bby is growing up :')

yugyeom is really precious hear me out this boy has been training for years and loves dance with all of his heart and soul and it’s clear how much he loves it through his dancing like jackson said ‘you don’t dance by listening to music, the music adjusts to your body’ and yugyeom was so shocked to hear that because it’s the highest form of praise that he’s ever heard but everyone knows that he’s an amazing dancer but he’s also a total sweetheart like he always mentioning the fans in his ig posts and is always thanking them and telling them how much he loves them and he always gives his full attention to the fans like full on will let you vent to him and he’ll be listening without interrupting and will give advice to them and he always teases his members but will tackle them with love and affection afterwords and is always and i mean always laughing at almost anything that they say like they could say the simplest thing and he’s over in the corner clutching his stomach because he’s laughing so hard and when they pranked him not once but twice and his first thought was ‘what about got7’ he didn’t care about getting in trouble he thought of the group first like this boy has a heart of gold and deserves all the happiness in the world

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When Lance is sick, he calls Pidge by the name of one of his sisters.

oh… oh no…