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BTS as tags on my fake chats
  • Taehyung: #CUTIES! #TAETAE! #2NDBF #this is so adorable omg
  • Jimin: #this is actually super adorable though #ahhh #cuties #my beautiful chimchim #me and my bby <333
  • Namjoon: #JASON HISTOLOGY GOT MY CRYING #THIS IS SO FUNNY PLS I NEED AIR #but this is so cute #damnit
  • Hoseok: #THERE'S REAL TEARS IN MY EYES #IM SCREAMING #squealing and screeching in my room
  • Jungkook: #BUNBUN #jikook is still real #I have nothing else to say #my baby bunny #awwwwww #so cuuuuuuuute
  • Seokjin: #hahahahahahahahahahahahahah #too good #goodness this is beautiful #never gonna not reblog
  • Yoongi: #oh my f*** god this shit is hella real

Here is the Olympics!AU that I never should have created… now it won’t leave my head…

Yes, there’s a joke somewhere in Roy’s doodle and I don’t have to talk about it ^^’. But doesn’t he look handsome in the ridding suit? I think he does. In case you guys are wondering, he’s part of Amestris Equestrian Team.

And Edward… Oh, Edward… You are a walking sin. Look at what you made me do. I should be kicked out of this fandom, it would probably be the best.

He’s part of the Gymnastics team, in the Floor Routine, because I really needed an excuse to draw him in a tight suit and doing flexible things… *embarrassed cough*

Roy didn’t think much of the Gymnastic sport before, but that quickly changed the moment he met Edward and saw him perform on tv.

He suffered a major blood loss.

Poor Roy, I understand your plight…

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

anonymous asked:

How do the guys react to bby bun's actions like, is he curious & explores around or does he kinda just sit there?

Bryce: He doesn’t seem to walk around much.. He kind of just plays around with whatever’s near him

Ohmo: ???

Bryce: OWW!!

H2O: Bryce?! Are you okay?

[ moments later… ]

Moo: Aww~ I think he likes you!

Bryce: I’m really flattered..

Ohmo: !!!