bby carrots


。+。゚☆ aggie primwell / witch / broom riding enthusiast / my bby   ☆゚。 ✧*。

。+。゚☆ for plumb-barb’s boarders challenge  ☆゚。 ✧*。

“aggie comes from the very prestigious primwell witches. an extremely powerful family / coven of witches originating in the islands of cape garner. miss primwell is a young and vivacious child wanting to genuinely explore life as much and as normally as she can, but of course there’s complications. seeing as her family is extremely tight knit and strict, she would be the very first to even attempt to leave her roots and explore her options.  so therefore, this is leaving some major tension between them. but! nonetheless, aggie (or carrot as everyone calls her due to her flaming locks of orange) recently heard of a room and board from a mysterious girl named chell. so aggie wags packed up her things and trinkets n’ such, grabbed her broom, and head out to fight for position as a permanent resident in the house! oh where oh where, will this journey lead her”

and here’s some random facts about the gal’ mmk ^ . ~

the pink in her hair is just another way to rebel against her family (lmao) / she never takes off her favorite boots / she loves sneaking around the family home and listening to all the secrets they speak of (so basically she can black mail anyone anytime she wanted) / she loves all things girly and frilly, but only in dark colors / she’s very talented in the magic of the elements / her hobbies include : dancing naked around fires, telling stories, catching fireflies, and messing with *cough cough, ew* mortals 

oh my gosh i’m deadly excited for this shiz ok i’m in love with the whole challenge bby barb *kisses your nose* and i’m still not done with her (like i’m def gonna adds like a bunch of different supernatural looking things to her for uniqueness ya know) so yesh this is aggie / carrot and she’s ready to eff shit up *dies for no apparent reason*