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I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

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a bunny hopping in to show off his murse… (〃ノωノ) 

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I'm having a panic attack because the power outage, can you give me just have some cute Otayuri family head cannon

You’ve got it bby just breathe

  • So, when the pair finally become parents, dealing with the baby is one of the hardest challenges they’ve ever had to face since the quad axel. 
  • To put it bluntly, they knew nothing about children. Well, Otabek had a very basic idea, but not the the extent as to what he would need. He thought they would have it in the bag but he in fact knows nothing about it. His daughter is completely different from his sister, and the most he even did to his sister was feed her and change her diapers from time to time. 
  • They called Mr. and Mrs. Altin and Viktuuri all the damn time while trying to take care of the baby. 
  • “Viktor this is an emergency-!” “She’s just needing to be burped, Yura. Pat her back gently.”
    “Hey, Mom, how do you-?” “Gently hold the arms down then wrap the cloth over the left then over the right.”
    “We’ve done literally everything and she’s still crying what did we do wrong?” “Nothing, sometimes babies just need to cry it out, you’re fine.”

  • She becomes easier to handle as she gets older, but once she’s a teenager she’s a handful, especially once she has her first period. 
  • But this family loves their family time. The Altin-Plisetskys are more tightly knit than the Katsuki-Nikiforovs. They play games at home and sometimes go skating all together with the KN family. 
  • They’re not the kind of family to wear matching sweaters for Christmas or dress up on Halloween in the same theme, but they are definitely that family that is that overly competitive group at wherever they go. 
  • Literally everything is a competition R.I.P. everyone playing for fun.
  • Yuri is definitely that overprotective mom while Otabek is the chill dad that literally gives zero fucks about what their kid does as long as it’s safe. Not even if it’s stupid, he’d let her do it, just as long as she doesn’t hurt herself in the process. 
  • Their daughter ends up growing up with Otabek’s patience and Yuri’s short fuse and becomes a skilled fighter, taking her skills to become one of, if not the best in boxing of all time.