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I feel like every fandom has a lil adorabs bby mush cast member/character

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But Brad would be so calm with you when you’d break down over exams and shitty revision. He’d just take the work away from you and pull you towards him so he’s hugging you tightly,rubbing your arms comfortingly and kissing the top of your head before resting his head on top of yours telling you to calm down and that everything will be alright

things i wish arthur had known:

  • how many times he was spied on by merlin and gwen
  • that gwen had been charmed into falling for lancelot again
  • that gwaine died (in vain) trying to protect him one last time
  • the amount of bitch-faces merlin pulled behind his back (although he was probably aware of that and relished the thought)
  • when he tripped over nothing or something hit him in the face, it was merlin
  • that merlin was going to wait hundreds of years for him