bby kaito

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you know, I had once the dumb story idea that Kaito shrinks some day too, because of a total stupid accident. He springs from a high floor of a skyscrapper, while at the top Gin and Wodka are and drop a capsule. this lands in Kaito's mouth and he swallows it...

welp I’m too lazy to draw a whole comic of that xD so here’s a very confused baby Kaito

Chapter 724


(I am just so incredibly weak for baby characters. Imagine all the other precious babies out there right now. Bby Heiji and Kazuha playing Cops and Robbers and fighting over who gets to be the cop. Bby Hakuba probably also curled up around a Holmes book as big as he is. Bby Kaito learning a magic trick form his dad. Bby Aoko in a pretty dress. Bby Sera playing with her much bigger brothers. BBy Eisuke being carried around by his sister. BABIES)