bby jinki


I’m so glad that you’ve always had shinee’s back for all these years, We’ve come to love you not only as Onew but as Jinki too and that’s because you’re a whirlwind of pure love, passion, enthusiasm, warmth and humor that’s, well, simply contagious. We know how hard you have worked making us all extremely proud of you. i hope you get all the best you deserve in this world because your beautiful mind and heart never fails to make us love and respect you even more than before. I think your existence makes this world a more lovable place to live in so,

Happy Birthday to our one and only Lee JInki!

In all honesty,

I believe Minho deserves a solo next.

Throughout the years I’ve known SHINee, I’ve noticed Minho is normally the one who gets picked on by “fans” (and sometimes idols) the most. I’ve seen comments like, “SM picked Minho as the visual of SHINee because he isn’t as good looking as the other members and they felt bad for him” or, “SHINee is a good group but their main rapper is kind of lacking” and even things so ridiculous like, “Minho goes on all these sports shows to give fans something to like him for because he doesn’t have a big role in SHINee.” Um, excuse me?? I don’t know if you know, but Minho was picked up by SM on the streets because of his amazing good looks. Not only is Minho a miraculous rapper, his singing and dancing skills are just as great. Sure, he may not be as great as the other members when it comes to singing, but he can still sing better than most. I can’t even imagine all the bullshit flamers have to go through… If you can’t see how important Minho is, how can you call yourself a true Shawol? I think Minho deserves a solo so he can once and for all prove these “fans” wrong.