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can we appreciate how good jungkook looked in this sweater holy goodness

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“ Now that HTGAWM is over for now, I’m so excited for the summer time! I feel like I’ve been totally working overtime lately, with the show’s promo, finishing some other filming, and the movie that I had just filmed coming out and doing awesome in the theaters, so a vacation is most definitely in order for me! Enough about me though, hola! I’m Karla. Care to give a girl some ideas for a vacationing spot, or what? “

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                                her day was supposed to be uneventful in her small quest of finding out about herself .  actually , she was supposed to be off her feet , that’s what she was told to do the day she was released from the hospital a few days after awakening .   with a pocket filled of prescribed medication and ( several ) referrals to therapists for help ,  the broken maiden was good to go .   after being copped up in her home ( ? ) , ian had hoped that a place she had spent all her time in would bring s o m e  type of familiar feeling to her .  it was  all false illusions ━━━  nothing had helped her . instead , it brought a s t r o n g  wave of loneliness to settle in her chest ;  even with the smallest of  clues she had put together from roaming her home .  ian had was  someone that lived with her , she had pets ,  she also seemed to work at a library .  none of it helped with bringing any sort of memory back to her .  the witch felt trapped in the blankness of her mind , wondering just what type of person she had molded herself to be over the three years of her stay in this country .    just another typical day in her uncertain life  ━━━ that was until the current situation placed in front of her now had the witch wanting to turn away and crawl .  that same expression , the one she had seen the first time when she came across arcturus was now plastered on the features of this human .  how he got into her home was unsure , but from the looks of it   ;  he was not expecting to see ian limping around and she was certainty no ‘ sunflower’      ❛   i think you have me mistaken for my roommate  , monsieur  .  ❜   or could it be … another person to bring up the ‘ don’t you remember me ?’ , a question she wasn’t ready to hear  , again .  the blooming pain in her chest telling her otherwise ; just how many moments like these would she have to go through ?

 ❛ i’m sorry but do i know you ?   ❜