bby lion

Because I have decided that there hasn’t been much angst lately in my life….

Also, gotta love extremelly angry and protective Roy, eh? Whoever hurt Ed is gonna regret it… No one can hurt the smol boyfriend, no one.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

Bonus art:


Hello y’all, posting some “Hospital” Themed doodles!

Or “In which Roy does not know the true meaning of personal space and has many regrets in his life”

Well, I guess the story behind this is that Ed was sent in a dangerous mission (like usual) and he was seriously injured. Seriously enough that Roy spent many a night beside him, barelly eating or sleeping.

Then in a moment of despair, Roy fiercelly tells Ed that he is not allowed to die and the little shit picks that exact moment to wake up.

Roy kind of wants to strangle him. Nah, he’ll just rant and yell at the blond but then he’ll be all happy and sappy, kissing all over Ed’s face and ignoring his whines.


The second doodle is some sort of a “bonus” pic in which Ed teases Roy about what he said while Ed was still unconscious (only not, he was already awakening) and Roy has many regrets in his life. Like, why the heck did he marry this brat? But no, he doesn’t mean it xD

Yes, they are married in these and most of my doodles recently because I want to.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

I needed to make shangst because the shance !!! reunion !!! was !!! not !!! shown !!! enough !!! And also because I need them to be vulnerable with eachother 😢💕

Second doodle of the cuddle series~

Here we have RoyEd and I have to say, I’m quite proud how this one came out. It’s one of my favorites <33

I’m loving Roy’s bed hair *laughs*

Let’ forget the lame ass heart in the corner, it’s just so people won’t confuse Ed with Riza -.-

Hope you guys enjoy~!

PS: Yes, both are wearing wedding rings, because yessss


Hello y’all, i’m back with some Noragami x FMA!AU doodles~!

Ok, first of all, before you guys think he’s terribly drunk on the first doodle, he’s really not; He’s just feeling all fuzzy and comfortable. I don’t headcanon him as a heavy drinker in this AU (or in any of my AU’s tbh), but he does enjoy his drink every once in a while.

So, yeah (;

On the second doodle we have bby!Ed (and yes, I used refs for this) and doesn’t he look cute? I think he does! <33

Yeah, he has pretty long hair as a child but I guess it never ocurred to him to cut it in the first place so that’s how he ends up with his hair ridiculously long when he’s older xDD

Anyways, Hope you guys enjoy~!

A Shinsou and Ojiro fusion for my inktober that I was encouraged to finish colouring~ My precious boys I love them so much and now lion bby hhnhdfhsgajkd

Thank you anon who added that suggestion! I know it was a while back but I haven’t forgotten!