bby i love u so so much

Mark gatiss is the type of friend that when ur asking for fluff recs they’re like ;) i gotchu bby and then link you to @joolabee fics and u die of angst and ur mad but u also love it and when u tell him he links u to more angst and more angst and finally when ur dead he finally sets u up with actual great fluff

and moff sends you @ivyblossom whole authorpage and then his own link to a google doc of favorite quotes from TPoSH and notations that just say, “true so true, sherlock IS a lonely and confused gay man in love with his best friend and has no idea how to ask for love.  he gives so much.  HE GIVES SO MUCH.”

  • Me half the time: Yami Bakura is an incredibly complex and intriguing villain. While it is inaccurate to say he is innocent, it is important to remember that he grew up without any social support group. He was unable to deem morality from immorality from a very young age, because he witnessed his entire village be brutally murdered by the very people who were meant to dictate and govern justice and ethics
  • Me the other half of the time: Yami Bakura is a dumb bitch and I want to hit him over the head with a fucking shovel


anonymous asked:

i am painfully thin (due to health issues both physical and mental) and your game and your sims make me so envious and so hopeful that one day i'll be able to look at my own body the same way??? they are so beautiful and so natural looking and i love that you have zero tolerance for anyone who would criticize them. simmers like you are so important in this community and on this site. so thank you bby.

my face when i read this ;_;
FiRST OF ALL, i hope u know, that you are beautiful! and ik its not easy (at all lmao) BUT u will conquer these things and u will be like “damn…. my body is actually… SO nice” i believe in u!  Thank you so much. U are the reason i do this! and also i love you. AND ALSO i appreciate u a lot. and AGAIN, thank you.


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