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Like a dear listening in the wind you strike me still, Alexander. You have eyes like no other. […] You’re everything I care for. And by the sweet breath of Aphrodite I’m so jealous of losing you to this world you want so badly. 



I’m not dwelling on revenge of past atrocities or looking from to what I can personally gain from a few tax breaks, drilling oil wells in the ocean, putting up razor-wired fences to keep out immigrants who only want what our grandparents wanted.

Elise will also star in a new Assassin’s Creed novel with the same title as the game… written from Elise’s perspective, the book will focus on the battle between the Templars and Assassins, and the roles that she and Arno play in that fight.

Okay so I owe this post to benwyattts because I dropped her in Hartwin hell.

So here’s my Hartwin fic rec list!

Our Vintage Misery by fideliant

Slow burn, angsty pining. What more could you want? There’s also a really lovely scene of Merlin/Eggsy bonding, which I’m a sucker for.

Words: 23,504

Rating: Explicit


Through Time by coloursflyaway

HONEYPOT MISSIONS. They’re not a major part of this story, but boy do I love them. There’s sex, cuddles, slow burn and emotion. Perfect. 

Words: 46,861 WORK IN PROGRESS

Rating: Explicit 


The Green by Ataraxetta 

Sex in a fitting room. Also Eggsy punches Harry and it’s awesome. Part one of ‘Sanity is Overrated’.

Words: 2,203

Rating: Explicit


Underneath by Ataraxetta 

Angst, emotion, pining, love, idiot spies in love. Part two of ‘Sanity is Overrated’.

Words: 37,271 

Rating: Explicit 


Breathless (A Tale of Eggsy Unwin) by xxjinchuurikixx 

So anyone who was paying attention to my mental breakdown last week will know this is one of my favourite Hartwin fics ever. Eggsy is damaged, hurting and so in love with Harry. I’m so emotional. 

Words: 101,943

Rating: Mature


The Spy Who Loved Me (or so they say) by Toriceratops

Okay, legitimate fave. Actual, legitimate fave. Some people may say the ‘fake relationship’ trope is stale but those people are WRONG. This fic is one of the best fics I’ve read from any fandom. Emotional constipation, slow burn, angst, miscommunication and mutual pining. It is perfection. 

Words: 54,188

Rating: Explicit


I have more, and I’ll definitely add to this list, but this should get you going :)