bby of mine

Dan: It must have been incredibly emotional for you guys…

N: Yeah it was, watching him out there … first of all, that’s a tough song to sing and being out there on your own for the first time on the week that something like that happens must have been horrific for him. But it was a no brainer, we were all in America at the time, I remember I was in NY and I heard about it, there was no doubt that was the next thing I was doing. … So we all flew home and we didn’t want it to be like a whole publicity thing …

Dan:… No pictures

N: No we didn’t want that, we were just in and out, seeing Louis for what it was and just be there to support him cause it is a tough time you know

—  Niall answers Dan Wotton about getting together with the boys on X Factor last year afer Louis’ mum died. 

Here’s my advice. No matter what be yourself. That’s it. Just be you. Whatever you feel walking into the room you feel. That’s your truth. Don’t deny it. Don’t fight it. If you’re nervous you are nervous. If you’re scared you’re scared. Don’t try to change how you feel on the day. Embrace it.

Sebastian Stan // August 13th, 1982.