bby omg i don't

honestly newt is probably one of those people who keep photos of their family in their wallet, except of his creatures. and there’s that plastic slip that falls out when his wallet is open and he tries to keep it to his favourite animals but he loves all of them, so there’s basically a photo album of photos in his wallet. and its not just one of each animals, he probably has two or more for every each individual animals. i love him.


I FEEL SO ATTACHED!! How can someone be so handsome?!!


i’m so deep into this.. i am s c r ewed 

i fucking love Rhys and Handsome Jack omfg they’re relationship and the dialogue is amazing I’M NOT EVEN PLAYING THIS GAME I’M PLAYING 2 WITH FUCKIN ZERO AND AXTON AND SHIT -cry-

-weeps in a corner because i’m going to be disgusting with this series-

WHY -cry-

Handsome Jack and Rhys©TFTB
art and stuff©moi -crying-

So… My parents sat me and my sister down today after they finished cooking, and told us that for the past few weeks they had been stocking up the garage with items of survival in case the zombie apocalypse happened. …I don’t know how to feel about this.


22-05-15 //
As you can see yesterday was not very productive. On the upside I’m half way through my AS exams as of Wednesday! Another five to go after the holiday 😅

(oh man my desk is about as messy as the first entry of my bullet journal)