bby derek hale

I want stiles fucking theo to be his goddamn swan song i don’t want love or some bs I want him to think this is it this is his punishment because he knows the pack won’t survive that one day they won’t get back up he knows that this will push them away before they leave on their own because he knows theo is the villain even if the others won’t just listen I want hard ugly brutal fucking because if there is anything we know it’s that stiles blames himself for everything and thinks he deserves the guilt the pain for the nogitsune for scott getting bit for his mothers death and maybe his fathers and after its done and theo thinks he’s won he won’t know shit because there’s a reason a thousand year old fox demon chose stiles why peter hale offered him the bite why he’s the one who always figures. it. out. and stiles thinking its the end for him and his friends will sit back and say to himself well damn i thought fucking the latest big bad was derek’s job and god derek isn’t that just the final kick in the balls