bby hae

recently started playin dao and???? luv zevran so mcuh so i decided to draw him bc i felt bad bc i had to choose between him and alistair.. and i picked the bara </3


cr: 监视器_BT  
└ 15. 10. 1986.  → Today, the most precious fishy on this Earth celebrates his birthday. Happy Birthday my sunshine. May you always be happy and may your dreams come true. ♡ ♡

Also, today is the day of his enlistment. T.T Please be safe my bby Hae and return safely. You and Hyuk are the dearest persons to me in this World. Take care of yourself. You said it yourself ‘’Our hearts are always together’’. It’s only one year and 9 months! #ELFWillWaitForYou
Fighting my soldier and good luck! ♡ 

Thoughts On Ep 10-11 of Moon Lovers

*disclaimer* cursing and spoilers ahead

FUCK THIS SHOW. This is what I was thinking when I finished the recent episode. I feel like I have already let so many fucking things slide with this show and then they basically decide to kill off Lady Oh? It breaks my heart so much because after Myung Hee died, and Chae Ryung basically doing a disappearing act, I liked that we had at least someone that was looking out for my bby gurl Hae Soo and her well being that wasn’t one of the boys— who dare I say can be selfish assholes. No matter how much I love my bby boi Wang So he is also included in that category.

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