whisper. Fred’s eyes sparkled with his usual mischievous glitter and he jumped to his feet, pushing you backward with his approach. He hovered in front of you, hands placed on either side of your hips and giving you little room to move. You smirked, knowing you never failed to rile him up.

“I think you know the answer.” He growled deeply; it sent a shiver down your spine. You leaned forward until your noses were only centimeters apart.

“Maybe I don’t.” You perked your eyebrows as if to challenge him. Fred stepped closer, making your legs open so he could stand between him. Slowly, he pressed his lips fully on yours, making you melt in his arms. You leaned backwards, tugging Fred along by his tie. He slipped one arm behind your back and pulled you flush against his body. As he did so you ran your fingers through his hair, pushing him closer against you.

Fred’s other hand grabbed around the back of your knee and lifted it around his waist. You finished the action by trapping him with both legs and tightening your grip on his hair. He let out a soft moan. Fred then busied himself with unbuttoning your top agonizingly slowly. Your lips moved in sync with each others’ as you arched your back into his torso with a small laugh. You had won. You figured Fred already knew you did.

“Why do you do this to me, Y/N?” Fred asked huskily, sliding his lips down your neck and over your collar bone. You tossed your head back in pleasure at the contact of his lips peppering your chest.

“I know I’ll win.” You replied in a gasp and he nipped at the sensitive skin. Fred’s fingers left your buttons and lowered your shirt from your shoulders, leaving more kisses on the newly exposed skin. Fred’s hot breath tickled your neck as he sucked on your skin.

“Fred? Are you still here?” George’s voice made Fred groan slightly. You rolled your eyes, your hands leaving Fred’s hair and come to a rest at the base of his neck.

“George.” Fred stated, even when you already knew. Fred let out an unamused laugh and laid his forehead in the crook of your neck, breathing down your chest. You closed your eyes and giggled.

“We still have later.” You reminded. Fred growled and stood, reluctantly stepping away from you to pick up the mess you made when you pushed all of his things from the surface. You followed him, pulling on your shirt again. When your boyfriend stood, you snuck up on him and planted a hearty kiss to his lips and opened the office door.

“I’ll tell him you’re up here.” You said quietly. Fred winked at you.

“I’m taking your offer for later.” Fred told you. You winked back and slipped out the door with a suspicious look from George.


Thanks for requesting!

it’s the little things

*slides into Zev week late with starbucks* SO here’s a pointless little schmoop inspired by this awesome fanart of beautiful beautiful Zevran admiring his boots

“D… Do you like them?” Andreil asks at last. He’s been wondering for a while now, worrying, fretting, twisting his fingers and wringing his hands, but too afraid to ask. He doesn’t realize his words came as a strained whisper until he notices that the assassin hasn’t looked up from admiring the way the supple leather clings to his calves like they were made for him (which they were, because of course he knows Zevran’s measurements after much time spent admiring him and memorizing the graceful lines that make up his lovely, compactly muscled frame– and any old castoff boots would never do). The Warden clears his throat and forces himself to speak up, “Do you like them?” he asks again, and this time, Zevran looks up, eyes bright like sweet golden honey and sunbeams.

His teeth flash in that little half-smile he gets when he’s genuinely pleased (a far cry from his usual sly smirks and roguish grins– though those are incredibly appealing all the same) and tucks one booted foot behind the other, hands on his hips, posing. “Like them?” he asks with a scoff, “My friend, they are perfect! A flawless gift if I ever saw one.”

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omg bby <3<3 u r so perfect i luv u <3<3<3 stay safe darlin <3<3<3<3<3